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Saturday, August 4, 2007


"...they dig into hell..."(Amos 9:2)
The following article appeared in the well respected Finland newspaper, Ammenusastia:
"As a communist I don’t believe in heaven or the Bible but as a scientist I now believe in hell," said Dr. Azzacove."Needless to say we were shocked to make such a discovery. But we know what we saw and we know what we heard. And we are absolutely convinced that we drilled through the gates of hell!"Dr. Azzacove continued, ". . .the drill suddenly began to rotate wildly, indicating that we had reached a large empty pocket or cavern. Temperature sensors showed a dramatic increase in heat to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.""We lowered a microphone, designed to detect the sounds of plate movements down the shaft. But instead of plate movements we heard a human voice screaming in pain! At first we thought the sound was coming from our own equipment.""But when we made adjustments our worst suspicions were confirmed.The screams weren’t those of a single human, they were the screams of millions of humans!"
Click here to Listen To
the full 'Sounds in Hell' recording 2:39:
sounds of hell real audio :: sounds of hell mp3
You listen and make your choice....
PS:Many.many people have laughed at this discovery and has mocked it.Even in some secular websites this fact is mentioned as an "urban legend"...Let me tell you my friend...HELL is NOT an URBAN LEGEND...It's a real literal place of torment,which was created for the devil and his angels and not for humankind,but because of sin entering into the world,that's the place reserved for all those that reject the free gift of eternal life ,in JesusChrist,thru atonement at the Cross of Calvary.If you are not saved today,REPENT,turn from your wicked ways and come to JESUS,He loves you with eternal Love and He is still today knocking at the door of your heart.
Religion,the Church,your pastor,your christian family,the sacraments,fastings,your good deeds WON"T SAVE YOU,ONLY faith in Jesus who purchased our Salvation for us at the Cross of Calvary.HE ALREADY payed a price we COULD NOT PAY...!!!
DO NOT DELAY....!!!!DON'T be FOOLED...!Hell is full of good and well intentioned people...Make Jesus the Lord of your life today...so He won't be Your Judge Tomorrow....
Have a blessed weekeend....
Jesus is Coming Soon.....!!!
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How are you connecting with God...???

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SIGN of the TIMES:CORPSES EXHIBITION...Flayed and dissected,then soaked in acetone

"Fetuses,corpses and body parts on display at macabre exhibition is San Diego"
Bodies...The Exhibition, a display of plasticized human corpses, pre-born infants and hundreds of body parts, continues at Westfield University Towne Center in La Jolla. Originally scheduled to run through September, the presentation, which opened May 12 and is sponsored by Atlanta-based Premier Exhibitions, will now end in November. It is listed on UTC’s web site under the category “Miscellaneous, Movie and Entertainment.” The exhibit “is a must see,” according to a promotional flier. “At Westfield UTC, this striking new exhibition showcases real human bodies, giving visitors the opportunity to see themselves in a fascinating way like never before.”In the “plastination” process pioneered by German doctor Gunther von Hagens,dead people are flayed and dissected, then soaked in acetone to replace body fluids,and then placed into a vacuum chamber filled with liquid silicone or polyester resins.The acetone vaporizes within the chamber and is replaced by the silicone or polymer mixture,eventually turning the body into a rubbery substance resembling beef jerky that can be painted and posed.A similar exhibition at a Masonic hall in San Francisco in 2005,where corpses began leaking fluid,was banned after the board of supervisors adopted a measure prohibiting“the display of human remains without appropriate written authorization from the deceased or the deceased’s next of kin.”
This is the first installment of a series of 3 articles;to read more go to:
PS:It never ceases to amaze me the human goulish potential...As an ex-normal human anatomy instructor at College,I cannot even fathom to have an exhibition of this kind outside a School of Medicine.To some it may be interesting to learn and explore human anatomy"live".To me there is a place and a way to do it.Hopefully these corpses had the appropriate written authorization from the deceased or the deceased next of kin...To me it's a desecration of the human body,not even to give it to science with an especific purpose...It seems that it satisfies the "curiosity" of many...Horrible...A true SIGN of the TIMES...
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Academic Prohibition

In today's America,you can burn our flag but you can not mistreat the Koran.Burning the flag is freedom ofexpression, a form of allowable speech our courts tell us,but mistreating the Koran is a criminal felony punishable under hate-crime legislation.If you are a Moslem you can,together with your brothers,wave posters at public protests on collegecampuses calling for "Killing the Jews","Destroy Israel"and declare "Jews are Sons of Apes".This our college administrators tell us is "free speech".However,you have no right,even in private,to demean a book if it is the Koran.If you do,you go to jail.This is a form of expression unallowable-perhaps America's only remaining prohibition.Last week,a student at Pace University in New York was formally charged with a felony for stuffing a Koran in a commode.CAIR,a Muslim organization, filed suit,claiming it constituted a hate-crime.Was this hate directed at a person?No.Was it painted on the walls of an institution where people of a specific race congregate?No.Was anyone threatened?No.It was simply one person's rejection,in a physical way,of a philosophy.People do it and have done it,all the time,with the Christian Bible,the Constitution,our flag,the Republican Platform.When was the last time you ever heard of someone in America possibly going to jail because he flushed some pages of a book down a toilet?This case is important not only because an American is going to be criminally charged for an act that,while not nice,is simply not criminal but because,in the name of political correctness,we are changing centuries of legal definitions in order to appease bullies who are now telling us what we can do and what we can't.Worse,they are making us submit to a double standard where what is allowable for them is not allowable for us.For example,people can burn the Christian Bible but not soak a Koran.While American museums can display depictions of Mary in dung and Jesus in urine,one is prohibited from demonstrating disapproval and horror regarding verses in the Koran. omehow it is not a hate crime when young and middle-aged Moslems publicly call for the deaths of our children and raise signs on our streets threatening a Holocaust,here,against non-believing "infidels"...
To read more go to:
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WHITE SUPREMACISTS WATCH:Some soldiers in shocking video still serving

