"Am I therefore become your enemy,because I TELL YOU THE TRUTH...?"
(Galatians 4:16)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New billboards in MN ask: Had enough Hope and Change?

A new pair of billboards protesting the Barack Obama presidency and the Democratic agenda have appeared in Minnesota, sponsored by the same group that brought us the reminder of Ronald Reagan. This time, one of the billboard companies (CBS) required an identification, due to the political nature of the messaging, even though no laws require such disclosure. The group of businesspeople who sponsored these billboards have formed Freedom Boards Across America, and plan even more such messages in the months to come:
A battle is raging within America that will determine our nation’s future. Today we stand at a crossroads. The freedoms that Americans have enjoyed for over 200 years are in jeopardy of being lost. Secular-progressives want to remake America into a nation that resembles a socialist state. Out-of-control government spending, socialized medicine, corporate bailouts, amnesty for illegals, government unions, corrupt elections and cap-and-tax schemes all threaten to forever transform our nation. Unless we act now, we could forever loose the liberties for which our forefathers fought and died...

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