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Friday, December 4, 2009

Fort Hood unit deploys despite losing soldiers

FORT HOOD, Texas – More than 40 Army reservists dedicated to counseling troubled soldiers in war zones deployed to Afghanistan on Friday, a month after a shooting spree at Fort Hood left nearly a fourth of their unit dead or seriously wounded.
The soldiers from the Wisconsin-based 467th Medical Detachment arrived at a Fort Hood chapel before dawn. Minutes later, led by a deploying soldier carrying the unit's flag, they boarded a bus to the airport. Fort Hood spokesman Mark Kalinoski confirmed that their plane took off for Afghanistan.
The members of the Army Reserve combat stress unit had arrived at the sprawling Texas post only a day before the Nov. 5 rampage. Yet the soldiers said they never wavered in their determination to serve.
They spent the last month training together, and several soldiers from across the country volunteered to fill the void left by the three soldiers killed and six others seriously wounded...
Picture Left:The 467th Medical Detachment based out of Madison, Wis., marches to the chapel at Fort Hood, Texas, Friday, Dec. 4, 2009, as they prepare to head to the airport for their deployment to Afghanistan. The 467th Medical Detachment lost several soldiers during the shooting rampage at Fort Hood last month.(AP Photo/Thao Nguyen)

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