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Saturday, March 28, 2009

HONOUR KILLING WATCH:Muslim women told:For family's sake,commit suicide;Honor killers avoid prison by forcing victims to take own lives

Turkey's crackdown on the practice of honor killing has resulted in unintended consequences-instead of being murdered by a close male relative for bringing dishonor to their families, Muslim women are being pressured to commit suicide.And the numbers of "honor suicides" are soaring, reported the UK's Independent.Despite a 2005 change in the nation's penal code requiring a mandatory life sentence for honor killers, the number of women killed by male relatives is at a record level – more than 200 a year, half of all murders committed in Turkey.But it is that change in the law that has given rise to the growing phenomenon of women taking their own lives. Prior to 2005, killers were able to receive reduced sentences by claiming provocation.Elif, 18, from Batman in southeast Turkey, was told by her father she must kill herself so he would not be sent to prison for murdering her after she refused an offer of an arranged marriage with an older man."I loved my father so much, I was ready to commit suicide for him even though I hadn't done anything wrong," she said. "But I just couldn't go through with it. I love life too much."The young woman was forced to flee and go into hiding. Her uncles and other relatives have been hunting her for the past eight months, even conducting an armed raid of a women's shelter where she had been."I managed to escape," said Elif. "When I was at school, a few girls I knew were killed by their families in the name of honor – one of them for simply receiving a text message from a boy."In her hometown of Batman – nicknamed "Suicide City" – 75 percent of all suicides are committed now by women."I think most of these suicide cases are forced. There are just too many of them, it's too suspicious. But they're almost impossible to investigate," said Mustafa Peker, Batman's chief prosecutor.Pekar said a woman's fate is usually determined by a family council where the alleged dishonor is discussed and the penalty pronounced. If the woman is to be killed, the youngest family member is frequently ordered to carry out the murder on the belief he will be treated more leniently by the courts. Woman ordered to take their own lives are usually locked in a room with a noose, a gun or rat poison until the deed is done.Honor killers who are caught and convicted find themselves incarcerated with many others who've committed the same crime, said Mehmet, who was ordered by his family to kill his stepmother and her lover when he was 17."There were many other 'honor killers' in prison and we were treated with respect, even by the prison guards," Mehmet said.
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Antarctica to Pyramids--lights dim for Earth Hour

A combination picture shows the landmark St. Stephens tower of the Houses of Parliament in central London during 'Earth Hour', left, with its lights switched off, and right, following the action, Saturday March 28, 2009. A London Underground sign is seen in both pictures. Time zone by time zone, nearly 4,000 cities and towns in 88 countries joined the event sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund to dim nonessential lights from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The campaign began in Australia in 2007 and last year grew to 400 cities worldwide.(AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)
CHICAGO – From an Antarctic research base and the Great Pyramids of Egypt to the Empire State Building in New York and the Sears Tower in Chicago, illuminated patches of the globe went dark Saturday for Earth Hour, a campaign to highlight the threat of climate change.Time zone by time zone, nearly 4,000 cities and towns in 88 countries joined the event sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund to dim nonessential lights from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The campaign began in Australia in 2007 and last year grew to 400 cities worldwide.Organizers initially worried enthusiasm this year would wane with the world focused on the global economic crisis, said Earth Hour executive director Andy Ridley. But he said it apparently had the opposite effect."Earth Hour has always been a positive campaign; it's always around street parties, not street protests, it's the idea of hope, not despair. And I think that's something that's been incredibly important this year because there is so much despair around," he said.Crowds in Times Square watched as many of the massive billboards, including the giant Coca-Cola display, darkened. Steps away, the Majestic Theater marquee at the home of "The Phantom of the Opera" went dark, along with the marquees at other Broadway shows.Mikel Rouse, 52, a composer who lives and works nearby came to watch what he called "the center of the universe" dim its lights."C'mon, is it really necessary? ... All this ridiculous advertising ... all this corporate advertising taking up all that energy seems to be a waste," Rouse said.In Chicago, one of 10 U.S. Earth Hour flagship cities, a small crowd braved a cold rain to count down as Gov. Pat Quinn flipped a 4-foot-tall mock light switch that organizers had to brace against high winds. A second later, the buildings behind him went dark."I don't see why people shouldn't always turn off the lights," pondered 15-year-old Chicagoan Tyler Oria, who was among those gathered.More than 200 buildings pledged to go dark in the city, including shops along the Magnificent Mile."No matter what your individual beliefs are about climate change, energy efficiency is something everyone can understand in this economic environment," said WWF managing director Darron Collins, who helped Chicago officials organize for the night.The Smithsonian Castle, World Bank, National Cathedral and Howard University were among several buildings that went dark for an hour in the nation's capital."This was the first year that Washington, D.C., became an official Earth Hour city," said Leslie Aun, WWF spokeswoman.In the Chilean capital of Santiago, lights were turned off at banks, the city's communications tower and several government buildings, including the Presidential Palace where President Michelle Bachelet hosted a dinner for U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.The two leaders and dozens of guests dinned at candlelight.

Associated Press writers around the world contributed to this report.
On the Net:
Earth Hour:
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's Earth Hour video: http://sn.im/enqwn
By RUPA SHENOY, Associated Press Writer
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Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries

