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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Eggs face Doughnut Push...:"They're round like the stone rolled away from Jesus' tomb"

DOUGHNUTS are a better symbol for Easter than the traditional egg, says a leading Tasmanian churchman.
The Anglican Dean of Hobart, Richard Humphrey, said he preferred the idea of the Easter doughnut over the traditional Easter egg.
"Eggs don't really have anything to do with Easter but you can attach some rich symbolism to a doughnut," he said.
"They're round like the stone that was rolled away from Jesus's tomb, the tomb was empty, just like the hole in the doughnut, they're shaped like a halo and the circle represents eternal life"...
Picture Left:Norman Townsend, middle, of Warrane, enjoys the Messy Easter event in St David's Cathedral with son Christopher, 4, and cousin Isabella Townsend, 5, of Midway Point.(Picture: KIM EISZELE)
PS:BLIND GUIDING THE BLIND....!!!Eggs have A LOT TO DO WITH EASTER...which BTW comes from the worship of Ishtar...and yes...Mr Humphrey--I'm sorry to break these news to you--but Eggs are related to offerings to the goddess of fertility Ishtar.
A BLIND that doesn't even know World History...!!!???
Mr Humphrey...Eggs,Easter,Ishtar all come from ole' BABYLON...
And this thing with doughnuts is just IDIOTIC.
As in the days of Noah...

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