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Friday, December 4, 2009

Minnesota Man Arrested for Trespassing On Own Land

Jeremy Engelking will appear in Douglas County court this afternoon to face a trespassing charge. But here’s the kicker: The Superior man allegedly trespassed on his own property.
Engelking, 27, aimed to hunt deer Wednesday morning when he noticed a pipeline crew on his land. He hopped on his ATV and told workers they had no right to be on his property because he had received no compensation from Enbridge Energy Partners L.P. for an easement.
Engelking said workers told him he was in an unsafe place and asked him to come to an equipment staging area, where he continued to argue his case
But just as he was turning to leave, Engelking said an officer from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department arrived on the scene and approached with a Taser drawn.
“He ordered me to 'get down on the ground now!' And he said that I was being arrested for trespassing,” Engelking said....
Picture Left:Jeremy Engelking was to appear in Douglas County court Friday afternoon to face a trespassing charge. (Clint Austin)

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Anonymous said...

There are many questions to this situation which the press has not addressed. According to a story on Fox News, the company has an existing easement on the land dating back to the 1940's, which would likely give the pipeline the right to maintain and also to replace pipeline on his land. It could also allow for additional pipelines to be laid. This is why landowners should always have a title search done BEFORE purchasing land. The landowner also arrived at a construction site prepared to hunt--I would reasonably assume this means he was armed as he had a heated discussion with a group of people who he has had bad relations with.

I'm not defending either side on this case, just advising readers that there's likely alot more to this story than we've been hearing.