TORONTO-A vast electronic spying operation has infiltrated computers and has stolen documents from hundreds of government and private offices around the world, including those of the Dalai Lama, Canadian researchers have concluded.In a report to be issued this weekend, the researchers said that the system was being controlled from computers based almost exclusively in China, but that they could not say conclusively that the Chinese government was involved.The researchers, who are based at the Munk Center for International Studies at the University of Toronto, had been asked by the office of the Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan leader whom China regularly denounces, to examine its computers for signs of malicious software, or malware.Their sleuthing opened a window into a broader operation that, in less than two years, has infiltrated at least 1,295 computers in 103 countries, including many belonging to embassies, foreign ministries and other government offices, as well as the Dalai Lama’s Tibetan exile centers in India, Brussels, London and New York.The researchers, who have a record of detecting computer espionage, said they believed that in addition to the spying on the Dalai Lama, the system, which they called GhostNet, was focused on the governments of South Asian and Southeast Asian countries.Intelligence analysts say many governments, including those of China, Russia and the United States, and other parties use sophisticated computer programs to covertly gather information.The newly reported spying operation is by far the largest to come to light in terms of countries affected.This is also believed to be the first time researchers have been able to expose the workings of a computer system used in an intrusion of this magnitude.Still going strong, the operation continues to invade and monitor more than a dozen new computers a week, the researchers said in their report, “Tracking ‘GhostNet’: Investigating a Cyber Espionage Network.”They said they had found no evidence that United States government offices had been infiltrated, although a NATO computer was monitored by the spies for half a day and computers of the Indian Embassy in Washington were infiltrated.The malware is remarkable both for its sweep-in computer jargon, it has not been merely “phishing” for random consumers’ information, but “whaling” for particular important targets-and for its Big Brother-style capacities.It can, for example, turn on the camera and audio-recording functions of an infected computer, enabling monitors to see and hear what goes on in a room.The investigators say they do not know if this facet has been employed.The researchers were able to monitor the commands given to infected computers and to see the names of documents retrieved by the spies,but in most cases the contents of the stolen files have not been determined.Working with the Tibetans, however, the researchers found that specific correspondence had been stolen and that the intruders had gained control of the electronic mail server computers of the Dalai Lama’s organization.The electronic spy game has had at least some real-world impact, they said. For example, they said, after an e-mail invitation was sent by the Dalai Lama’s office to a foreign diplomat, the Chinese government made a call to the diplomat discouraging a visit. And a woman working for a group making Internet contacts between Tibetan exiles and Chinese citizens was stopped by Chinese intelligence officers on her way back to Tibet, shown transcripts of her online conversations and warned to stop her political activities.The Toronto researchers said they had notified international law enforcement agencies of the spying operation, which in their view exposed basic shortcomings in the legal structure of cyberspace. The F.B.I. declined to comment on the operation.Although the Canadian researchers said that most of the computers behind the spying were in China, they cautioned against concluding that China’s government was involved. The spying could be a nonstate, for-profit operation, for example, or one run by private citizens in China known as “patriotic hackers.” “We’re a bit more careful about it, knowing the nuance of what happens in the subterranean realms,” said Ronald J. Deibert, a member of the research group and an associate professor of political science at Munk. “This could well be the C.I.A. or the Russians. It’s a murky realm that we’re lifting the lid on.”A spokesman for the Chinese Consulate in New York dismissed the idea that China was involved. “These are old stories and they are nonsense,” the spokesman, Wenqi Gao, said. “The Chinese government is opposed to and strictly forbids any cybercrime.”The Toronto researchers, who allowed a reporter for The New York Times to review the spies’ digital tracks, are publishing their findings in Information Warfare Monitor, an online publication associated with the Munk Center.At the same time, two computer researchers at Cambridge University in Britain who worked on the part of the investigation related to the Tibetans, are releasing an independent report. They do fault China, and they warned that other hackers could adopt the tactics used in the malware operation.
By John Markoff
PICTURE:The Toronto academic researchers who are reporting on the spying operation dubbed GhostNet include, from left, Ronald J. Deibert, Greg Walton, Nart Villeneuve and Rafal A. Rohozinski.(Tim Leyes for The New York Times)
To read more go to:
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'Give us a chance,' Biden tells G20 protesters

US Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday called for tens of thousands of protesters already on the streets of Europe ahead of a G20 summit next week to give governments a chance to tackle the economic crisis."I would hope that the protesters give us a chance, listen to what we have to say and hopefully we can make it clear to them that we're going to walk away from this G20 meeting with some concrete proposals," Biden said at a news conference after a meeting of center-left politicians in Chile.
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35,000 protest before G20 meet

Some 35,000 protesters have marched in London prior to next week's G-20 economic summit in the city. They're demanding that world leaders protect workers' rights, improve aid for developing countries and take more action on climate change.

Obama Will Face Defiant World on Foreign Visit

LONDON A protest of the Group of 20 meeting on Saturday. Trade unions and foes of globalization and war have planned marches.(Andrew Testa for The New York Times)
WASHINGTON-President Obama is facing challenges to American power on multiple fronts as he prepares for his first trip overseas since taking office, with the nation’s economic woes emboldening allies and adversaries alike.Despite his immense popularity around the world, Mr. Obama will confront resentment over American-style capitalism and resistance to his economic prescriptions when he lands in London on Tuesday for the Group of 20 summit meeting of industrial and emerging market nations plus the European Union.The president will not even try to overcome NATO’s unwillingness to provide more troops in Afghanistan when he goes on later in the week to meet with the military alliance.He seems unlikely to return home with any more to show for his attempts to open a dialogue with Iran’s leaders, who have, so far, responded with tough words, albeit not tough enough to persuade Russia to support the United States in tougher sanctions against Tehran. And he will be tested in face-to-face meetings by the leaders of China and Russia, who have been pondering the degree to which the power of the United States to dominate global affairs may be ebbing.Mr. Obama is unlikely to push for specific commitments from other countries on stimulus spending to bolster their own economies, White House officials acknowledged Saturday in a teleconference call, despite the fact that administration officials would like to see European countries, in particular, increase their spending to try to prompt a glo-bal economic recovery.“Nobody is asking any country to come to London to commit to do more right now,” said Michael Froman, deputy national security adviser for international economic affairs. Instead, world leaders at the meeting will try to “do whatever is necessary to restore global growth,” Mr. Froman said.The challenges stem in part from lingering unhappiness around the world at the way the Bush administration used American power.But they have been made more intense by the sense in many capitals that the United States is no longer in any position to dictate to other nations what types of economic policies to pursue-or to impose its will more generally as it intensifies the war in Afghanistan and extracts itself from Iraq.“There is a direct challenge under way to the paradigms that America has been trying to sell to the rest of the world,” said Eswar S. Prasad, a former China division chief at the International Monetary Fund. The American banking collapse, which precipitated the global meltdown, has led to a fundamental rethinking of the American way as a model for the rest of the world. Yet even as his presence stirs opposition to particular American policies, Mr. Obama is being welcomed by many Europeans as an embodiment of American ideals.In Prague, where Mr. Obama will stop later in the week, local officials are installing a hot line for residents to find out about street closings. In Strasbourg, France, site of a NATO meeting, protesters are planning an “international resistance camp” with antiwar actions designed to press Mr. Obama to get American troops out of Afghanistan. In Istanbul, his last stop, workers are polishing up the Hagia Sophia basilica-cum-mosque-cum-museum for the expected visit.“The rest of the world is yearning for him,” said Kenneth Rogoff, a Harvard economist. “On the one hand, they’ll all be criticizing him, and criticizing the American model. But they all want to hear that he does have a miracle to deliver.”
The quandary has left senior advisers to Mr. Obama scrambling to come up with a way for him to project both American power and the new cooperative international model that his aides have been promising.Mr. Obama will try to show confidence that his stimulus and economic program will work, administration officials said, while conceding that it may take time. He will say that he has put all the pieces in place to fix the American economy, while acknowledging that in a global system nations cannot put up walls to protect their individual economies.Robert D. Hormats, vice chairman of Goldman Sachs International, said the president “must demonstrate to the world that he understands that it’s not just about saving ourselves.”And Mr. Obama must try to do all of that in the middle of a global recession for which most of the world blames the United States. “The U.S. brand name has clearly suffered from this crisis, and the rest of the world is no longer willing to sit quietly and be lectured by the United States on how they should conduct economic policy,” Mr. Rogoff said.A senior Obama administration official acknowledged that it would be harder for Mr. Obama to exhort other countries to adopt the American model. But Robert Gibbs, the White House spokesman, said Saturday in the conference call that Mr. Obama “is going to listen in London, as well as to lead."“Many of the things we’ve done in the past week demonstrate that America is leading by example,” he said.
By Helene Cooper
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London March Launches Week of G20 Summit Protests