SOME of the Darwin soldiers who appeared in a video featuring wild drinking games, with one dressed as a Ku Klux Klansman,are still serving in the Australian army.Brigadier Craig Orme, commander of Darwin's 1st Brigade,said the video had been shot by a now former member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) about three years ago at Darwin's Robertson Barracks."Some of the people involved are still serving but a significant number have left the service,"
Brigadier Orme said.He said the ADF had been informed on Friday of the video's existence on the website YouTube and immediately did a quick assessment of the situation,which had revealed who was involved and when the video was made.A broader inquiry would now be conducted to establish what further action would be taken against those involved,he said."The inquiry will give us the details we need to take further action,"he said.Brigadier Orme said the behaviour was"not in the least"common in the defence forces and described it as"abhorrent and inappropriate"."It's a terrible thing-it reflects badly and we don't tolerate it,"he said."I don't believe it's behaviour that's current now and even three years ago it was an isolated incident."The Brigadier said the video had now been removed from the website."The individual who posted it,who's no longer serving, has chosen to remove it from the website,"he said.Defence Minister Brendan Nelson said he would wait for the chief of the army to investigate the matter."Let's just wait until the chief of army and the military
investigate the matter before we start jumping to conclusions and start to criticise the men who appear to have been involved,"he told ABC radio."I suspect a lot of it is letting off steam and a bit of larrikin irreverence and I also suspect some of it has crossed the line and is quite inappropriate and the chief of army will deal with appropriately and I look forward to receiving his report."The video,titled "My Experience in the Australian Army",showed a group of young recruits playing drinking games and vomiting.Some were in army uniform,and an image of one dressed as a Ku Klux Klansman was flashed repeatedly through the footage,which was set to rock music.
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ENVIRO WATCH:Torres Strait islands at risk from global warming

GLOBAL warming is not just a theory in Torres Strait-it is lapping at people's doorsteps.The phenomenon is a visible reality as rising sea levels threaten to erase centuries-old island communities.Roads have been swallowed whole, buildings washed out,graveyards swamped and houses flooded in six of the most vulnerable low-lying island communities.Authorities have ordered evacuation and relocation plans for more than 2000 people who face losing their land and livelihood from the invading sea."These islands are sinking,"Torres Shire Mayor Pedro Stephen said yesterday."People are looking at options of building on stilts or even floating pontoons because of the rising sea levels."And this is the heartbreaking thing, this generation or the next may have to leave behind all they have ever known, all because of global warming."Scientists predict warmer sea temperatures (thermal expansion) and the meting of the ice caps will contribute to a sea-level rise of between 9cm and 88cm in the next 50 years.Some parts of the most vulnerable islands,Masig (Yorke),Poruma (Coconut),Warraber,Yam,Saibai and Boigu,are today less than 1m above sea level.Mother-of-two Helen Mosby,21,of Yorke Island,yesterday showed Brisbane's The Courier-Mail newspaper the dramatic impact of global warming on her island home."You can see where the ocean has eaten up the road,"said Ms Mosby walking with son Josiah, 5. "It is a big change,and it seems to be getting worse in the past two years or so."James Cook University's Dr Kevin Parnell,a coastal geomorphologist studying the sinking islands,said they would probably not disappear within a generation,but the threat was "not trivial"."There is the possibility of more frequent extreme events,like storm surge and high tides,causing the water to come up higher on to the land,"he said.The Yorke Island church,more than 50m inland from the high-tide mark,was last year inundated while more than 60m of land on Coconut Island has been consumed since 2000.
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Doctors to treat PTSD with virtual reality

TACOMA,Wash.-Staff Sgt. Jeff Ebert's entire body flinches as a roadside bomb explodes near his vehicle.Smoke obscures his view. Gunfire rattles around him.This isn't on a road in Iraq but inside a room at Madigan Army Medical Center,where psychologists plan to begin using virtual reality,think immersive video games,to treat post-traumatic stress disorder by recreating the conditions of war.Virtual-reality therapy provides doctors with a tool that uses visual, auditory and thermal cues to set the stage for treatment of veterans with the disorder,
which causes nightmares and flashbacks. It can be so severe that some victims withdraw from society.At Madigan,clinical psychologist Greg Reger hopes to begin offering the treatment later this summer."Just about everybody is affected by their deployment experience,"said Reger,a former Army captain who recently came off active duty after spending a year in Iraq with the 62nd Medical Brigade."The vast majority come home and there's a natural recovery that occurs, but for the significant minority that does need additional help,we do see a number of those individuals here in the clinic."The research is being funded by the Office of Naval Research,
which in 2005 provided $4 million to several groups to examine how virtual reality can help treat PTSD.The disorder affects an estimated 15 percent to 30 percent of Iraq war veterans.
Other research is being conducted in California,Hawaii,and Georgia.The Madigan program, Reger said,received a $200,000 grant for its work...
To read more go to:
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Love Won Out Conference Comes to Oregon Saturday

Portland's City Bible Church welcomes message of hope for people who are unhappy with their homosexuality.Focus on the Family’s Love Won Out conference is taking its message of hope to Portland,Ore.,on Saturday.The ministry exhorts and equips the church to respond in a Christ-like way to the issue of homosexuality.Marc Estes,pastor of City Bible Church, which is hosting the conference,said his area needs the
meeting.“We believe that it’s an issue obviously that has caused a pretty big divide in our society today,"he told Family News in Focus."The Portland-Vancouver metro area is one of those areas that has a high percentage of homosexuality.”For those who struggle with unwanted same-sex attractions,Love Won Out offers the Gospel hope that these desires can be overcome.Melissa Fryrear,a speaker for the conference,said it will also give special attention to families of those who are living in homosexuality.“Christian families contact us wanting to know what’s the best way to respond, because they want to uphold what they believe biblically about homosexuality,and of course they want to respond compassionately to their lived ones,”she said.“There are thousands of men and women around the world who have overcome homosexuality.And that’s part of our messaging as well,that if someone is dissatisfied with living homosexually,there’s hope for them that this is something that they can overcome through their relationship with Christ.”
FOR MORE INFORMATIONVisit the Love Won Out Web site.
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WITCHCRAFT REPACKAGED:Harry Potter and the weird academic theories

IT could be called Harry Potter and the Order of the Egg Head Academics.The books and films that have delighted and enchanted millions of children are being scrutinised for secret codes and hidden meanings by academics and fans at the world's largest symposium dedicated to the boy wizard.More than 1,500 muggles (non-magical folk)will arrive at the Sheraton Centre in downtown Toronto today for the beginning of a four-day convention at which Harry Potter will be compared to {"Jesus Christ"},Hermione Granger will be revealed as a feminist and Lord Voldemort will be diagnosed as a "malignant narcissist".(Lets hope he doesn't hear.)The topics of discussion at From Hero to Legend,as the convention is called,would soar,like a golden snitch, clear over the heads of many young Harry Potter readers.Now the series is complete after book seven,Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows,there is clearly much more to say about the boy wizard...
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END TIMES WEATHER:Abnormally Cold Temperatures in Texas Threaten Cotton Crop

