"Am I therefore become your enemy,because I TELL YOU THE TRUTH...?"
(Galatians 4:16)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Dear friends and followers:
We've got some news from the Lloyds in Haiti.
I think their website summarizes their situation much better than my words.
The following is an update from their website:
"An update from David and Alicia’s family:
Since Tuesday’s earthquake, David and Alicia have had limited contact with their friends and family in the US, but we have been able to ascertain that everyone is safe, though the wall around the perimeter of their property has collapsed. We have also heard that one of their school buildings has collapsed, but we are unsure which one.
David was on the phone with Wanda McCrate , Alicia’s mother in Claremore, OK, right after the earthquake struck and before the phones went dead. Alicia was able to get a call out Wednesday morning on an internet phone with very poor connection.
This is what we know:
Everyone who lives at the House of Compassion is safe; there were no injuries. Alicia’s brother Travis and his wife, along with a couple of others from their home church, were holding a children’s crusade at the time the earthquake struck. All of the children were in the church and that building suffered NO damage. Praise the Lord! It is a good thing to be safely in the Ark at the time of disaster. David and Samuel were in the house and as soon as they felt the quake David grabbed Sam and got out. As most of you are aware, the church building is a steel structure and the House of Compassion is concrete and block. The night of the earthquake everyone stayed in the church until examination for structural damage could be done.
This is what we think we know:
It is to our understanding that the perimeter wall around the House of Compassion has collapsed. This may sound like a small thing, but the wall is very important for a number of reasons. Safety is always a concern both for person and property. With so many children living at House of Compassion, it is also a good way to keep a safe watch on the younger ones and to prevent anyone from gaining access to them as well as to keep them from wandering into harm’s way.
We have also heard that one of the schools operated by Missions in Haiti has collapsed. We are uncertain if it is the one in Port-Au-Prince or the one in the area of House of Compassion. We do not believe it was the one in Thomazeau. If it was the one in the area of House of Compassion, then it would also involve Good Hope Boys Home that is on the same property. Again, to our knowledge there were no injuries reported.
This is what you can do:
Since the disaster struck, our phone has rung almost constantly with friends and family wanting to know about the safety of our family and what they can do to help. Right now the most important thing anyone can do is to pray. This disaster will never be understood to the extent of the loss of property. Worse than the loss of property is the loss of life and the injuries to those that survived.
As always the needs are great, but after prayer the next thing needed is finances. It will take money to rebuild and money will be the easiest thing to get into Haiti right now. What a wonderful opportunity to extend a helping hand in the name of Jesus Christ. Let’s enable the Christian ministry of Missions in Haiti to evaluate and to meet the needs of those close to House of Compassion. With the church and the school in the community, the lives of so many people may be touched as their personal needs are met. As horrible as this disaster is, we can all help to make it a time of outreach.
You can do your part by contributing to Missions in Haiti—just note your gift as being for disaster relief.
We hope to be able to regain contact with David and Alicia in the very near future and will update this page with more information as soon as we learn something new.
Thank you, and may the Lord bless you for your prayers and for your giving...."
Once more...here is their website:
A big thank you to all for your emails and notes of concern and support.
Let's PRAY....Let's HELP....!!!!
God bless you
As in the days of Noah...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Dear Friends and Followers:
I want to thank you all for the outpouring of support for Haiti.
I mentioned in my previous post that they will need ALL the help they can get.
For all of you that have requested me if I know of a trustworthy ministry,as I promised I hereby give you a link:
This ministry was started by the Lloyds back in 2000 and we know them and know they are trustworthy.
Here is a video of them that you can watch to see who they are and what they are doing:
And this is where you can go to donate:
Or you can send your donation to:
Missions in Haiti
PO Box 2996
If you need some more info you can always write me at:as_in_the_daysofnoah@yahoo.com
But I think just by going to their website you can get to see who they are and what they are doing.The big two stories house in the video(link above)for whatt we know as of today--seems to have not sustained any damage.And all the children are fine...Praise the Lord for that....!!!!
BUT the NEED in HAITI remains and so let's help and pray for them.
I'll keep you posted...!!!!
A big thank you again
God bless you all
In Jesus
As in the days of Noah...

