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(Galatians 4:16)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Newt talks about the threat of a nuclear North Korea

Newt goes On The Record with Greta to discuss the North Korean missile launch, Bill Forstchen's new book One Second After, and the steps needed to ensure America's national security.

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Anonymous said...

And whats about the most dangerous nuclear ideology ? I mean the muslims imams ofiicial terrorisms ideology which also assert that the holy Jihad to enforce shari3a in all non muslims countires would never end !?
The nuclear Ideology which assert that even the nuclear war would not eliminat nor stop it?

The nuclear ideology which 80% of muslims belive that its from God !

The nuclear imams ideology which Allah in the mulsims Qur2an assert and order even non muslims to fight it while the UN and non muslims states recognaize it bey recognaizing the islamic states which aouthorize official the teaching of hating the non muslim ! ( Any one contradict what ima asserting , he should comes with evedence because I have official dokument which prove without any daouubt what ima asserting)

You have to know that the imams ideology is more dangerou than the nuclear wopens and I assert that muslims imams without exption when they would have the power and the right time they would even attack North Korea.

God Bless You

Benedictos Mohamad
em: allah-bless-israel@live.se