If summer heat and drought were jeopardizing crops in the Midwest,would a climate change obsessed media be having a field day(pun intended)reporting the news whilst connecting it to manmade global warming?24 hours a day, seven days a week,right?CNN,ABC,CBS,and NBC would likely have correspondents in the cornfields giving daily updates about the gravity of the situation.Yet,further south in Texas,
there's a crop very important to Americans in tremendous danger that has gotten almost no attention.Why?Because abnormally cold summer temperatures are threatening it,and that just doesn't fit the current media agenda.As reported by the AP Friday (h/t NB reader Phillip A. Smith):
Brad Heffington has farmed cotton in West Texas for nearly two decades but he and other producers in the world's largest growing patch say this year has been odd.The weather has been cooler than Heffington can remember in his 19 years of growing the fluffy fiber,with temperatures so far failing to warm enough to optimally encourage cotton's fruit-its bolls-toward maturity."This is really an odd year,"Heffington said.The cooler temperatures are "not exactly ideal for cotton.It's not a major concern right now but it could have real serious implications down the road."The result could be reduced yields at harvest,which begins,at the earliest,at the end of September."It could stand to be sunnier and warmer,"Plains Cotton Growers spokesman Shawn Wade said.Heat units,the measure of accumulated warmth on cotton plants throughout the growing season,are down 16 percent from normal for the three-month period that ended Tuesday,Randy Bowman,a cotton agronomist with the Texas Cooperative Extension,said.
The National Weather Service in Lubbock recorded below normal average temperatures for all but three days in July.The AP issued its first version of this article around 5AM EST Thursday. Yet,Google News and LexisNexis searches identified almost no print coverage.As for television news outlets,I can find no mention of this matter whatsoever.It appears the potential for weather related crop damage is only newsworthy in America if it can be reported as evidence of anthropogenic global warming.
What a disgrace.
—Noel Sheppard is an economist, business owner, and a contributing editor to NewsBusters
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LEWDNESS in the LAND:More Indictments Against Pornographers

Experts call on the feds to prosecute more than the most objectionable material.The Department of Justice (DOJ) is increasing obscenity prosecutions.In recent months,four major charges have been handed down,meaning peddlers of some of the most explicit material out there will finally see their day in court.All are charged with interstate transportation of illegal obscene material.One indictment involves a major pornographer from Hollywood,another charges a man who was shipping porn from Ohio to Utah,and two prolific porn spammers were also charged.Daniel Weiss,senior analyst for media and sexuality at Focus on the Family Action,said the prosecutions are long overdue.
“This is an encouraging trend,"he said."We’ve seen a number of obscenity indictments and prosecutions over the last couple of months.This really does stand in contrast to what’s happened for many years at the DOJ.”Bob Peters,president of Morality in Media,said he's concerned the Justice Department is limiting itself by prosecuting only the most objectionable material.“It can’t be limited to the most extreme types of material,"he told Family News in Focus,"because,if that’s what the criteria is,the vast majority of pornographers have nothing to fear.”Pat Trueman,special counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund,said what the DOJ needs to target mainstream pornography.“If you would see one hotel chain prosecuted,one Internet company,for this regular hard-core pornography,the kind the Justice Department used to routinely prosecute,you would see real progress,"he said."The American people would
appreciate that.”
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A new web site offers resources to students and parents on the promotion of homosexuality in our nation’s public schools.Founded by Linda Harvey, president of Mission America, TruthatSchool.org gathers valuable resources from around the web, as well as the latest news on parents taking a stand – news that you rarely hear about in the mainstream media.Matt Barber, CWA’s Policy Director for Cultural Issues, spoke with Linda on this new resource.

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LAND FULL of VIOLENCE:Hundreds missing in Sri Lanka

COLOMBO,Sri Lanka-Hundreds of Sri Lankans, many carrying photos of their abducted relatives,tearfully demanded Wednesday that the government investigate the fates of scores of minority Tamils who have "disappeared"across the country in recent months.Civil rights groups say more than 100 ethnic Tamils have been kidnapped amid the new wave of fighting between Tamil Tiger rebels and the government, which is controlled by the majority Sinhalese community.The fighting has plunged parts of the country into chaos and displaced tens of
thousands of people.Shaking with emotion, Thevani Yogarajan,50,said her husband and two sons,both in their 20s,have not been heard from since they went to the capital,Colombo,in March to get passports so they could travel to India and escape the fighting."Give me my innocent children.They haven't harmed anyone. Please give them back,"she wailed to the crowd at the rally in Colombo organized by the Civil Monitoring Commission,a group that campaigns against abductions."How can I live when three members of my family have gone missing?"she asked before fainting.Sirithunga Jayasuriya, chairman of the group,blamed the government for the abductions.He said most of those taken attended Tamil Tiger rallies,and the kidnappings were the government's retribution.Other rights groups have accused the government of summarily executing those suspected of links to the Tamil separatists.Several spokesmen for the government and police declined to comment on the allegations when asked by The AP.Government officials have repeatedly denied such accusations in the past.A total of 155 people have been kidnapped in the Colombo area since last year,Jayasuriya said.Of those,16 were released after their families paid a ransom,he said.Only five of those kidnapped were Sinhalese,he said."The government must take speedy action to investigate the abductions,otherwise we will have reasonable doubt about the government's complicity in them,"said Ranil Wickremesinghe,the opposition leader in Parliament.Badra Ruhunage,37,said men in a white van snatched her husband,Vairamuttu Varadarasan,40,in January and she has heard nothing about his fate."It ruined our lives,"she said."I have five children and how can I feed them?"Violence has soared between government forces and Tamil Tiger rebels since December 2005,killing more than 5,000 people in clashes,assassinations and air attacks,despite a Norway-brokered 2002 cease-fire.
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Turkey's new parliament sworn in

ANKARA-Turkey's new parliament was sworn in on Saturday with the Islamist-rooted ruling party keeping its majority after elections last month and pro-Kurdish deputies joining for the first time in 16 years.The first big issue facing the parliament is choosing a new president and Turkey's secular establishment fears the AK party will now try to force through its own candidate. Elections were brought forward after the army blocked AK Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's choice of an ex-Islamist ally-Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul-for president.AK won 349 seats out of 549 and Mr. Erdogan is expected to return as prime minister.
"Abdullah Gul will probably continue his candidacy.Politics cannot play out without regard to the people's will," said Salih Kapusuz,head of the AK parliamentary group.Mr. Gul's past and the fact that his wife wears a Muslim head scarf jar on some in the mostly Muslim but secular country,which hopes to win membership of the EU.Army chief Yasar Buyukanit has said the next president should be secular in name and in deed.The military views itself as the ultimate guarantor of the secular order and ousted an Islamist-minded cabinet in 1997.Members of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) took their parliamentary oaths in the Turkish language-a break with the past,when pro-Kurdish parties were removed for insisting on using their own language.More than 30,000 people have been killed since Kurdish guerrillas launched an armed campaign in 1984 for an ethnic homeland in southeast Turkey.The pro-Kurdish deputies say they seek reconciliation,but their party is distrusted by many Turks,who believe it is just a mouthpiece of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK),classed as terrorists by Turkey and its Western allies.The DTP holds 20 seats in parliament."The Kurds don't want a state,they want democracy,"DTP deputy Sirri Sakik told Reuters in an interview this week.
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Amsterdam Celebrates Gay Pride