LONDON-Tens of thousands of people marched across central London Saturday to demand jobs, economic justice and environmental accountability, kicking off six days of protest and action planned in the run-up to the G20 summit next week.More than 150 groups threw their backing behind the "Put People First" march. Police said around 35,000 attended the demonstration, but there were large gaps in the line of protesters snaking its way across the city toward Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park.The marchers are pushing for a more transparent and democratic economic recovery plan."The whole economic meltdown...There's a really good opportunity for governments to get together and invest in a sustainable future," said unemployed Steve Burson, 49, marching with the protesters. The biggest groups backing the demonstration include the Stop The War Coalition, whose supporters marched under the slogan "Jobs Not Bombs," Friends of the Earth, and the Trades Union Congress, an umbrella group of British trade unions, which is calling for Britain's crisis-hit manufacturing base to share in country's banking bailout."They should be solving (the crisis) in the interest of working people," said Andy Bain, the president of Transport Salaried Staffs' Association. "All the money is going to the rich."Protesters whistled and booed British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's 10 Downing Street office-with one shouting: "Enjoy the overtime!" as they filed past.Security was tight around a small group of people waving anarchist flags Saturday. Anarchists and others have promised violence before the G20 meeting Thursday, and the British capital is bracing for a massive police operation as representatives of the world's 20 leading economies fly in for a summit on the financial crisis.More protests are planned Wednesday and Thursday, while left-leaning teach-ins, lectures, and other demonstrations are scheduled throughout the week.Other demonstrations aimed at the G20 summit took place in Europe on Saturday.Berlin police estimated that around 10,000 people gathered in front of the capital's city hall and more than 1,000 in Frankfurt, Germany's banking capital, for similar demonstrations under the slogan: "We won't pay for your crisis."Some demonstrators in Berlin sported headbands reading "pay for it yourselves" and carried placards demanding: "make capitalism history."

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Gordon Brown's "Global New Deal" Snubbed Ahead of G-20

Gordon Brown's carefully laid plans for a G-20 deal on worldwide tax cuts have been shunned by an eve-of-summit ambush by European leaders.Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, last night led the assault on the prime minister's "global new deal" for a $2 trillion-plus fiscal stimulus to end the recession."I will not let anyone tell me that we must spend more money," she said.The Spanish finance minister,Pedro Solbes, also dismissed new cash being pledged at Thursday's London summit."In these conditions I and the rest of my colleagues from the eurozone believe there is no room for new fiscal stimulus plans," he said.Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, has insisted that "radical reform" of capitalism is more important than tax cutting.The attacks on Brown's ambitions for the G-20 to inject more money into the world economy come at the end of a week where the prime minister has travelled to three continents to build support for his proposals.The likely deadlock at this week's meeting will kill any remaining hope that Alistair Darling's April 22 budget will offer significant tax cuts.The assault by European Union leaders also represents a defeat for President Barack Obama, who is desperate for other big economies to copy his $800 billion stimulus plan."There will be a very long communique, but there won't be much in it," a Washington economist said.
Click here to read the full story from the Times of London.

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Clinton to Receive Planned Parenthood's Highest Award

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to receive the highest honor given by Planned Parenthood Federation of America Friday evening.The 2009 Margaret Sanger Award, named after Planned Parenthood’s founder, is scheduled to be given to the former New York senator turned most visible American ambassador at a dinner reception in Houston.Social conservatives and pro-life activists find the award troubling because it is named after a noted eugenicist and is given by the nation’s largest abortion provider.“To many, it reinforces the strong alliance between the Obama administration and the radical pro-abortion crowd,” wrote Family Research Council President Tony Perkins in an e-mail newsletter sent out Thursday.Pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List went further by highlighting that Sanger advocated for “a superior race that was free of poor, immigrant, and minority citizens” and spoke at a rally of the Ku Klux Klan.“If Secretary Clinton were fully aware of the eugenicist past of Margaret Sanger, I cannot believe that she would be accepting an award in her name.It is in fact shocking that the award still bear’s Sanger’s name,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List.She added,“Planned Parenthood Federation of America needs to be very careful to steer clear of any appearance of adhering to Sanger’s pro-eugenics philosophy. And this ought to begin by renaming their highest award.”FRC’s Perkins criticized Planned Parenthood's “long campaign to promote abortion on request,” promotion of “sexual libertinism” and eugenics as the “worst foreign policy message our nation could send.”
By Ethan Cole
Christian Post Reporter
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Pro-Life Group Launches New Video Ad Featuring the Life Story of...Barack Obama

"This child's future is a broken home. He will be abandoned by his father. His single mother will struggle to raise him."

Friday, March 27, 2009

"I WOULDN'T BE HERE":Abortion Survivor Blasts Obama in New "Born Alive" Ad

A 527 group called BornAliveTruth.org started running an abortion ad against Senator Obama today and it features an abortion survivor looking into the camera and making a plea to the Senator. Basically, Gianna Jessen says she was left for dead as an aborted fetus but survived and then questions why Obama was against The Born Alive Infants Protection act in Illinois.Watch the ad here.(that video has since been "conveniently removed" from Youtube because it's content violates Youtube rules...Ive noticed that that has happenned to many videos regarding BHO.... interesting,dont you think....?)Here is the transcription of what she says:
“Can you imagine not giving babies their basic human rights, no matter how they entered our world? My name is Gianna Jessen, born 31 years ago after a failed abortion. I’m a survivor, as are many others…but if Barack Obama had his way, I wouldn’t be here. Four times, Barack Obama voted to oppose a law to protect babies left to die after a failed abortion. Senator Obama, please support born alive infant protections. I’m living proof these babies have a right to live.”
The ad is running on cable television statewide for the next week in New Mexico and Ohio. It is running on broadcast television in Cleveland and Albuquerque. The Brody File is told this is just phase one of the rollout against Obama.Here is how BornAlivetruth.org defines itself: "BornAliveTruth.org is a 527 political organization whose mission is to educate the public on the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act and Barack Obama's record opposing this act."
The Obama campaign has repeatedly said these accusations are insulting, misleading and flat out wrong. Here is a statement that is on Obama’s website about this whole matter:
"The recent attacks on Senator Obama that allege he would allow babies born alive to die are outrageous lies. The suggestion that Obama-the proud father of two little girls-and others who opposed these bills supported infanticide is deeply offensive and insulting. There is no room for these kinds of distortions and lies in this campaign. What Senator Obama’s attackers don’t tell you is that existing Illinois law already requires doctors to provide medical care in the very rare case that babies are born alive during abortions. They will not tell you that Obama voted against these laws in Illinois because they were clear attempts to undermine Roe v. Wade. They will not tell you that these laws were also opposed by pro-choice Republicans and the Illinois Medical Society-a leading association of doctors in the state. And they will not tell you that Obama has always maintained that he would have voted for the federal version of this bill, which did not pose such a threat. The bills Senator Obama voted against in Illinois were crafted to undermine Roe v. Wade or pre-existing Illinois state law regulating reproductive healthcare and medical practice, which is why Senator Obama objected to them."
By David Brody
To read more go to:
Now following is the ad and the author of the Ad removed from Youtube:

PS:Now after watching this video it is clear that those who supported BHO are messed up in their heads and simply call evil good and good evil.Plain and simple...How would you call not providing medical care for a baby outside the womb that is kicking and alive...?Isn't that infanticide...?I think so...Well for more on this you can go visit Gianna Jessen's website at:
Now let's go to BHO Voting Record on this issue as a "Senator:
"As an Illinois State Senator, Barack Obama opposed the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act. The legislation defined any infant born alive as a "person” who deserves full legal protection. The Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act was modeled after the federal version, with the identical definition of “born alive.” The World Health Organization created this definition in 1950. The United Nations adopted it in 1955.Obama actively opposed the legislation in the Illinois State Senate. In 2001, he voted no in committee, spoke against it on the Senate floor, and voted present on the floor. In 2002, he voted no in committee, spoke against it on the Senate floor, and voted no on the floor. Obama was the sole senator to ever speak against it on the Senate floor.The U.S. Senate passed the federal bill unanimously, with Senators Barbara Boxer and Ted Kennedy speaking in support of it.The pro-abortion group NARAL expressed neutrality on the federal bill. On August 5, 2002, President George W. Bush signed it into law.For four years Obama has said he would have supported the federal version, but that simply isn’t true. In 2003, as chairman of the Illinois Senate's Health and Human Services Committee, Obama voted yes on an amendment that made the Illinois version identical to the federal one. However, he then voted no on the amended bill.(Note the first vote under “DP#1” or “Do Pass Amendment #1” was to allow the amendment to be added, making this bill identical to the federal Born Alive bill. The second vote under “DPA” or “Do Pass as Amended” was on the bill as amended. Obama voted to amend the bill and then voted against the amended bill.)View the Republican State Senate Staff analysis here.Click here to see a comparison of the final federal version of Born Alive and the 2003 IL version Obama opposed.It has been speculated that the IL Born Alive bill became unnecessary after passage of the federal bill. This is not true.The federal legislation was focused on Federal laws only, ensuring that for purposes of federal law, the terms “human being,” “person,” “child,” and “individual” include all born alive infants. The Illinois statute ensures that the same is true for purposes of Illinois law. The two bills are complementary, and the Illinois legislation was necessary to ensure that born alive infants in IL and not at a Federal hospital were fully protected under Illinois law."
You can check this facts for yourself at:http://www.bornalivetruth.org/obamarecord.php
You can also find more information about Obama's Record as a Senator there,much more that I cannot cover in this post....Again BHO was and is lying about this.Only his "faithful supporters"will just argue with you that you or I are the ones lying...they just simply dont know the facts...that's all.And what is worse don't care to check it out,cause they want to still believe a fantasy of a "saviour president" that is going to "take care of all their problems and woes and pay their mortgages and fill their tanks with gas...and may be also heal them from arthritis..."
Then last but not less important is the fact of what BHO said during the Saddleback Forum...watch it:

Pastor Rick Warren: "At what point does a baby get human rights, in your view?"
Barack Obama: "...answering that question with specificity... uh... you know is, is... uh... above my pay grade."
~ Saddleback Forum, August 16, 2008

Well... I think it is pitiful...and the worse part is that he is the president of the USA...Now...I thought that being a graduate from a prestigious college would give you certain"education" about certain matters...It seems his education didn't pay off in this one at least....
The truth is that since he is not very clear in his mind when life starts--where scientifically it is a proven fact that life starts at "conception"--from then on,he gets more confused about abortion,aborted fetus born alive and etc.May be his teleprompter knows where life starts...I bet you he knows...
May the Lord have mercy on our nation once more,cause our hands are full of the blood of millions of innocent unborn that are slaughtered daily in America in the name of "convenience"...
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Obama:"Folks Are Lying" About My Position On Abortion

OBAMA:"They have not been telling the truth. And I hate to say that people are lying, but here's the situation where folks are lying."
PS:I hate to say this,but the only one lying here is BHO himself....This was happenning during his campaign,and he was lying,the same way he is lying now.He is--bar none--the most radical proabortion,proinfanticide president we ever had.He has no respect for the unborn...lest for the born alive or those with disabilities--as shown in the depicable comment about the Special Olympics with Jay Leno...The first thing he did as soon as he got into office--actually I think the second day in office--was to introduce legislation regarding abortions overseas financed by our own tax dollars...If you dont believe me check my blog or just google it and you will find it...The only one lying here is the "dear leader"BHO....
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Catholics Want President Out of Notre Dame Commencement

AP: Many Catholics are angered by Obama's planned appearance at the May 17 ceremony because of his decisions to provide federal funding for embryonic stem cell research and international family planning groups that provide abortions or educate about the procedure.

Criticism over Obama invite mounts at Notre Dame

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-Jimmy Carter came to Notre Dame in 1977. So did Ronald Reagan in 1981 and George W. Bush in 2001.The University of Notre Dame has a tradition of inviting new presidents to speak at graduation.But this year's selection of President Barack Obama has been met by a barrage of criticism that has left some students fearing their commencement ceremony will turn into a circus.Many Catholics are angered by Obama's planned appearance at the May 17 ceremony because of his decisions to provide federal funding for embryonic stem cell research and international family planning groups that provide abortions or educate about the procedure.The consensus Thursday on the campus of the nation's largest Catholic university was that any president should be welcomed at Notre Dame."People are definitely entitled to their outrage, but I think the main thing is to see that it's an honor to have the president of the United States come to speak here whether you agree with him or not," said Katie Woodward, a political science junior from Philadelphia.Justin Mack, a senior film major from Dallas, agreed. "I didn't vote for him and there are a lot of things I don't agree with him or support. But I feel like for this event people need to put that aside," said Mack, a senior film major from Dallas."My hope is that doesn't distract too much from what the weekend is about, which is the graduation."But the distractions have been mounting, including sharply worded letters from two bishops.Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of the Phoenix Diocese on Wednesday called Obama's selection a "public act of disobedience" and "a grave mistake." On Tuesday, Bishop John D'Arcy of the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese, which includes Notre Dame, said he would not attend the ceremony because of Obama's policies. Hundreds of people on both sides of the issue have sent letters to the student newspaper,and a coalition of conservative student groups has announced its opposition.University spokesman Dennis Brown says Notre Dame does not plan to rescind the invitation. Anyone associated with the university can recommend a commencement speaker, he said, and the president consults with university officers to see who would be most appropriate. Notre Dame President Rev. John Jenkins has said the university does not condone all of Obama's policies but that it's important to engage in conversation.White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Thursday that Obama believes everyone has the right to express their opinion, saying the president met last week with Chicago Cardinal Francis George and others to discuss topics Obama and the Catholic church are interested in."He looks forward to continuing that dialogue in the leadup to the commencement, and looks forward to delivering the address in May," Gibbs said.
By TOM COYNE--Associated Press Writer
To read more go to:
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Russia says North Korea should not launch rocket

