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Monday, April 5, 2010

Resurrection Real,according to some scientists...

REDLANDS - Pastor Greg Wallace of First Lutheran Church will preach an Easter message Sunday with full faith that a man from Galilee rose from the dead 2,000 years ago.
"As far as the physicality of the resurrection, as Christians that's a non-negotiable," Wallace said. "If the resurrection isn't real, then the whole basis (of Christianity) is a sham and not worth much more than platitudes."He may hear hallelujahs from what some would consider unlikely sources: scientists.
Frank Tipler, professor of mathematical physics at Tulane University in New Orleans and author of the book "The Physics of Christianity," maintains that belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a matter of faith founded on scientific fact. "Believe in the laws of physics and they will tell you Jesus rose from the dead," he said Thursday....

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