AMSTERDAM,Netherlands-Gays and lesbians put on their brightest plumage Saturday and a rainbow fleet sailed through Amsterdam's historic canals as the city celebrated its annual Gay Pride festival.The party drew an estimated 375,000 to 500,000 people and took place in the shadow of a spate of gay-bashing attacks this year which has surprised a city renowned for its tolerance.DJs pumped music from ships packed with dancing partygoers,vying for the most outrageous theme.Well-muscled men were wore leather thong underwear,cowboy hats,disco glitter,and little else.One of the boats featured lesbian Elvis impersonators with pink hair.In another,lesbians in bikinis with fairy wings danced wildly.For the first time,a designated "hetero-boat" was among the more than 70 vessels officially participating.Hundreds more cruised the canals just for fun.Crowds lined the canals to watch the boats pass,basking in the first warm weekend since summer started."I think it's a great opportunity to promote tolerance and anti- discrimination,"said Janz Froster who traveled from Germany to attend.Amsterdam police spokesman Gerard Vrooland said there had been 16 gay- bashing attacks in the city so far this year,compared with 10 in all of last year.Vrooland attributed the increase to police efforts to encourage victims to come forward."Social acceptance of homosexuality is not complete,"said Tijn Elferink,spokesman for the country's national gay organization, COC."Gay people still can be beaten up,just like that,for holding hands or being in the wrong place at the wrong time."
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And here it's why....!

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A SIGN in the LAST DAYS...

"This know also,that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be:

lovers of their own selves,





disobedient to parents,



withouth natural affection,


false accusers,



dispisers of those that are good,




lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

Having the form of godliness,

but denying the power thereof:from such turn away.

For of this sort are they which creep into houses,and lead captive silly women laden with sins,led away with divers lusts,

Ever learning,and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

...men of corrupt minds,reprobate concerning the faith."

(2 Timothy 3:1-8)

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22 killed in Pakistan violence

Miranshah-At least 22 people were killed on Saturday in spiralling violence in northwestern Pakistan as international concern grew over the deteriorating security situation and al-Qaeda threat along the Afghan border.Soldiers repulsed an attack by pro-Taliban militants in North Waziristan, and a suicide car bomber struck in another tribal area bordering Afghanistan.North Waziristan is regarded as a hotbed of al-Qaeda and Taliban support,and the US is expecting the Pakistani military to strike at select targets after militants abandoned a peace pact in the semi-autonomous tribal region last month.While there has been no offensive yet,the army has reinforced check posts and stepped up patrols,provoking a series of attacks in recent weeks that have added to mounting concern over the country's a deteriorating security situation.How to make Pakistan do more to eradicate al-Qaeda hideouts has become a hot topic in the US election campaign,with Democratic hopeful Barack Obama talking of American forces conducting
operations or strikes inside Pakistani territory.During a telephone call to President Pervez Musharraf,US President George W Bush said this kind of talk was "unsavoury",and assured the Pakistani leader Washington respected its ally's sovereignty,the Pakistani Foreign Ministry said on Friday.On the ground,in a pre-dawn attack on Saturday,militants bombarded a check post in the Dosali area,some 40 km south of Miranshah,North Waziristan's main town.Troops repulsed the guerrillas when they launched a direct assault on the post.
To read more go to:
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America's Pro-Gay Culture and Its Effects on Iraqi Christians

Debates over Iraq and whether the US should immediately pullout or should have even gone in the first place have raged on for years.Yet Christian leaders are increasingly calling attention to the too-often overlooked Iraqi people, urging Americans to halt their arguments among themselves to look at the effects of their actions on the suffering people in Iraq.America has long claimed to be the world’s leading champion for freedom, but what they consider freedom in the United States has adverse effects overseas,noted the pastor of one of Iraq’s largest churches.In the first panel of Iraq religious minorities ever assembled by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom last week, the Rev. Canon Andrew White-vicar of the 1,300-member St. George’s Anglican Church in Baghdad-shared about the struggles of the depleting Iraqi Christian population and the effects of being associated with a “Western religion.”During the question and answer session,White spoke about Western culture and values and their detrimental effects on Iraqi Christians.“Whether we like it or not,the fact is that the Christians are targeted because they are seen as belonging to a Western religious tradition,”said White,who noted that in actuality Christianity originated in the Middle East.“It is seen as an immoral tradition.It is seen as a tradition that does not uphold values.It is seen as a tradition that does not uphold the respect for the kind of issues that the Islamic religion holds as very significant to them,”said the Anglican priest who has worked in Iraq for over a decade.White said that the previous day he had received an email from some of the Christians in Baghdad asking him if it was true that the Church in America supported homosexuality.“You see,what may happen here in fairly a benign way is seen there as particularly offensive,”said the Baghdad church head.“These positions often held by Western Christians are not held by Iraqi Christians,” emphasized White. “They are very, very different.My people say the Creed and they believe it. My people live a very upright,courageous and respectful life,”said the pastor who had 36 of his congregants kidnapped with only one returned in the past month.White’s message echoed similar explanations from Middle East experts on why Muslims have such a negative view of Christianity.One such expert is Brother Andrew,founder of the Open Doors ministry and a legendary missionary who has worked extensively in closed societies such as those under communist regimes or in the Middle East.“What they see on television Hollywood-style is exposing our way of life which they deeply resent,”explained Brother Andrew in an interview with The Christian Post last month.“I think the main reason for their aggressive action and attitude towards us is their protest against our lifestyle…. They see the immodest way of dress and the loose way of living and they say ‘We don’t want this because we want to keep Islam pure,’”he explained.White also pointed out that Mideast Muslims do not only consider the attitude of the church,but of the entire Western society as representing the Christian faith.He said in the Middle East there is no sense of distinction between religion and state.Therefore what happens in America is associated as being part of Christianity by Muslims in Iraq and beyond.“It doesn’t happen in Iraq.You can’t separate religion and politics.Religion and politics are intrinsically related,” said White.Still,Christian leaders-aside from chastising U.S. culture and attitude-have also applauded the country for opening the path of freedom in Iraq...
To read more go to:
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Cure for 'Mad Christian Disease'

