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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Desperate Obamanoids Cite al-CIA-duh to Justify Afghan Escalation

It’s another example there is absolutely no difference between the Bush and Obama administrations, the lamentations of Dick Cheney not withstanding.
Bilderberg doorstop and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Bush era leftover Secretary of War and Destruction Robert Gates have mounted a corporate media defense campaign in favor of Obama’s widely condemned mass murder escalation in Afghanistan.
“Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Robert Gates highlighted links between al- Qaeda and militants in Afghanistan and beyond to drive home the need for a surge of U.S. troops amid congressional skepticism,” reports Bloomberg.
Gates and Clinton were teamed up with Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, during testimony today on Capitol Hill. “The three faced questions today from Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on whether al-Qaeda’s diminished strength in Afghanistan negated the need for deepening U.S. involvement. The Obama administration is emphasizing the potential of instability in Afghanistan to ripple through the region and worldwide.”
Sounds vaguely familiar, wouldn’t you say? This is basically the same nonsense used by the Bush neocons to defend their twin mass murder campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The U.S. has increasingly come to see the various militant groups in Afghanistan, Pakistan and beyond not as separate “but as part of a syndicate of terrorism,” Clinton told the committee. “At the head of the table, like an old mafia diagram, sits al-Qaeda.”
Yawn. Is it possible people still believe this tired old and completely discredited explanation? Probably not. But then Clinton, Gates, and Mullen were not talking to the American people, who are wholly irrelevant, but their partners in crime in the district of criminals.
Afghanistan, along with areas across the border in Pakistan, remains the nexus of al-Qaeda’s operational and propaganda strength, Gates said. The U.S. has provided extensive resources to fight terrorism globally, he said.
“It’s important to recognize where the whole nest is and to deal with that as well,” Gates told the panel....

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