"Am I therefore become your enemy,because I TELL YOU THE TRUTH...?"
(Galatians 4:16)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Calif. Megachurches United to Cry Out Against Abortion

Evangelical megachurches across San Diego, Calif., are joining Catholics on Sunday to make a public outcry against abortion in their first ever joint pro-life rally.

GAY WATCH:Homosex-fest mocks traditional families:Folsom Street poster suggests norm includes leather, nudity

Promoters of an annual sex event in San Francisco, who in 2007 mocked the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting of the Last Supper to publicize the Folsom Street Festival, this year are making fun of the traditional family in their poster.
The organizers for the X-rated Folsom Street Fair have produced a poster to promote this year's event that features half a dozen actors and actresses playing the roles of the iconic "nuclear family" photograph from 40 years ago – but dressed in leather, holding fetishes and not quite fully clothed.

NWO WATCH:Citizens win privacy battle for another year:Lawmakers fail to authorize state acess to babies' DNA

Residents of Minnesota have fended off a legislative move that essentially would have given the state unrestricted access to the DNA of all babies born in there for at least another year, according to a privacy activist who has been battling such programs.

Challenge to mandatory government sex-ed grows:'Parents well within rights to teach children in accord with religious beliefs'

A German school district's demand that Christian parents submit their 9- and 10-year-old children to a mandatory four-day state-run sex education program that violates their religious beliefs is being challenged now by a second family before the European Court of Human Rights.
The newest challenge is being raised by the Alliance Defense Fund on behalf of Willi and Anna Dojan, who have eight children and are active in the Christian Evangelical Baptist Church.

Gay Curriculum Proposal Riles Elementary School Parents

A group of parents in a California school district say they are being bullied by school administrators into accepting a new curriculum that addresses bullying, respect and acceptance -- and that includes compulsory lessons about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community that will be taught to children as young as 5 years old...

Conservative University Founded by Jerry Falwell Bans College Democrats Club

Liberty University has ordered its fledgling College Democrats club to shut down, saying the group stands against the conservative Christian school's moral principles....

Georgia Republican Wants Obama to Make 2010 Year of the Bible

A Republican House member wants President Obama to make 2010 the year of the Bible.
There's no sign that Obama will get the chance in the foreseeable future...

Katrina Victims Face Eviction From Federal Housing

Nearly four years after hurricanes Katrina and Rita left a million Americans homeless, the government is threatening to throw thousands of storm survivors out of temporary federal housing.
A FEMA official told a House panel Friday that the government will send Katrina survivors still living in temporary housing eviction notices starting June 1 and try to connect them to agencies that can help them.

DICTATORSHIP WATCH:Venezuela police raid opposition broadcaster

Police and soldiers on Thursday raided a property belonging to the head of Venezuela's only anti-government news network amid a growing confrontation between the station and President Hugo Chavez's government.

WHO predicts "swine flu" will worsen

WHO chief says world should prepare for severe flu...

The world must be ready for H1N1 swine flu to become more severe and kill more people, World Health Organization chief Dr. Margaret Chan said on Friday.
A genetic analysis of the new virus showed it must have been circulating undetected for some time, in pigs or perhaps in other animals.

Russia, Jordan sign nuclear cooperation agreement

Russia and Jordan have signed a nuclear energy cooperation agreement, according to media reports in Moscow over the weekend. According to terms of the deal, Russia will provide the Hashemite Kingdom with power plants, nuclear research facilities, and training centers...

"1 in 4 Israelis would consider leaving country if Iran gets nukes"

Some 23 percent of Israelis would consider leaving the country if Iran obtains a nuclear weapon, according to a poll conducted on behalf of the Center for Iranian Studies at Tel Aviv University.

Lebanon's election at center of US-Russian tug of war

Shortly after visiting US Vice President Joseph Biden stated in Beirut Friday, May 22, that his government would assess future aid to Lebanon according to the outcome of its June 7 general election, Moscow announced that foreign minister Sergei Lavrov would visit Damascus and Beirut on May 23-25.