Christianity has become extremely complicated, says one pastor and author.While some Christians like whole milk,others prefer 2 percent and some want soy or even condensed.
"We've found ourselves catering to everybody to please them when the Gospel is not really to please people, it's to save people,"says Tommy Galloway, author of newly released Cure for Common Christianity.The “milk” that Galloway is referring to is the Word of God.Furthermore, the milk is just the Gospel in its simplest form.
Yet he finds that churches have complicated the message,trying to turn a not-so-pretty message of blood and sacrifice into a pretty sermon.Today,many churches are giving out messages in a"Have it your way"Burger King-fashion."Because of our fast-food faith,never have we had so much food and so little fire,"Galloway writes in his new book."We have microwave messages,economy meal values,and burger believers who want it their way.""We've made our pastors become chefs instead of shepherds,"he says."People want to come in and order what they want from the pulpit."Galloway has decided to diagnose this as the "Mad Christian
Disease."The author describes the progression of the disease,in three stages:people are affected, infected,and then become ineffective,essentially becoming common.Christians have strayed from their purpose and allowed the worldly system to get into their mind,he says.A possible result is depression even among Christians."People have got to understand that depression is real,"says Galloway,who was once diagnosed with depression during his years as a preacher.
"There are Christians that are depressed."Currently,antidepressants are the most prescribed drug in the US."I felt like my religion had me locked in four walls and God was calling me to get out of those four walls,"he recounts."A lot of Christians get locked in where they are because they don't know how to go farther in their faith."One person who commented on an article regarding Galloway's book said one would have to be an idiot to believe in Christianity.That person indicated he once was a Christian but found nothing that satisfied him.No wonder they're looking for a cure for common Christianity,he wrote,because there's nothing to it."That shows me that he (the commenter) found nothing in religion to satisfy the deep longings of his soul," says Galloway.But there's a cure for "mad" Christians,Galloway says."The cross!"Not the candy-coated cross,however."I really think that we have sugar-coated the Gospel and somewhat the prosperity Gospel because we want it to look so prosperous and so easy and it is easy living for the Lord,but the bottom line is Jesus said 'Take up my cross and follow,'"
Galloway says.He believes the cross is left out many times in sermons because "people want to be more amused than amazed.""We're competing with the worldly system,"the pastor says."We want to not make people turned off by the Gospel message and therefore we don't really preach about the blood."People say 'Tell me what I need to know but make it palatable to me and make it where it tastes good."The reality of the cross,however,is blood and sacrifice and Galloway believes the world is hungry to hear that plain and simple.The cross cost Jesus everything, the author stresses.Galloway,who is senior pastor of Word of Life Church in Tupelo,Miss.,plans to release a second book titled "Posterity:The New Prosperity"within the next year.
As in the days of Noah...

Hostage Families Visit Mosque to Plea for Help

The families of the 21 remaining South Korean Christians held by the Taliban in Afghanistan visited an Islamic mosque in Seoul Saturday to plea to Muslims for help in the release of the hostages.Family members delivered a letter to the mosque appealing for Muslims worldwide to urge the Taliban to release the captives,mostly women,who are said to be ill.“These children went to act on their love beyond race,religion and borders,”read the letter,according to The AP.It also emphasized that the Presbyterian church group went to Afghanistan to offer aid and “not just out of religious zeal” as the Taliban had accused the volunteers.The family further explained that the group went to pay the debt Koreans owed to the world for their economic growth since the Korean War.“We still believe Korea is still Afghanistan’s friend.Please send our twenty-one children home that we may hug them once again,”the families urged.The elder brother of captive Lee Ji-young said,"We asked mosque officials to convey our letter of appeal to Islamic groups across the world,"according to Yonhap news agency.He added that the letter was written in Korean,English and Arabic.Since the abduction,Muslims have more vocally condemned the Taliban’s kidnapping of the innocent volunteer group and appealed for their release.On Friday,the chairman of the 30-million strong Muhammadiyah Muslim organization in Indonesia labeled the Taliban’s action as “in violation of Islamic principles and teaching,”according to Agence France-Presse.He criticized the Taliban for undermining the image of Islam and Muslims around the world.The statement issued by the Muslim leader further criticized the Taliban’s action as “in contradiction to the universal principles of humanity.”The Muslim leader concluded by calling on the Taliban to release the South Korean hostages “immediately” and “unconditionally” to be reunited with their families.
Similarly, hundreds of Muslims in South Korea had called for the release of the Korean Christian hostages on July 27 during their prayer meeting.The sermon that evening had emphasized that Islam respects human life and killing is forbidden unless for a just cause...
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PERSECUTION WATCH:Gujarat: anti-conversion law due in days

"The BJP-led government wants to “revive” a law approved in 2003 but never entered into force because of widespread protests that erupted back then. Whoever changes religion will have to inform the government first. Analysts see this as a political move to curry favour with Hindu nationalists for upcoming elections..."
New Delhi-The government of Gujarat, which is controlled by the Hindu, nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP),decided on 1 August to revive an old anti-conversion law that was approved by parliament in 2003 but never promulgated. The move came in response to a recent request by the governor Nawal Kishore Sharma to modify the current law and to bring it in line with Article 25 of the Indian Constitution, which recognizes the right of all to profess,practice and preach their faith.The 2003 law was never promulgated,although it had been given the green light by the then governor,because it drew widespread protests in the state due to the fact that it violated personal freedoms.Amongst other things, the law accuses “foreign powers”of being behind religious conversions and stipulated that to convert from one religion to another,it was necessary to inform the
government.But now,Amit Shah,Minister of the Interior,has said all that is needed to bring the law into force is to complete the procedure,which he plans to do within eight to ten days.The decision followed Sharma’s rejection of amendments proposed to the current law on religious freedom,which would include Buddhism and Jainism(an ancient Indian religion)under the umbrella of Hinduism.In this way,becoming Buddhist or Jainist would not be considered as a conversion and be totally free,while obstacles would remain for those wishing to convert from, for example,Hinduism to Islam or Christianity.His political opponents have accused Chief Minister Narendra Modi of trying to win favour with voters in view of upcoming elections in the state in a few months.To do so,he is perceived to be strengthening ties with his Hindu base and with the BJP,for whom he has been chief minister since 2001.Sajan George,President of the Bangalore-based Global Council of Indian Christians,an influential advocacy group,told
AsiaNews:“The Gujarat Government must withdraw this draconian freedom of religion act.This Bill -in its original form as it was passed on March 26, 2003-violates the constitutional rights of citizens and is very divisive in nature.Article 25 of the Constitution and Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,guarantee to every single individual the right to preach, propagate and practice one’s religion and to choose the religion of one’s conscience.”
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Tropical Forecaster Lowers 2007 Hurricane Estimate Slightly

