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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Deadly Riots in Kyrgyzstan: Coming to America Soon

Riots against the corrupt government in Kyrgyzstan have resulted in more than a hundred dead people. In Bishkek, the nation’s capitol, thousands of protesters stormed the main government building, set fire to the prosecutor’s office and looted state TV headquarters. Government officials were seriously beaten and reported killed.
“Demonstrators furious over government corruption and a recent hike in power prices looted the state television and radio building and were marching toward the Interior Ministry,” reports MSNBC. “Elite police opened fire to drive crowds back from government headquarters”...

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In 2009, the bankster loan shark operation IMF warned the year would be “very difficult” for the Kyrgyz economy due to the global financial crisis. “Certainly, there is a risk of further deterioration of the situation,” the IMF statement said.
Since breaking away from the Soviet Union, Kyrgyzstan has fallen prey to the engineered trap of “external debt,” most of it owed to “commercial” banksters and the IMF and the World Bank. In 2009, the nation owed $3,467,000,000.
The situation is Kyrgyzstan follows riots in response to bankster austerity measures in Greece by a few weeks.....

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