Assad calls Israel the "major obstacle" to peace in Middle East

Syrian President Bashar Assad on Saturday called Israel the "major obstacle" to peace in the Middle East and warned that a failure of negotiations would open the way for more "resistance" in occupied lands.

Egypt arrests 7 terror attack suspects

The Egyptian Interior Ministry on Saturday announced it has arrested seven people from an al-Qaida-linked group that carried out an attack in February on a famed Cairo bazaar, killing a French teenager...

Obama won't present peace plan in Cairo

The White House denied on Friday that details of a new Middle East peace plan will be publicly revealed by President Barack Obama during his upcoming trip to Cairo next month...

French official:"Jerusalem a shared capital"

One day after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu vowed never to divide Jerusalem, and pledged to keep the capital united under Israeli sovereignty, the French harshly condemned the comments, insisting instead that Jerusalem be a capital shared by the Palestinians and Israel....

Lebanon nabs 3 alleged spies for Israel

A day after Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah urged that those convicted of spying for Israel be given the death penalty, Lebanon's security forces reportedly arrested two men and a woman suspected of involvement in the Israeli spy ring...

US to provide military aid to Lebanon

Washington will provide Lebanon with fighter jets, helicopters, tanks and unmanned aerial vehicles, Israel Radio reported Saturday, following the meeting between Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr and US Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden pledges US support in Beirut

Israeli tourism poster in UK withdrawn

An Israeli tourism poster is being pulled from the London subway after the Syrian Embassy complained that the map on it appeared to show the Golan Heights and Palestinian territories within Israel's boundaries, officials said Friday.

Friday, May 22, 2009

NYC Rabbi and Imam Unite:"Visible Leaders Shamsi Ali, Marc Schneier Come Together At 96th Street Mosque To Denounce Terrorism"

As we saw after Sept. 11, 2001, the invisible victims of Islamic terrorism are other Muslims, millions of people who are horrified by the thought that some of their own could turn the words of the Quran into a justification for murder. On Thursday, some of them took a stand against terrorism....
Jihadist Terror Plot Foiled...:
--Tech Led To Takedown...
--Path to Radical Islam Began in Jail...

OBAMA TV:"White House officials produce own media report on event:Reporters Shut Out..."

On April 27, President Obama welcomed the University of Connecticut Lady Huskies, who had just won the NCAA women's basketball championship.
After the event, President Obama went to the White House basketball court to shoot hoop with the Lady Huskies. The White House press corps was not allowed to attend.Obama White House officials decided to do their own media report ....

Democratic Congressmen Flee When Asked About Pelosi and CIA

CNS News: When asked to comment on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s statement at her press conference last week that the CIA 'misleads' Congress 'all the time,' two Democratic congressmen briskly walked away declining to answer. One of the two - thinking better of it - quickly returned to say that he believes in the speaker. A third Democrat said he did know who was right on the quesion, but that he believes Pelosi is an effective leader...

OBAMA:"Upholding values will shield us from terror..."

President Barack Obama Friday warned America risked its security when it compromised its values, seeking support for his bid to sketch a new legal framework for anti-terror policies.
Obama used the backdrop of the US Naval Academy graduation ceremony to argue that founding US ideals must guide the future battle against terrorism, a day after trying to quell raging debate over Guantanamo Bay in a major speech.

Obama vows not to send people to war without cause

President Barack Obama promised graduating midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy on Friday that, as their commander in chief, he will only send them "into harm's way when it is absolutely necessary." In his first address to military graduates, Obama also pledged to invest in the men and women who defend America's liberty, not just in the weapons they would take with them into battle against 21st century threats.


--Obama Signs Bill Tightening Defense Spending

Senate Approves $91.3 Billion War Spending Bill

The Senate on Thursday passed a $91.3 billion military spending bill, shorn of money President Obama wants to close the Guantanamo Bay prison but allowing him to significantly ramp up the U.S. war in Afghanistan.
The Senate voted 86-3 to pass the bill, which provides money for military and diplomatic operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, setting up House-Senate talks on a compromise measure to present to Obama next month.