FORT COLLINS,Colo.-Hurricane researcher William Gray lowered his 2007 forecast slightly Friday,calling for 15 named storms,with eight becoming hurricanes and four becoming intense.On May 31,at the outset of hurricane season,Gray had called for 17 named storms and nine hurricanes,five of them intense."We've lowered our forecast from our May predictions because of slightly less favorable conditions in the tropical Atlantic,"said Philip Klotzbach,a member of Gray's team at Colorado State University.The new forecast calls for three named storms,two hurricanes and one intense hurricane in August;five named storms,four hurricanes and two intense hurricanes in September;and five named storms,two hurricanes and one intense hurricane in October and November combined.The Atlantic hurricane season,which runs from June 1 to Nov. 30, averages 9.6 named storms, 5.9 hurricanes and 2.3 intense hurricanes per year.Despite the reduction,Gray said,the activity called for in the new forecast is still 60 percent more than the long-term average.There were 10 named Atlantic storms last year and five hurricanes,two of them major.None of the hurricanes hit the U.S. coast.The latest forecast put the chances of an intense hurricane hitting the U.S. coastline at 68 percent for the rest of this season.Chances of an intense hurricane hitting the East Coast, including the Florida Peninsula, are 43 percent, Gray said.For the Gulf Coast from the Florida Panhandle to Brownsville, Texas, the probability is 44 percent.The forecast also called for above-average risk of a major hurricane making landfall in the Caribbean.The devastating 2005 season set a record with 28 named storms, 15 of them hurricanes. Four hurricanes hit the U.S., including Katrina, which devastated parts of the Gulf Coast.
On The Net: Colorado State University Tropical Meteorological Project
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Laser Beams Aimed Into Cockpits Near Fla. Airport:Homeland Security, FBI Agents Investigating

The FBI and Homeland Security agents are investigating several incidents of laser beams being shined into cockpits of landing planes in Central Florida.Investigators said pilots have reported a thin beam of light being targeted into the cockpits of their planes near the Daytona Beach Airport.One of the planes was attempting to land at the airport when it was targeted."These are sensitive times and pointing anything at a flying aircraft,even from a distraction standpoint is still a safety risk,"Embry Riddle Aeronautical School representative Frank Ayers said.During one of the incidents,the pilot maneuvered away from the light on final approach to the airport."There are three concerns(with lasers)," Ayers said."One is the distraction during a critical phase of flight and the other is any kind of physical damage to the eye.If you look straight into the laser,is the eye going to sustain some type of damage.We don't think that any of that has occurred.And the third is if the laser is powerful enough to blind both of the pilots-even for a short period of time."The incidents have happened two nights in a row, authorities said."We all just have a heightened awareness of threats,"Ayers said.The investigation has been turned over to the FBI and Homeland Security,Local 6 reported.
Interfering with an aircraft during takeoff or landing is a felony offense.
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TERROR WATCH:Ferry Employees Watching For Suspicious Passengers

SEATTLE-Washington state ferry employees have been told to watch for suspicious passengers after an incident in which someone took some out-of-the-ordinary photos.
Washington State Patrol spokesman Bob Calkins in Olympia said the incident took place last month and he can't disclose details because it's still under investigation.He said it led to an internal memo to ferry employees asking them to be more alert.Calkins said the photo-takers drew attention because they were behaving a little differently than commuters or tourists.He said no officer was available at the time to check them out,so the memo was sent.He said it's not a warning.Any tips will be analyzed by the Washington Joint Analytical Center,a multi-agency center at the Seattle FBI office,that gathers information to look for security threats.Calkins said the patrol and Coast Guard already provide security for state ferries because they could be a target for terrorism.
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ISLAMIC INVASION:Danish 'cartoon' publisher concerned about demographic trends in Europe

The Danish editor responsible for publishing the "Mohammad cartoons" says he's concerned about demographic trends in Europe that suggest several countries and large cities may be dominated by Islam by the end of the century.Flemming Rose is the cultural editor for Jyllands Posten,the Danish newspaper that raised the ire of much of the Islamic world when it published the controversial cartoons in 2005.As a citizen of Europe, he is concerned about the future consequences of Europe's decades of low birth rates and high Islamic immigration."There is
varying demographic trends in Europe,and it's quite possible that in some countries and some large cities will have a majority of Muslims by the middle or end of the century,"the journalist observes.For that reason,he believes people in Europe-and in the US,as well-need to challenge Muslims,that if they want to live in the Western world they have to accept its way of life.
Europeans,he says,must not be afraid to speak the truth about Islam.But unfortunately,he says, few people in Europe actually understand that religion and often approach"the wrong people."
He cites an example close to home."Up until the publication of the cartoons, the Danish government was in fact dealing with representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood,quite radical people,"he recalls.Rose notes that among that group was a prominent imam,now dead,who associated with al-Qaida affiliates in the 1990s.Yet the government,he says,treated the imam as a "moderate Muslim."
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BIG BROTHER WATCH:VeriChip label to be included under "XMark" brand

Welcome to Xmark, the new corporate identity for our RFID healthcare security products.Our new name emphasizes our focus on healthcare security.You may have known us under the eXI or VeriChip brand,but we are now bringing all our products under the Xmark name.Xmark Corporation provides Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions to identify,locate,and protect people and assets in healthcare environments.Its market-leading infant protection,wander prevention,personal duress,and asset tracking
applications are used by over 5,000 healthcare institutions worldwide...
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REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE WATCH:Cyprus and Malta to adopt euros

Cyprus and Malta will adopt the euro on 1 January 2008 after EU finance ministers gave them the final go-ahead.The 27 ministers decided that one euro would replace 0.585274 Cyprus pounds and 0.4293 Maltese lira.They will be the second and third of the countries that joined the EU in 2004 to enter the eurozone.
Slovenia started using euros on 1 January 2007.New members have to meet strict criteria on inflation,interest rates,debt, deficits and currency stability.Lithuania,which had also wanted to adopt the euro in 2008,failed because of its high inflation rate.Slovakia is next in line, hoping to switch to the single currency in 2009.
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New happiness and peace in Christ

Philippines-Thirty people of the Tagbanwa tribe in the Philippines have decided to follow Christ after New Tribes Mission missionaries held evangelistic Bible lessons.Chris and Ray Pollock of NTM taught the lessons.The final lesson was on the death and resurrection of Christ."It has been really exciting to see faith begin to develop in the hearts of the people leading up to these lessons,"wrote Ray.They reported that the Tagbanwas' attendance was great,nearly never missing a class.Two Sundays ago the Pollocks held a follow up meeting with the 30 people who had attended the lessons.They gave the tribe members scriptures of assurance and taught them that after accepting Christ they were all children of God.One of the women wrapped her arm around Chris and said, "Now we are sisters!"During that follow-up time,they also gave the people a chance to share their testimonies.One woman stood up and shared about the difficulty of her life until now. She said she is now truly happy because she has found the truth.After that Sunday meeting,"We have seen some of our friends walking around,and they just seem to look different.As they talk with us,there seems to be a real peace and happiness,"wrote Ray.
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Chief responds to Gospel