A NOTE TO ALL MY READERS:Disaster After 7.0 MAG Quake Hits Haiti....

Dear friends and followers:
As of last night when news were heard of the massive quake in Haiti,I've been on the phone and online trying to find out more about our friends and missionaries there and their children.
News were that they all had taken refuge at the church building which is a metal building and the communication went dead as they got hit with the first aftershock,MAG 5.9.
We inmediately activated our intercessors and just prayed and trusted God for their protection.
I just got news--very little cause it was breaking up a lot--that everybody is accounted for and that the main building(the two stories house)hadn't sustained any structural damage.
That my friends is an stunning miracle if you consider that this house is in the outskirts of Port-au-Prince,and even the walls around the compound are demolished like the other one story buildings.All the children are fine,but the devastation we were told is unimaginable.
We are trying to get more info,as my friend is flying back to Haiti in a couple of days.
That is why I write you these lines to let you know that I'll be blogging about Haiti at:
You can visit there all day,as I'm updating as much info as I can.
I've been listening to the Haitian Tv through CNN Live last nite online in french and these journalists were describing horror scenes as they themselves were stunned and sounded disoriented and confused.I was able to hear descriptions of the devastation and pain these people are going thru.
To make matters worse you know that Haiti is among the top three more empoverished nations in the world and there are virtual no first responders or rescue efforts at all which will make the death toll rise like crazy.
Our missionaries and other churches and communities in the area are gonna need all the help they can.I dont like to ask for money or nothing like that.BUT IF you want to help I can give you a link or two of trustable ministries that we know and support and you can go from there.
Most of all HAITI NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS....!!!!!!
So I'm gonna be at QUAKEWATCH today,unless big nat'l or other Int'l news break and require my attention.
Love ya'll
Keep steady in the Lord
I'll write soon
Praying for you
As in the days of Noah...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Audiences experience 'AVATAR' blues; depression and suicidal thoughts...

(CNN) -- James Cameron's completely immersive spectacle "Avatar" may have been a little too real for some fans who say they have experienced depression and suicidal thoughts after seeing the film because they long to enjoy the beauty of the alien world Pandora.
On the fan forum site "Avatar Forums," a topic thread entitled "Ways to cope with the depression of the dream of Pandora being intangible," has received more than 1,000 posts from people experiencing depression and fans trying to help them cope. The topic became so popular last month that forum administrator Philippe Baghdassarian had to create a second thread so people could continue to post their confused feelings about the movie.
"I wasn't depressed myself. In fact the movie made me happy ," Baghdassarian said. "But I can understand why it made people depressed. The movie was so beautiful and it showed something we don't have here on Earth. I think people saw we could be living in a completely different world and that caused them to be depressed."
A post by a user called Elequin expresses an almost obsessive relationship with the film.
"That's all I have been doing as of late, searching the Internet for more info about 'Avatar.' I guess that helps. It's so hard I can't force myself to think that it's just a movie, and to get over it, that living like the Na'vi will never happen. I think I need a rebound movie," Elequin posted...

Chicago Alderman Declares War On 'AVATAR' .... Makes Marines Look Like 'Lunatics'...

CHICAGO--It's a titanic battle, and it's in the 3-D of reality: A Chicago alderman versus "Avatar." Eleventh Ward Ald. James Balcer believes the new blockbuster movie is anti-military and anti American.CBS 2's Mike Parker reports.
Balcer is a decorated Marine veteran of the Vietnam war, and now he's going into battle against the film that may turn out to be the biggest moneymaker of all time. He hates the film's message, and he's not alone.In the movie, an army of mercenaries, led by a villainous Marine, invades the idyllic planet of Pandora and goes after the peaceful blue creatures who live there over deposits of a precious mineral.Balcer says the film makes Marines "look like lunatics." In reality, he said, "We are a good, generous country that helps people." Balcer's not the only critic blasting "Avatar" for its point of view. There is also conservative activist Tom Roeser....