Pelosi Stands by CIA Claim

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday she stood by her statement last week in which she accused the CIA of lying to Congress about Bush-era interrogation methods, but then refused to make any more remarks on the topic. In her first public comments since her accusation last week, Pelosi attempted to tamp down a story that she fueled and now Republicans say she either has to prove or apologize for.

"The Dark Pelosi"--by Steven Crowder

Dollar Sinks Yet Again...

The dollar kept falling Friday, notching fresh multimonth lows against the euro, pound and yen as a warning that Britain's debt level may result in its credit rating being cut ricocheted into worries about the massive U.S. deficit...
The 16-nation euro rose to $1.4015 in morning trading from $1.3889 in New York late Thursday—its first time above $1.40 since Jan. 2.The British pound rose to $1.5916 from $1.5890, peaking at $1.5945 earlier in the session, its highest point since Nov. 6....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Computer Virus Strikes FBI, U.S. Marshals Service

Law enforcement computers were struck by a mystery computer virus Thursday, forcing the FBI and the U.S. Marshals to shut down part of their networks as a precaution.
The U.S. Marshals confirmed it disconnected from the Justice Department's
computers as a protective measure after being hit by the virus; an FBI official said only that that agency was experiencing similar issues and was working on the problem....

CIA to Israel:"Prep for a nuclear Iran";"Message is poorly informed estimate of Tehran's intentions"

During a secret visit here earlier this month, CIA Director Leon Panetta told Israeli officials the country should prepare for a situation in which Iran is a nuclear power with the ability to strike, according to a source intimately familiar with the subject.

Netanyahu says all Jerusalem to remain Israeli

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted Thursday that all of Jerusalem will always remain under Israeli sovereignty, taking a hard line on a key Israeli-Palestinian peace issue just hours after his forces removed an unauthorized settlement outpost in the West Bank.

House rejects probe into Pelosi CIA claims: Dems defeat GOP push to look into statements she was "misled"

House Democrats on Thursday defeated a Republican push to investigate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's assertion that the CIA misled her in 2002 about whether waterboarding had been used against terrorism suspects...

"Extremism" Report "tip of the iceberg":Lawyer:"Napolitano's promise to "reword" document "scary"

A lawyer pursuing a lawsuit against Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano over an "extremist" report her agency issued that linked 2nd Amendment supporters, pro-life activists and others with terror says he's concerned by Napolitano's promise to "reword" the report....

Radio fire ignited to burn Savage ban:Talkers urged to boycott U.K., rally around blacklisted host

A well-known right-leaning radio firebrand whose face has become a staple on cable TV news shows has vowed to speak out against the U.K.'s blacklisting of Michael Savage and he's demanding that the nation's talkers join him.

Guns on Campus Bill Clears Texas Senate

The Texas Senate has cleared a bill to allow the state's concealed handgun license holders to carry weapons into public college classrooms and dorms.

Biden recognized as racist in Serbia

Cheney: Obama Reserves Right to Authorize Same Interrogation Methods He Condemns

"Yet having reserved for himself the authority to order enhanced interrogation after an emergency, you would think President Obama would be less disdainful of what his predecessor authorized after 9-11."

Obama Flubs Defense Chief’s Name During Security Speech

AP: President Barack Obama sees his secretary of defense just about every day, but he still flubbed Robert Gates' name on Thursday. Gates was in the crowd for Obama's national security speech. Pointing him out, the president said "William Gates" was on hand. Perhaps Obama was thinking of Bill Gates, the Microsoft billionaire....

Which Gates...???:"Obama flubs defense chief's name..."

President Barack Obama sees his secretary of defense just about every day, but he still flubbed Robert Gates' name on Thursday.
Gates was in the crowd for Obama's national security speech. Pointing him out, the president said "William Gates" was on hand. Perhaps Obama was thinking of Bill Gates,the Microsoft billionaire....

ROVE:"Our president isn't quite as advertised..."

Barack Obama inherited a set of national-security policies that he rejected during the campaign but now embraces as president. This is a stunning and welcome about-face.
For example, President Obama kept George W. Bush's military tribunals for terror detainees after calling them an "enormous failure" and a "legal black hole." His campaign claimed last summer that "court systems...are capable of convicting terrorists." Upon entering office, he found out they aren't....