Canada-During Ron Hutchcraft Ministries' On Eagle's Wings outreach near the Arctic circle,a Native American chief came to Christ.Craig Smith of the team was able to hear his confession of faith and pray with him.They prayed that the rest of the people he leads will come to Christ.The chief came forward on the final day of the outreach when the OEW team gave a public invitation to accept Christ.While some had come to Christ in one-on-one encounters, some began coming forward.As soon as a few from the back began coming,more and more followed.In this community,Shrub River, there are several nearby evangelical churches.Many First Nation members are living on the streets even though they have homes on the reserves.Those who minister to them say its safer for them on the streets.When the OEW team found an abandoned halfway house to do their ministry,it was in bad condition.The chief who eventually came to Christ mobilized some of his people and had the halfway house cleaned up in time for the outreach.Overall,180 people came to know Christ during the OEW team's visit in that region of Canada.Their next stop is the second-largest First Nations Reserve in all of Canada.
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Preparing for a dirty bomb attack

The authorities in Britain and the US are preparing for the increasing possibility of a radiological dirty bomb being detonated by terrorists.Pagers to detect personal radiation exposure have already been issued to some ambulance services in Britain.A dirty bomb would use radioactive material wrapped around conventional explosive.Although it is estimated that the inclusion of radioactive isotopes would cause very few immediate additional casualties there could still be a major psychological effect,with some people trying to flee the affected area and local businesses seriously damaged.In the worst-case scenario,whole areas could be rendered uninhabitable for up to several months or even years.But scientists are now developing a number of novel ways of mitigating the likely effects of a dirty bomb.The aim,they say,is to minimise the effect on human lives."Today we see the use of home-made improvised explosive devices:tomorrow's threat may include the use of chemicals,bacteriological agents,radioactive materials and even nuclear technology,"Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller,MI5 Director-General, said in a speech in London last November....
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Italians to stage gay 'kiss-in'

Italian gay rights campaigners are to take part in a collective kiss in Rome after the brief detention of two gay men in the capital on Saturday.The pair,aged 27 and 28,were arrested in front of the Coliseum for engaging in"lewd acts in public",police said.The two men,who were released soon afterwards,say they were kissing in a gesture of affection.Their arrest sparked howls of protest in the media and from campaigners who say homophobia is on the rise. Police said they had not detained the men because of their sexuality but because of the illegality of their act.Campaigners say at least 100 people are expected to gather at the foot of the ancient arena,in the heart of Rome,to listen to public speakers and take part in the group kiss-in."It's a gesture of solidarity rather than protest,"Aurelio Mancuso,the head of gay association Arcigay told the BBC news website."We want to say that these things can be discussed in an open and positive way,without conflict,"he said.According to Mr Mancuso,Italian society is well ahead of the country's political sphere in recognising gay rights.The Vatican has attacked a recent proposed law giving more rights to unmarried couples-both heterosexual and
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AND THERE SHALL BE FAMINES:Where El Nino means hunger

Aureliana Siki is soon to give birth to her third child. But she seems far more anxious about her second child than the imminent arrival of another."She just won't eat,she's always getting sick and having diarrhea,"she says of her 18-month-old daughter,Amelia Jessica."I am so worried she is going to die."Amelia clings to her mother,listlessly.She weighs just seven kilos and is officially classified as having severe malnutrition.Aureliana is aware of one of the reasons why her daughter is severely malnourished."The problem is that we had a bad harvest this year,"she says."Instead of harvesting the normal four sacks of rice this year,we only had two.And instead of 20 bunches of maize,we only had 10,"she explains."I am giving my children three meals a day but I have had to reduce the quantity in the portions."Other women in Aureliana's village of Tes in a remote part of West Timor confirm that they too have lost about half of their production this year.They say some families are only eating twice a day.The reason is clear:climate
unpredictability.Normally the wet and dry seasons are distinct.It rains from November to March,and then is dry from April to October.This year the rainy season was short,causing
drought in some areas."Last year the rain did arrive in November,"explains Yosefina Lake,a 39-year-old woman also from Tes,"but then it was dry again in December and we lost a lot of our crop."The women are anxious and sad.They say many children in the village are losing weight. They know because every week they go to the government health post in the village,known as the Posyandu, to have their children weighed and measured...
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'Witchcraft' arrest in Mozambique

The Mozambican authorities say three people are under police detention for their alleged involvement in trafficking of human body parts.The case involves this week's murder and mutilation of seven women and a child in Cabo Delgado province.Murder, mutilation and exhuming human bones for witchcraft have become a common practice,particularly in the country's northern and central regions.Items are sold in neighbouring Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe.Lazaro Mathe,governor of Cabo Delgado, says the criminals kill their victims and extract genital parts apparently for witchcraft.He said three people suspected of involvement in the crime are under police custody.The Cabo Delgado provincial boss has called on the people of Mocimboa de Praia to remain calm, adding that the situation would soon be under control.
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DICTATORSHIPS WATCH:Mugabe approves surveillance law

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has approved a new law allowing the security services to intercept postal,internet and telephone communications.The law also establishes a state-run communications monitoring centre.Officials say the new law is meant to provide security and prevent crime but critics say it is aimed at stifling opposition to Mr Mugabe.Zimbabwe is undergoing an economic crisis with hyper-inflation,fuel and food shortages and high unemployment.Both houses of parliament approved the new law in June.The UN World Food Programme warned on Wednesday that hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans are running out of food due to a poor harvest and the worsening economic situation.Inflation is running at 4,500%-the world's highest-and 80% of the work force is unemployed.Three million Zimbabweans have left the country and another 3.3 million rely on food aid.
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Olmert approves American plan for big new Palestinian town on West Bank

To be situated 20 km south of Nablus and 35 km north of Ramallah on the road linking them, the town is planned for 30-40,000 Palestinian inhabitants in the first stage,expanding in the second to 70,000 ten years hence.It will be located in Area B under Israeli security control.
Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert has kept the project, which represents a major strategic restructure of West Bank geography,under his hat. He did not submit the American plan to the cabinet,or even the security-political ministerial forum,before giving the go-ahead to the visiting US secretary of state,Condoleezza Rice,
Wednesday night, Aug. 1.DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s sources report that the new town site will encompass the Palestinian villages of Qabalan, Oseria and Qudela and straddle Trans-Samaria Highway 505 opposite Tapuach junction.The US planners intend the new town to provide territorial contiguity between Nablus and Ramallah.At the same time,it will cut off Israeli villages in the Jordan Valley from the settlement blocs in Samaria.The new Palestinian urban entity,which our sources reveal Olmert first learned about in his talks with President Bush on June 19,will be the first Arab town to go up in the region in 1,500 years, since the foundation of Ramleh.During his White House visit,Olmert learned that the Americans regard the Palestinian town as a primary project for consolidating Mahmoud Abbas’ government.It is designed to provide tens of thousands of jobs for West Bankers,whose unemployment rate has soared to 70 percent since the Palestinian uprising was launched against Israel in 2000.American town planners and architects hired by the US government have prepared initial diagrams after secret visits to the site. During her current tour,Rice showed the plans to the Israeli prime minister, Abbas and Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad.The problem still outstanding is financing.
It was hoped that the Saudis would put up part of the initial investment for the foundations.
When he brokered the Mecca accord for a Palestinian unity government earlier this year, the monarch pledged $250 million in aid to the Palestinians.However,this hope was dashed,when King Abdullah flatly refused to hear of aid to the Abbas regime in his talks with the US secretary in Jeddah Tuesday.
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BIG BROTHER WATCH:e-Passports get hacked in new security threat