Vatican Slams ‘Avatar’: Promotes Nature Worship Over Religion

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican newspaper and radio station have called the film “Avatar” simplistic, and criticized it for flirting with modern doctrines that promote the worship of nature as a substitute for religion.
L’Osservatore Romano and Vatican Radio dedicated ample coverage to James Cameron’s big-grossing, 3-D spectacle. But the reviews were lukewarm, calling the movie superficial in its eco-message, despite groundbreaking visual effects.
L’Osservatore said the film “gets bogged down by a spiritualism linked to the worship of nature.” Similarly, Vatican Radio said it “cleverly winks at all those pseudo-doctrines that turn ecology into the religion of the millennium.”
“Nature is no longer a creation to defend, but a divinity to worship,” the radio said.

Shadow Government:A New Release at Infowars.com

In these times, weve all come to accept that our e-mails, telephone calls and financial transactions can be monitored and tracked, but....
Do we really know how much of our lives are actually being observed and recorded and by whom...?
SHADOW GOVERNMENT provides up-to-the minute analysis of the ever changing technological landscape and new evidence that an ultra-secret global elite controls technology, finance, international law, world trade, political power and vast military capabilities.
Get your copy at INFOWARS.com.

Africa's 'Christian' population on rise:But will tribal rituals be overcome by the Gospel...?

Africa, the "dark continent" to which American Christians shipped missionary after missionary during the 20th Century, now features 40 percent of the Nigerian population among the rolls of Christians, according to the CIA Factbook.
Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk's Operation World reports Uganda is 88 percent Christian and Kenya is about 78 percent Christian.
Missions analysts at the Free Methodist Church of North America say their African churches are the fastest growing in their denomination and the largest Anglican province in the world is in Nigeria....

Obama’s TSA Nominee Targets Anti-Government Christians

President Obama’s nominee to head the TSA and boss the naked body scanners now being installed at airports across the country says that white Christian “anti-government” types will be the primary target of suspicion for authorities.
Former FBI agent Erroll Southers has been under scrutiny following Republican efforts to block his confirmation after it emerged Southers had abused his power to run a database check on his ex-wife’s new boyfriend.
Back in October, Southers told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, both of whom voted on his confirmation, that he carried out the search because he was concerned for his wife and son. However, after the committees had approved him, Southers admitted that he had lied under oath by failing to reveal that he had personally conducted the search and had done so on more than one occasion, as well as sharing the information with the police (so they could harass the target of the search, according to the Ace of Spades blog).
Given that the potential future head of the TSA has abused his power in the past and then lied about it to Congress while under oath, how can we have any confidence that he will change the climate of corruption and thuggishness that pervades the TSA, as stories of innocent people being terrorized and harassed continue to appear on an almost daily basis?

Obama’s TSA Nominee Worries About Those Who Are ‘Christian Identity Oriented’

•Ace of Spades: Can't Have a "War" on Terror; Effort to Stop Terror Doomed; and Stopping Terror Should Be No Higher a Priority Than Global Warming and Education

UAE Sheikh Cleared of Torture Despite Video Evidence

AFP: "The court accepted our defence that the sheikh was under the influence of drugs (medicine) that left him unaware of his actions."
•AFP: UAE sheikh acquitted in torture trial: lawyer

Monday, January 11, 2010

Aspartame:"Sweet Misery A Poisoned World"

This is the movie that Pepsi and Coca Cola don’t want you to see.

