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Monday, April 5, 2010

Would you take pal to Easter worship if Jonas Brothers sang..?:Rick Warren megachurch has 2 'sold out' services thanks to famous group

There's an unsettling theme in recent religion news. It's not that U.S. Christians no longer celebrate Easter but that the evangelical spirit -- defined as a drive to share this "good news" -- seems to be waning. Christians, it would appear, are slacking on the job and their friends' and families'' souls are on the line, church leaders say.
A Christian Research firm, The Barna Group, has identified two key problems: First, many Christians are hazy on Jesus' resurrection. Second, even those who know this is the core message of Easter, largely don't share this faith with others.
Barna's survey of 1,000 adults in February found just 42% tied the meaning of Easter to Jesus' resurrection and only 2% called this day "the most important holiday of their faith." Of those who identified themselves as active churchgoers, less than a third (31%) said they would invite guests to Easter worship services this year.
Maybe it would help if the Jonas Brothers were headlining the worship singing.
That's the idea Rev. Rick Warren had for his California megachurch Saddleback and now its Easter celebrations Saturday night and Sunday morning at Angels Stadium are "sold out"...

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