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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Red Chinese flag flies near White House:Chinese festivities honoring 60th anniversary of regime

Chinese flag with Old Glory in screen capture from Chinese television report
View of White House from Chinese festivities
The flag of the communist Chinese regime has been raised over festivities near the White House honoring the restrictive nation's 60th anniversary, according to videos posted on YouTube as well as reports from the Chinese Central television network's English-language report.WND reported earlier when plans were announced for the events held over the weekend, drawing a response from columnist Chuck Baldwin, who said the idea "challenges my vocabulary."Words such as UNBELIEVABLE, UNREAL, HORRIFIC, OBSCENE, even TRAITOROUS quickly come to mind," he wrote in a column. "Remember, the communist leaders of Mao's China are not called the 'Butchers of Beijing' for nothing. Since seizing power in 1949, it is estimated that the communist government in China has murdered more than 50 million people (some reports say the number is over 70 million)"....

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