Aspartame can be found in thousands of products such as:
instant breakfasts
breath mints
sugar-free chewing gum
cocoa mixes
coffee beverages
frozen desserts
gelatin desserts
juice beverages
milk drinks
pharmaceuticals and supplements, including over-the-counter medicines
shake mixes
soft drinks
tabletop sweeteners
tea beverages
instant teas and coffees
topping mixes
wine coolers
Source: Mercola.com

Largest U.S. farm group rallies against climate bill

SEATTLE-The largest U.S. farm group will oppose aggressively "misguided" climate legislation pending in Congress and fight animal rights activists, said American Farm Bureau Federation president Bob Stallman on Sunday.
In a speech opening the four-day AFBF convention, Stallman said American farmers and ranchers "must aggressively respond to extremists" and "misguided, activist-driven regulation ... The days of their elitist power grabs are over."
Stallman's remarks held a sharper edge than usual for the 6 million-member AFBF, the largest U.S. farm group and often described as the most influential. Its convention opens a string of wintertime meetings where farm groups take positions on public issues.
Climate legislation passed by the U.S. House of Representatives aims for a 17 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 compared to 2005 levels. Senators are expected to draft a similar bill this year. Both envision a cap-and-trade system to curb emissions from factories and power plants and to allow the purchase of offsets.
Vast amounts of farmland could become carbon-capturing woodlands under cap-and-trade, "eliminating about 130,000 farms and ranches," said Stallman. One federal analysis says 8 percent of crop and pasture land could be turned into trees by 2050 because trees would be more profitable than crops....

Gay Marriage Fight Goes to Court

Supreme court blocks broadcasting of gay marriage case

WASHINGTON-The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday temporarily blocked a federal judge's plan to broadcast the trial over California's ban on gay marriage by posting video on YouTube.
Lawyers defending the ban filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court arguing that broadcasting the trial would turn the case into a "media circus" and that witnesses would be intimidated.The closely watched trial, which could produce a landmark ruling and lead to an overturn of bans in other states, begins in federal court in San Francisco on Monday before U.S. District Court Chief Judge Vaughn Walker.Walker had agreed to limited televised coverage by taping proceedings and making them available to YouTube at the end of the day. Walker acted based on a recent rule change by the U.S. appeals court based in California allowing televised coverage of some civil cases.
The Supreme Court blocked the broadcasting of the trial through Wednesday afternoon to give it more time for further consideration of the issue...

Groundbreaking gay marriage trial starts in Calif

SAN FRANCISCO – The first federal trial to determine if the U.S. Constitution prohibits states from outlawing same-sex marriage got under way Monday, and the two gay couples on whose behalf the case was brought will be among the first witnesses.
The proceedings, which are expected to last two to three weeks, involve a challenge to Proposition 8, the gay marriage ban approved by California voters in November 2008.Regardless of the outcome, the case is likely to be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, where it ultimately could become a landmark that determines if gay Americans have the right to marry.
About 100 people demonstrated outside the federal courthouse. Most were gay marriage supporters who took turns addressing the crowd with a microphone. About a dozen gay marriage foes stood in the back of the gathering and quietly held signs demanding the ban remain in place....
Picture Left:In this photo from July 2, 2009, Kristin Perry, left, and Sandra Stier are shown at a news conference at the Federal Building in San Francisco.
(AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Uganda lawmaker refuses to withdraw anti-gay bill

KAMPALA, Uganda – A Ugandan lawmaker on Friday refused to withdraw proposed legislation that would impose the death penalty for some gays and lesbians despite international condemnation and presidential opposition to a measure that could scare off foreign investors.
Lawmaker David Bahati said he will not heed a call late Thursday from the government to drop the proposed bill, as he feels such a measure is necessary in the conservative East African country.
On Thursday, Minister of State for Investment Aston Kajara said the government would ask Bahati to scrap the bill because they fear backlash from foreign investors. The bill, which Bahati proposed in September, has provoked criticism from gay-rights groups and protests in London, New York and Washington.
"I stand by the bill," Bahati said. "I will not withdraw it. We have our children in schools to protect against being recruited into (homosexuality). The process of legislating a law to protect our children against homosexuality and defending our family values must go on."