MOSCOW-Russia said on Friday North Korea should abstain from launching a rocket and called for dialogue with Pyongyang to resolve the situation."We understand that the current situation in the region of North-East Asia is tense, and this is why it would be better if our partners in North Korea abstained from this, from this launch," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexei Borodavkin told journalists. Pyongyang has said it will launch a communications satellite between April 4-8, but regional powers believe the real purpose is to test a long-range missile, the Taepodong-2, which is believed to be already in place on its launch pad.Russia shares a small border with North Korea in the Far East and its main Pacific port of Vladivostok lies only 150 km (95 miles) from the North Korean border.Japan ordered its military on Friday to prepare to intercept any dangerous debris that might fall on its territory if the missile launch goes wrong. North Korea has said any attempt to shoot down the rocket itself would be an act of war.
"We have to calmly assess the situation, to take a clear-eyed view of it, without much agitation," Borodavkin said."And all the issues which...emerge because of this launch must be resolved through dialogue and consultations with all the parties involved," he added."We have expressed this position to them and to our other partners, and we continue to adhere to this point of view."
(Reporting by Guy Faulconbridge; Writing by Dmitry Solovyov; Editing by Louise Ireland)http://www.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idUSTRE52Q1ED20090327?virtualBrandChannel=10112
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Japan Prepares for North Korea Missile

Japan deploys defense for North Korea rocket launch

TOKYO-Japan deployed two ballistic missile destroyers to the Sea of Japan on Saturday to intercept any dangerous debris in the event that a controversial missile launch planned by North Korea goes awry.Pyongyang has said it would launch a communications satellite between April 4-8 that regional powers believe will actually be a test of its long-range missile, the Taepodong-2, which is already believed to be on its launch pad at a North Korean missile base.On Saturday morning, Japan deployed two Aegis-equipped destroyers with Standard Missile-3 interceptors to the Sea of Japan, which lies between the Korean peninsula and the Japanese archipelago, a Defense Ministry official said.A third Aegis-equipped defense ship left another base for the Pacific Ocean, where the missile is expected to land, the official said.The United States, Japan's main security ally, meanwhile, is set to deploy two Aegis-equipped ships with missile defense capabilities from the South Korean port of Busan on the 30th, a U.S. military official said on Saturday.The official declined to disclose their destination or mission.
By Chang-Ran Kim
PICTURE:A truck carrying the Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) missiles arrives at Asaka Base near Tokyo, March 27, 2009.REUTERS/Toru Hanai
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JAPAN:Tottori trains officials to call for evacuation after missile launch

TOTTORI, Japan-(AP)(Kyodo)-Local government officials in Tottori Prefecture in western Japan engaged in a drill Saturday to smoothly relay information that North Korea has launched a missile and quickly urge residents to evacuate.The drill was conducted as North Korea has announced that it will put an experimental communications satellite into orbit between April 4 and 8, a claim that Japan, South Korea and the United States suspect is a cover for the test-firing of a Taepodong-2 long-range ballistic missile.In the drill, Tottori prefectural government officials first sent "urgent information" that the central government has notified the prefecture about the missile launch to municipal governments, using dedicated fax machines.The municipal governments then used antidisaster radio communications systems in their communities to publicize the information.Since it is expected that a missile would land roughly 10 minutes after its launch, the Tottori officials aimed to take 10 minutes maximum for the information to reach local residents. However, two of its 19 municipal governments failed to accomplish the goal, they said.The drill was the second of its kind in Tottori, after the first on Wednesday. The officials said the latest drill was to enhance their readiness to deal with the situation on the weekend.Japan is concerned that if the launch fails, the rocket or its debris, such as its boosters, could fall somewhere in northeastern Japan, over which the rocket is expected to fly.
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Team in China finds missing nuclear scale

BEIJING-Investigators have recovered potentially lethal radioactive material that was lost during the demolition of a cement plant in northwest China, an official said Friday.A radioactive lead ball that belonged to a specialized nuclear scale used for making precise measurements was found in a nearby steel mill.It was lost after the 53-year-old Shaanxi Qinling Cement Co. was torn down Monday in the Tongchuan city in Shaanxi province, the official Xinhua News Agency said.Xinhua said the ball contains Caesium-137, a radioactive isotope whose radiation is capable of damaging the nervous system, causing infertility and possibly death.A publicity official with Qinling Cement, who just gave his name as Mr. Gao, said Friday the government investigation team found the scale in the mill."The production facilities were auctioned to a company called Sichuan Kangna. The company staff mistook the scale for steel scraps and sold it," he said.Xinhua said the investigators combed through area waste collectors before detecting radioactivity around the steel plant.Wang Xuhui, a researcher with the Xi'an-based Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology, said the products of the plant were safe, while most the caesium-137 element had been mixed in the slags.Technicians are cleaning the contaminated mill to ensure there is no threat to the environment.Xinhua said the cement plant was dismantled for failing to meet environmental protection standards.Local environmental protection and government officials were not immediately available for comment.
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Iran,Venezuela affirm ties ahead of Chavez visit

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki visited Caracas Friday to touch up on bilateral ties ahead of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's visit to Tehran next week, officials said."Some important issues were examined, including the progress of joint projects, especially as concerns industrial cooperation and technology transfers," a diplomatic source told AFP.During a public ceremony, Chavez revealed Mottaki was visiting along with vice ministers and other government officials, and said a meeting had been planned for later in the day.Chavez and his Iranian counterpart, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, are both arch-foes of Washington and their governments have significantly boosted their ties in recent years, signing dozens of agreements on binational banks, energy and factories.Cooperation between the two members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has translated into over 200 investment projects valued at more than seven billion dollars in 2007, according to Venezuelan official figures.Chavez is among only a handful of state leaders who support Iran's controversial nuclear energy program, suspected by some of serving as a cover to produce nuclear weapons, a charge Tehran denies.Venezuela expelled the ambassador of Iran's enemy Israel from Caracas in January to protest the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip that left over 1,300 Palestinians dead.Chavez and Ahmadinejad last met in November 2007.
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Canada says will defend its Arctic

