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(Galatians 4:16)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Toronto’s G-20 “Free Speech” Zone

CTV News has learned of a plan to try to keep activists far away from the G20 meetings at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this June, by creating a designated protest zone in Trinity Bellwoods Park.The park is located roughly 2 kilometres away on Queen Street.Police spokesperson Meaghan Gray would not say whether officials are expecting violent protests.“I don’t know what we are expecting,” she told CTV Toronto. “We are strongly encouraging anyone who wants to protest during the G20 to use that location.” It’s not the first time a designated protest zone has been created for the G20. Last year, police used the same tactic in London.One woman who lived in London at the time, and who now resides in Toronto near Trinity Bellwoods, says she can understand the reasoning behind the zone....


Anonymous said...

My sweet, smart, and very well educated cousin who happens to be a left wing Catholic has joined the Peace Corps. She is currently awaiting deployment to Honduras where her assignment will be “community based youth development”. This sounded strange to me (the assignment, not my cousin), so I looked online for more info. What I found was an article or news release (link below) stating that Peace Corps announced in March 2010 their goal to concentrate on “community based youth development.” The stated goal of these programs is to “sensitize” people to their role in the global community. As I continued searching for more information, I found an article by education leader Fernando Reimers (read about him in the link below) listing specific goals to focus public school education for k-12 on each student’s role in the global community. This article was written in 10/2008 and is published on the Peace Corps website. I can only imagine how much of his plan is already being implemented by now or is in the works. “In the article, he refers to national boundaries as becoming “increasingly porous” and states that they can’t achieve the kind of global consciousness desired with the current “globalization lite” being served in public schools. Apparently that is not enough. The link to the article is also below. As side note I can attest as an at home mother of 3 that the major kids networks are full of channel sponsored bits about cultures around the world and encouraging kids to join the masses of youth in protecting mother earth. Our children are being molded to conform to the global consciousness. http://www.stlucia.gov.lc/pr2010/march/us_peace_corps_to_concentrate_on_community_based_youth_development.htm


Anonymous said...

you dont have to post my comment, just post the info to your site. People need to be aware. Check out nick and disney. take a stroll around peacecorps.gov/teen scary