Obama "Distracted" by "Biden's Indiscipline" Book Asserts...

President Obama is so "distracted by his vice president's indiscipline" that he has been forced to rebuke privately Vice President Joe Biden, according to a new book by Newsweek journalist Richard Wolffe, who interviewed Obama a dozen times.
"He can't keep his mouth shut," Wolffe quotes a "senior Obama aide" as saying of the gaffe-prone Biden in "Renegade: The Making of a President," set for release June 2...

President Obama:"U.S."went off course" fighting terror"

President Barack Obama declared defiantly Thursday that the U.S. "went off course" in fighting terrorism over the past eight years, and said his policies will "better protect" the country against al Qaeda....

Obama Won't Back Down On Intent to Close Gitmo

President Barack Obama said on Thursday some terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo would be sent to U.S. prisons despite strong congressional opposition, as he defended his plan to close the internationally condemned detention center...

Homegrown Danger

"JIHAD" PLOT...?:FBI:"Four Men Plotted to Bomb Synagogues and Shoot Down Planes..."

NYC Synagogue Terror Plot Foiled...

David Williams, one of four accused NYC terror-bomb plotters, could have acquired missiles like the handheld Stinger (inset) easily, analysts say...

ABC News Reports On Secret Meeting Of The Rich,Yet Ignores Bilderberg Completely

ABC News today devoted a prominently featured three page story to a “secret meeting” of rich philanthropists which took place earlier this month in New York, and yet one of the biggest news corporations in America was completely silent during a far more important meeting of around 150 of the world’s powerbrokers at the Bilderberg conference last week...

Russia could deploy missiles near border

Russia could deploy its latest Iskander missiles close to Poland if plans to install U.S. Patriots on Polish soil go ahead, Interfax quoted a senior Russian officer as saying on Thursday.

U.S., India and Pakistan Begin Sharing Intelligence Info

Pakistan and India have begun sharing intelligence on Islamic extremists, with the prodding of the U.S., in an arrangement that represents unprecedented cooperation between the two nuclear-armed South Asian nations, the Wall Street Journal reported.

US to station Patriot missile unit within Poland

Poland expects a U.S. Patriot battery to be deployed on its soil in 2009 regardless of whether President Barack Obama opts to press ahead with missile defence plans in Europe, a senior defence official said on Monday.NATO member Poland agreed last year to host 10 interceptors as part of a planned U.S. missile defence shield which is strongly opposed by Russia.In return, Washington pledged to help update Poland's air defences with, among others, a Patriot battery.


--Jobless Claims Set Another Record...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BIG BROTHER WATCH:Germany to GOOGLE:"Erase raw street-level images"

A data protection official for Germany said Wednesday that Google had yet to meet a key request that photos gathered for its panoramic mapping service be erased after they are sent to the United States for processing. Johannes Caspar, the head of the Hamburg regional office for data protection, said that although Google Inc. made a 13-page response to other requests, the U.S. company didn't make a guarantee on deleting the raw images after the faces, license plates and other information are scrambled or otherwise rendered unrecognizable...

Japan economy takes a record fall

Japan's GDP fell 4 percent last quarter, the fastest pace on record, the government said on Wednesday.
The January-March quarter for Japan was 15.4 percent lower than the same time period last year, according to figures released by the Cabinet Office. Exports fell 26 percent on quarter, while imports were down 15 percent.

Zimbabwe to get millions from World Bank,Germany

A senior World Bank official announced Monday that Zimbabwe will get a $22 million grant to help the country's battered economy...

The return of the Russian superpower...?

From the uncertainty that followed the breakup of the Soviet Union, a newly invigorated Russia has emerged, displaying unprecedented political, military and economic confidence that has, at times, put it on a collision course with the West....

Military burns unsolicited Bibles sent to Afghanistan

Military personnel threw away, and ultimately burned, confiscated Bibles that were printed in the two most common Afghan languages amid concern they would be used to try to convert Afghans, a Defense Department spokesman said Tuesday.