The Canadian government on Friday reaffirmed its Arctic claims, saying it will defend its northern territories and waters after Russia earlier announced plans to militarize the North."Canada is an Arctic power," Catherine Loubier, a spokeswoman for Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, said in an email to AFP."The government is engaged in protecting the security of Canada and in exercising its sovereignty in the North, including Canadian waters," she said.Loubier pointed to the planned acquisition of Arctic patrol vessels, construction of a deep water port and eavesdropping network in the region, annual military exercises and boosting the number Inuit Arctic rangers keeping on eye on goings-on along its northern frontier.Earlier, Russia announced plans to turn the Arctic into its "leading strategic resource base" by 2020 and station troops there, documents showed, as nations race to stake a claim to the oil-rich region.The country's strategy for the Arctic through 2020-adopted last year and now published on the national security council website-says one of Russia's main goals for the region is to put troops in its Arctic zone "capable of ensuring military security."
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Cold War:"Russia Plans to Create Arctic Military Force"

Russia wants to set up a military force in the Arctic to protect its national interests.However, officials say this is not a plan to militarise the region.By 2020 Russia believes the region will become its main source for oil and gas...

North Korean rocket "could reach Hawaii":US Admiral

America's top military officer said on Friday that a rocket North Korea plans to launch next month has a range that could possibly reach Hawaii. Asked if the North Korean rocket could reach the US states of Hawaii or Alaska, Admiral Mike Mullen told CNN: "In some cases, yes, they could probably get down to Hawaii." International concern has been mounting about North Korea's announcement it would launch a communications satellite between April 4 and 8. The United States, Japan and other allies believe Pyongyang is using the launch to test a ballistic missile that could, in theory, cross the Pacific to reach North America.The launch, combined with North Korea's atomic weapons, were cause for serious concern, the admiral said.Mullen added the regime's missiles did not yet have a range that could strike the western coast of the US mainland.Arms experts say North Korea has yet to demonstrate it has the ability to construct and fit a nuclear warhead onto a missile.The launch, even if it is for a satellite as announced by North Korea, would help the regime in developing a long-range missile threat, said Mullen, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff."What concerns me is the guidance, the engineering, the engines, those are all identical to the kinds of capabilities you'd put on a ballistic missile," he said. Japan gave its military the green light on Friday to shoot down any incoming North Korean rocket. And Japanese and US warships have already deployed ahead of the April 4-8 window.North Korea has said shooting down its rocket would be treated as act of war.The last time North Korea launched a long-range Taepo-dong 2, on July 4, 2006, the missile failed seconds after launch. Mullen declined to comment on any possible US military response to a rocket launch.Other US commanders have said they have confidence the US military had the ability to shoot down any missile threatening the United States using sea-based or land-based missile defense weaponry.

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SURVEILLANCE SOCIETY:Proposal to Track Uninsured With Red-Light Cameras Has Cities Seeing Big Money

Running a red light may get more complicated-and more expensive-for some of the country's uninsured drivers.Under a proposal by Chicago Alderman Edward Burke, cameras at 132 city intersections that currently enforce $100 red light violations would also be used to nab motorists whose cars are uninsured.Washington, DC officials told FOXNews.com it is willing to consider a similiar program.Burke says the increased enforcement not only would make Chicago's roadways safer, but, at $90 per violation, would raise nearly $10 million a year for the cash-strapped city."I favor using these cameras to catch more than just motorists who run red lights," Burke said in January when announcing his proposal. "I believe it would also be a responsible use of these cameras to try and reduce the number of motorists who flaunt the law by driving without insurance."Donal Quinlan, Burke's press secretary, stressed that the alderman's proposal to check for insurance coverage pertains only to vehicles already cited for red light violations. But in the interest of making money, he said, every scenario will be considered."I don’t think we're taking anything off the table," Quinlan said of the possibility of using cameras to check all vehicles for insurance coverage, regardless of whether they've run a red light."There certainly are different roads we could take to achieve higher revenue sources. I'm sure this will become part of the discussion as this proposal gets further consideration."That has alarmed officials at the American Civil Liberties Union and AAA, who say the proposal appears to be more concerned with creating cash flow than safe traffic flow, and would bring Chicago a step closer to automatic law enforcement. "This is being driven by revenue," said Jay Stanley, a national ACLU spokesman."It's quite unseemly. The purpose of law enforcement is not to generate revenue-it's public safety. If all the talk is about revenue, I think it's a good indication that there's something fishy about this."Stanley is also concerned with what he calls "mission creep." "Today it's one thing, but tomorrow it could be another," Stanley said of how the red light cameras are used by authorities. "Automatic license plate scanning can be legitimate if it's for very narrowly-tailored purposes, but we don't want to see what we most strongly fear and oppose-technology for tracking innocent people going about their business."
By Joshua Rhett Miller
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London Protesters Threaten Bankers as Police Prepare for G-20 Onslaught

Mark Barrett, a professional tour guide, spent last Saturday painting Barack Obama’s election catchphrase “yes we can” on a banner that protesters will carry as they try to occupy London’s financial district April 1.Barrett is helping organize a protest outside the Bank of England, one of several called to express anger against banks and bankers and mark the arrival in London of leaders of the Group of 20 nations-including Obama, now president.“We want a very English revolution,” he says from a cafĂ© near his home in north London.“The first English revolution in 1649 was about winning sovereignty for parliament over the king.” Now,protesters are campaigning for sovereignty for everyone.All police leave has been canceled to increase security and financial workers have been told to wear casual clothes amid warnings that protests could turn violent.“There are a lot of hacked-off people,” said Mike Bowron, commander of the City of London Police. “There’s potential for disruption and certain individual groups see violence as their raison d’etre.”The global economic slump has raised unemployment to more than 2 million in the U.K., with more people joining jobless rolls last month than at any time since 1971. The economy shrank 1.6 percent in the fourth quarter, the most since 1980, and there is growing anger at the more than 40 billion pounds ($58 billion) the government has injected into ailing banks while insuring 585 billion pounds more in risky assets.
Beheading Charles I
Class War, an anarchist newspaper, has produced a special edition to promote the protest with an image of former Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc CEO Fred Goodwin, whose house was vandalized this week, on a guillotine under the headline “Ready to Riot.” Another shows people dancing around a fire with the slogan “How to keep warm in the credit crunch-Burn a Banker!” Public anger erupted at Goodwin’s 703,000 pounds annual pension after RBS was bailed out by the government.The English Revolution culminated with the beheading of Charles I in 1649, ending the so-called divine right of kings in England. Today’s protesters say they draw inspiration from 17th century radicalism.Four marches will converge on the Bank of England at midday on April 1 for a protest the organizers call “Financial Fools Day.” At the same time, there are plans for a blockade of the European Climate Exchange, in Bishopsgate, to protest against the market in carbon emissions.
By Thomas Penny and Brian Lysaght
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U.N. 'Climate Change' Plan Would Likely Shift Trillions to Form New World Economy

