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Friday, December 4, 2009

Suicide bombers kills scores at Pakistan mosque

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan-Two suicide bombers blew themselves up in a mosque and two other militants fired on worshipers near Pakistan's military headquarters after Friday prayers, killing at least 40 people, including army officials.
The mosque is frequented by military officials in the town of Rawalpindi, home to Pakistan's military establishment and only a 30-minute drive from the capital Islamabad.
The attack in what should be one of the most secure areas of Pakistan was the latest challenge by militants against the writ of the state. A local television station said people were executed in cold blood.
"There are children among them who had come to pray with their fathers. There are also elderly, retired security officials," said military spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas.
"We have reports of some security officials killed or injured but we are confirming that." He said an army major-general was killed.
Abbas put the death toll at 36. Four "terrorists" also died, he said. Rescue services and a senior police official said 40. But it's not clear if that figure included the four militants....

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