RCC WATCH:Pope thanks guards for keeping him, Vatican safe

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday thanked the Carabinieri police who maintain Vatican security for their "humble yet indispensable work."
The pontiff met with the Carabinieri's Vatican corps during its traditional annual audience, two weeks after a woman with psychiatric problems breached a security barrier in St. Peter's Basilica and pulled the pope to the floor.Benedict didn't mention the Christmas Eve incident. But he referred to the Christmas holidays, saying they "allowed so many people to appreciate the humble yet indispensable work" that security guards perform in protecting Vatican visitors....

Irish atheists challenge new blasphemy laws

Secular campaigners in the Irish Republic defied a strict new blasphemy law which came into force today by publishing a series of anti-religious quotations online and promising to fight the legislation in court.The new law, which was passed in July, means that blasphemy in Ireland is now a crime punishable with a fine of up to €25,000 (£22,000).
It defines blasphemy as "publishing or uttering matter that is grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters sacred by any religion, thereby intentionally causing outrage among a substantial number of adherents of that religion, with some defences permitted".
The justice minister, Dermot Ahern, said that the law was necessary because while immigration had brought a growing diversity of religious faiths, the 1936 constitution extended the protection of belief only to Christians...
Picture Left:Björk's comment on Buddhism has been included in the series of anti-religious quotes published by Atheist Ireland. Photograph: Getty Images

DECEPTION WATCH:Joel Osteen Prays for Houston's First Openly Gay Mayor

Globally recognized pastor Joel Osteen has been drawing some flak from the press and the public in the past few months over his comments on homosexuality.
His remarks last year on "The View" and "Larry King Live" that "homosexuality is not God's best" drew fire from the gay rights community and from Christians for avoiding to identify the behavior as a sin.
More recently, his participation in the inauguration of Houston's first openly gay mayor has also drawn some – but less fiery – attention.
Pastor of America's largest church, Osteen was invited to offer the opening prayer at the inauguration of Houston's elected city officials on Monday. While praying for the 14-member City Council, he also specifically thanked God for the new mayor, Annise Parker, a partnered lesbian.
"She's our mayor. Joel doesn't view Annise through a gay lens," Don Iloff, Jr., spokesman for Lakewood Church in Houston, told The Christian Post. "He sees her as a person."
And the Bible instructs believers to pray for and respect those who govern us, he added.
"If you ask Joel he'll tell you 'when I can pray at an event over government leaders and in Jesus' name it's hard to resist,'" Iloff said. Osteen prayed for the previous mayor, Bill White, at his inauguration.
The spokesman also pointed out that Parker has never pushed or highlighted any kind of gay agenda during her time in government and during her campaign.
"She's an all business kind of gal," he said...
Joel Osteen on "THE WIEW" giving "his views" of what he thinks the Bible says about homosexuality....

Joel Osteen cannot make up his mind on Jesus as the only way to salvation...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gay Group Demands Letterman Apologize for Mocking Transgender Appointee Amanda Simpson

ABC News: In his monologue Tuesday, Letterman remarked that Amanda Simpson, a transgender woman, had been appointed to work in the Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security, where she will monitor the export of military technology. As a photograph of Simpson was shown, announcer Alan Kalter shouted, "What? Amanda? Amanda used to be a dude?"....
ABC News: Gay Group Demands Letterman Apologize for Mocking Transgender Appointee Amanda Simpson

President Obama Names Transgender Appointee to Commerce Department

President Obama recently named Amanda Simpson to be a Senior Technical Advisor to the Commerce Department.
In a statement, Simpson, a member of the National Center for Transgender Equality's board of directors, said that "as one of the first transgender presidential appointees to the federal government, I hope that I will soon be one of hundreds, and that this appointment opens future opportunities for many others."
While Simpson is clearly one of the first transgender presidential appointees, Democratic officials say they're unsure if she is the very first one.
The White House had no comment on her appointment...

US Census Uses ‘Green Roofers’ to Encourage Survey Participation

NY Times: The Commerce Department will spend an estimated $340 million on the campaign, which also includes television commercials, print and outdoor ads, online advertising, events like the road tour and public relations initiatives.
--The New York Times: Census Working Overtime With Advertising