A United Nations document on "climate change" that will be distributed to a major environmental conclave next week envisions a huge reordering of the world economy, likely involving trillions of dollars in wealth transfer, millions of job losses and gains, new taxes, industrial relocations, new tariffs and subsidies, and complicated payments for greenhouse gas abatement schemes and carbon taxes-all under the supervision of the world body.Those and other results are blandly discussed in a discretely worded United Nations "information note" on potential consequences of the measures that industrialized countries will likely have to take to implement the Copenhagen Accord, the successor to the Kyoto Treaty, after it is negotiated and signed by December 2009. The Obama administration has said it supports the treaty process if, in the words of a U.S. State Department spokesman, it can come up with an "effective framework" for dealing with global warming.The 16-page note, obtained by FOX News, will be distributed to participants at a mammoth negotiating session that starts on March 29 in Bonn, Germany, the first of three sessions intended to hammer out the actual commitments involved in the new deal.In the stultifying language that is normal for important U.N. conclaves, the negotiators are known as the "Ad Hoc Working Group On Further Commitments For Annex I Parties Under the Kyoto Protocol." Yet the consequences of their negotiations, if enacted, would be nothing short of world-changing.Getting that deal done has become the United Nations' highest priority, and the Bonn meeting is seen as a critical step along the path to what the U.N. calls an "ambitious and effective international response to climate change," which is intended to culminate at the later gathering in Copenhagen.Just how ambitious the U.N.'s goals are can be seen, but only dimly, in the note obtained by FOX News, which offers in sparse detail both positive and negative consequences of the tools that industrial nations will most likely use to enforce the greenhouse gas reduction targets.The paper makes no effort to calculate the magnitude of the costs and disruption involved, but despite the discreet presentation, makes clear that they will reverberate across the entire global economic system.
Click here for the information note.
Click here for Stern's paper.
Click here to see the Department of Energy report.
By George Russell
George Russell is executive editor of FOX News.
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Missouri retracts report linking militias,3rd party candidates

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.-The Missouri Highway Patrol this week retracted a controversial report on militia activity and will change how such reports are reviewed before being distributed to law enforcement agencies.The Highway Patrol also will open an investigation into the origin of the report, which linked conservative groups with domestic terrorism and named former presidential candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin.The Highway Patrol’s announcement followed a news conference in which Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, a Republican, suggested putting the director of public safety on administrative leave and investigating how the report was produced.The uproar revolves around a report released last month by the Missouri Information Analysis Center, a "fusion center" for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to collaborate on domestic security issues. The report concerned militia movements in Missouri and across the U.S., and described how they had evolved over the last several years.
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Japan OKs Deployment of Missile Defense System

TOKYO-Japan's military mobilized Friday to protect the country from any threat if North Korea's looming rocket launch fails, ordering two missile-equipped destroyers to the Sea of Japan and sending batteries of Patriot missile interceptors to protect the northern coastline.Pyongyang plans to launch its Kwangmyongsong-2 satellite April 4-8, a moved that has stoked already heightened tensions in the region. The U.S., Japan and South Korea suspect the North will use the launch to test the delivery technology for a long-range missile capable of striking Alaska.Japan has said that it will shoot down any dangerous objects that fall its way if the launch doesn't go off successfully. Tokyo, however, has been careful to say that it will not intervene unless its territory is in danger.The North said earlier this month that any attack on the satellite would be an act of war.South Korea and the U.S. prepared deployments of their own. Seoul is also dispatching an Aegis-equipped Sejong the Great destroyer off the east coast to monitor the launch, a military official in Seoul said. He asked not to be named because he was not authorized to speak to the media.Two U.S. Aegis-equipped ships, docked at a South Korea port, will set sail in coming days, U.S. military spokesman Kim Yong-kyu said.As Japan's military got its orders Friday, North Korea's preparations appeared to be moving ahead quickly, and South Korea's nuclear envoy headed to Washington as regional powers scrambled to coordinate a joint strategy for the launch.North Korea mounted a rocket on a launch pad on its northeast coast, American intelligence officials say, putting Pyongyang well on track for the launch.North Korea is now "technically" capable of launching it in three to four days, South Korea's Chosun Ilbo newspaper said, citing an unnamed diplomatic official.The U.S. and South Korea warned Thursday it would be a major provocation with serious consequences, and Japan's parliament was expected to issue a resolution next week demanding the launch be scrapped. Regional powers have said any launch is banned under a 2006 U.N. Security Council resolution and would trigger sanctions.U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned that such a "provocative act" could jeopardize the stalled talks on supplying North Korea with aid and other concessions in exchange for dismantling its nuclear program.Of all the North's neighbors, Japan has reacted the most strongly because the satellite will fly over its airspace, and North Korea has designated a zone near Japan's northern coast where debris is likely to fall. North Korea sent a similar rocket over Japan in 1998, prompting Tokyo to build up its missile defenses.
By Mari Yamaguchi
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COLD WAR: Russia plans to create Arctic military force...

MOSCOW-Russia is planning to create a dedicated military force to help protect its interests in the disputed Arctic region.The presidential Security Council has released a document outlining goverment policy for the Arctic that includes creating a special group of military forces.The report was released this week and reported by Russian media on Friday. Russia, the United States, Canada and other northern countries are trying to assert jurisdiction over the Arctic.The dispute has intensified amid growing evidence that the shrinking polar ice is opening up new shipping lanes and allowing natural resources to be tapped.
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Clinton pushes for stronger China role

WASHINGTON-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has moved aggressively and quickly to secure a stronger role in what she has called the world's most important relationship: U.S. dealings with China. But military and economic tensions between the two powers keep getting in her way.As the international financial crisis worsens, the two colossal economies have bickered over their intertwined interests. China is nervous about its position as Washington's biggest foreign creditor, holding an estimated $1 trillion in U.S. government debt. Beijing and Washington also have sparred over military matters, including a confrontation between American and Chinese vessels in the South China Sea and harsh words over Pentagon claims that China's rapidly growing military strength could allow it to win short, intense conflicts against high-tech adversaries.These issues will demand high-level attention from the Treasury and Defense departments. Clinton is pushing, however, to ensure that her diplomatic corps is not marginalized as the United States engages a country the Obama administration needs as a partner in efforts to solve the world's major problems.Clinton began staking out her claim on China early. A week after President Barack Obama's Jan. 20 inauguration she signaled her determination not to stand on the sidelines in her first comments to reporters at the State Department."The strategic dialogue that was begun in the Bush administration turned into an economic dialogue," Clinton said. "That's a very important aspect of our relationship with China, but it's not the only aspect of our relationship."In Beijing last month, on her first foreign trip as secretary, Clinton said she and new Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner "will both be fully engaged" in discussions with China. Clinton then pleasantly surprised China by saying the Obama administration would not let its human rights concerns interfere with cooperation with Beijing.Clinton's efforts mark a change from the Bush administration.
EDITOR'S NOTE - Foster Klug covers U.S.-Asian affairs for The Associated Press.
By Foster Klug
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Could a Korean missile strike US territory ?

North Korea is testing Obama's administration

North Korea Positions Rocket for April Liftoff

Obama:"Taliban and al-Qaida must be stopped"

WASHINGTON-President Barack Obama on Friday ordered 4,000 more military troops into Afghanistan, vowing to "disrupt, dismantle and defeat" the Taliban and al-Qaida.In a war that still has no end in sight, Obama said the fresh infusion of U.S. forces is designed to bolster the Afghan army and turn up the heat on terrorists that he said are plotting new attacks against Americans. The plan takes aim at terrorist havens in Pakistan and challenges the government there and in Afghanistan to show more results.Obama called the situation in the region "increasingly perilous" more than seven years after the Taliban was removed from power in Afghanistan."If the Afghanistan government falls to the Taliban or allows al-Qaida to go unchallenged," Obama said, "that country will again be a base for terrorists."He announced the troop deployment, as well as plans to send hundreds of additional civilians to Afghanistan, with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and top intelligence and national security figures at his side. The announcement followed a policy review Obama launched not long after taking the oath of office.The 4,000 troops come not long after the new administration approved the dispatch of an additional 17,000 forces to the war-weary nation.There are clear risks and costs to Obama's strategy.Violence is rising. The war in Afghanistan saw American military deaths rise by 35 percent in 2008 as Islamic extremists shifted their focus to a new front with the West. Obama's plan will also cost many more billions of dollars.And the president's plan includes no timeline for withdrawal of U.S. troops.Yet Obama bluntly warned that the al-Qaida terrorists who masterminded the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks were actively planning further attacks on the United States from safe havens in Pakistan. And he said the Afghanistan government is in peril of falling to the Islamic militants of the Taliban once again."So I want the American people to understand that we have a clear and focused goal: to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al-Qaida in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and to prevent their return to either country in the future," the president said."That is the goal that must be achieved," Obama added. "That is a cause that could not be more just. And to the terrorists who oppose us, my message is the same: we will defeat you."Obama's plan will put more U.S. troops and money on the line. He said Pakistan and Afghanistan will be held to account, using benchmarks for progress.

By Ben Feller AP Writer
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PS:So much for BHO's"campaign promises"of bringing the troops back home and ending the war....Another LIE from BHO....This is "BHO CHANGE"....
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Suicide attack kills 48 at Pakistani mosque

People carry a victim in a blanket, center, at the scene of a blast at a mosque in Jamrud, a Pakistani town near the Afghan border, Friday, March 27, 2009 in this image made from television.(AP Photo/Express TV via APTIN)
A car is seen crushed by a large rock at the scene of a blast at a mosque in Jamrud, a Pakistani town near the Afghan border, Friday, March 27, 2009 in this image made from television. A suicide bomber demolished the mosque packed with hundreds of worshippers attending Friday prayers close to the Afghan border, killing at least 48 people and injuring scores more, officials said.(AP Photo/Express TV via APTIN)
PESHAWAR, Pakistan-A suicide bomber demolished a mosque packed with hundreds of worshippers attending Friday prayers near the Afghan border, killing at least 48 people and injuring scores more, in the bloodiest attack in Pakistan this year.The bombing in the fabled Khyber Pass came hours before President Barack Obama was due to unveil a revised strategy expected to emphasize the need to eradicate militant havens in Pakistan's northwest.A government official accused Islamist militants of carrying out the bombing in revenge for a recent offensive aimed in part at protecting the major supply route for NATO and U.S. troops in Afghanistan that passes in front of the mosque."Residents of this area had cooperated and helped us a lot. These infidels had warned that they will take revenge," said Tariq Hayat, the top administrator of the Khyber tribal region. "They are the enemy of Pakistan. They are the enemy of Islam."Rising violence in Pakistan is fueling doubts about the pro-Western government's ability to counter Taliban and al-Qaida militants also blamed for attacks on Western troops in Afghanistan.The bomber hit the mosque, a popular stop for travelers motoring between Pakistan and Afghanistan, when about 250 people were attending Friday prayers, said Hayat.Television footage showed scores of residents and police officers digging frantically with their hands through the ruins of the white-walled mosque, whose roof collapsed in the explosion.Rescuers hauled bodies covered in dust and blood on blankets and scarves toward ambulances and private cars waiting to take them to hospital. Crowds of anguished women waited in the background, hoping for news of loved-ones.Hayat said rescuers had pulled 48 bodies from the rubble and predicted the toll would likely rise further. Another 80 people were injured, he said. Several police officers who had been manning a nearby checkpoint were reportedly among the victims.The mosque in a rocky valley near the town of Jamrud lies on the main road along which trucks carry vital supplies to the expanding U.S.-led force in Afghanistan.Suspected Taliban militants have carried out a string of attacks on both trucks and transport depots along the route in recent months, destroying scores of military vehicles, including Humvees, and raising doubts about the reliability of the supply line.The area has also been beset by feuds between rival tribal and militant groups-some loosely allied with the government, others close to the Taliban-which have included suicide bombings and attacks on mosques, though none so deadly as Friday's blast.Frustrated at Pakistan's failure to gain control of the border belt, the U.S. has carried out an intense campaign of missile strikes into the region since last year.President Asif Ali Zardari on Friday reiterated Pakistan's opposition to the strikes, apparently carried out by unmanned CIA aircraft. The government says the attacks feed anti-American feeling and undermine its own effort to isolate extremists."We hope Obama is a name for change," Zardari told reporters in the southwestern province of Baluchistan, a region that some have speculated will be the next target of the drone attacks.Zardari also urged Obama to take a "regional approach" as part of his new strategy for tackling extremism and terrorism, a change Pakistani officials hope would leave them shouldering less of the blame for the Taliban's resurgence.The Afghan intelligence chief on Thursday accused Pakistan's powerful military spy service of secretly aiding the militants-a charge vehemently denied in Islamabad. Weary of rising violence inside their own borders, Pakistani authorities have struck peace deals in some Taliban-dominated areas, an approach Western officials complain lets militants step up the war in Afghanistan. Three key Taliban commanders in Pakistan recently announced a new alliance to fight "infidels" led by "Obama, Zardari and (Afghan President Hamid) Karzai." The commanders-Hafiz Gul Bahadur, Baitullah Mehsud and Maulvi Nazir-are based in the North and South Waziristan regions, the main focus of the U.S. missile strikes. The three are divided on tribal lines and have feuded in the past.Their statement last month didn't say where the Ittehad-ul-Mujahideen, or Union of Holy Warriors, would focus its efforts.
Associated Press writers Asif Shahzad in Islamabad and Ishtiaq Mahsud in Dera Ismail Khan contributed to this report.
By Riaz Khan AP Writer
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