NEW YORK-As the nation grapples with difficulties getting new passports, a technology researcher has found another problem with the radio frequency ID technology the new documents carry.Computer security expert Lukas Grunwald cloned and manipulated the content of a RFID passport, then used the hacked e-Passport to crash the machine needed to read it.Grunwald says that although the passport wasn't American the threat certainly extends to American passports,which use similar technology.RFID technology combines silicon chips with antennas to make data accessible via radio waves.It's already a $650 million industry,according to ABI Research,which expects the market to more than triple by 2011.Technologists,however,have insisted for that RFID technology as implemented in the U.S. Passport is not secure and cannot assure privacy.The U.S. government began rolling out RFID-chipped E-passports last year over the objections of numerous security experts.The RFID passport is "fundamentally insecure by design,"Grunwald said.The vulnerability could enable a person "to crash the reading machine at an airport or to manipulate it in a nasty way so that forged passport could be accepted,"he said.Industry representatives disputed the
conclusion of the work."I don't know if there is any credibility in this story,"said Randy
Vanderhoof,Executive Director of the Smart Card Alliance,who said he would hold off any judgment until he was more familiar with the claims.Vanderhoof did point out, however,that Grunwalk was using a German passport with a fingerprint biometric."In US we're not using a fingerprint biometric,"he said.The State Department did not respond to a request for comment.
The U.S. e-Passport uses a digital image of the passport photograph as the biometric identifier, according to the State Department website.Paul Procter of technology research group Gartner said the vulnerability that Grunwald discovered is, like many exploits of RFID technology, "low probability but high impact."The problems with securing information on RFID are "real" and "well-known,"Procter said,who called Grunwald's work "sound.""If the government discovers a cloned passport,it will be stuck with millions of insecure passports.RFID will be in there but just ignored,"he said.But in order for the government to act,it "will have to catch someone cloning it in a nefarious way."Then Procter predicts the whole RFID infrastructure (passports, readers,
etc)would become null and void for the government."Governments aren't going to respond to a researcher but to a baddie,"Procter said.Grunwald is undaunted.He says he is"shocked at how naive the industry-specifically the security document industry is-going into this field and trying to implement security that puts us at risk."Grunwald,will discuss the vulnerability Saturday at the DefCon 15 hacker convention in Las Vegas this weekend.DefCon is an annual hackers convention attended by hackers,corporate IT security professionals and federal authorities from around the world.
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CULTURE of DEATH:'Tiller the killer' pleads 'not guilty' to 19 counts...Late-term abortionist's arraignment quietly moved up, avoiding protesters

Politically influential abortionist George Tiller was arraigned yesterday on 19 criminal misdemeanor charges,entering a "not guilty"plea ahead of a trial scheduled for later this month.The pro-life group Operation Rescue was surprised by the timing of the arraignment,having scheduled a prayer vigil for a scheduled Aug. 7 appearance in court.Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said the change of schedule,moving the arraignment to yesterday, was kept secret from the public and media."I think they secretly arraigned Tiller in order to avoid him having to face the public in a court appearance,"said Newman.Tiller did not appear in court,but he surrendered to the county sheriff's department for processing after his attorney entered the not guilty plea.He then was released on his own recognizance.A motion to dismiss the charges remains on the schedule for Aug. 10."We are moving our prayer vigil to August 10 at 9 a.m.," said Newman."I doubt if Tiller has the courage to show up,but we will pray for a just outcome nevertheless.""Everything in this case seems to be done under the cover of secrecy,which does nothing but heighten concerns of corruption and special treatment,"said Newman."Anyone else would have to stand in court and be held accountable for their crimes."Court records show a bench trial is scheduled to begin Aug. 17.According to 19 charges filed by Attorney General Paul Morrison,Tiller failed to follow Kansas late-term abortion law and substantiate the need for such procedures with a second independent opinion.The charges allege Tiller and a second doctor who endorsed his opinions,Ann Kristin Neuhaus,"were not financially and legally independent as required by Kansas law."Tiller was the subject of a multi-year investigation by former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline,who filed 30 criminal counts against him.However,the charges were dismissed by a judge with connections to Tiller's lawyers on the request of a prosecutor who also had connections to the other players in the case.Then Kline appointed a special independent prosecutor to handle the case,but,as WND reported,the special prosecutor was fired by Morrison as soon as he took office.
PS:Tiller and his minions in Kansas are a group of sick people.Wouldn't surprise me that he is a mason too.There is NO MEDICAL REASON to JUSTIFY LATE TERM ABORTIONS...I'll post later his website where he offers pictures with the just murdered fetus and bizarre funerals...I'm not making this up.It's too sick for anybody to watch or bear.These people,from Tiller to the receptionist in his clinic/s should be made accountable for murder.MOLOCH is alive and kicking in America and millions here still offer to him their children-knowingly or unknowingly-with all abandonment.We need to keep praying and fasting for this SLAUGHTER to stop in America.
Who is crying out for the ones who were not given a chance to defend themselves and were removed from life by the one/ones that were suppose to love them and nurture them...?What about criminal charges for mothers and fathers of aborted babies...???
I always wondered how is it that they choose whom baby to murder and which one to let live...
We are hitting new lows in America every day.If our nation doesn't REPENT and TURN to GOD for forgiveness of sins9and that STARTING WITH THE CHURCH) there is NO HOPE for America.
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TERROR WATCH:CAIR director attended Hamas meeting

Despite a previous denial, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations-which regards itself as the leading U.S. Muslims civil rights group-participated in a three-day summit of members of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.The evidence surfaced at the trial of the Texas-based Islamic charity Holy Land Foundation and five of its former organizers,who are accused of supporting Hamas.Prosecutors named the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the case.
According to Steve Emerson's Investigative Project on Terrorism, FBI Special Agent Laura Burns testified Thursday that the "Nihad" listed in documents related to the 1993 meeting of Hamas members in Philadelphia was Nihad Awad.CAIR is a spinoff of the defunct Islamic Association for Palestine, or IAP, launched by Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook and former university professor Sami al-Arian, who pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to provide services to Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Awad served as the IAP's public relations director...
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PESTILENCE WATCH:British PM Brown Promises Rapid Action to Track and Eliminate Foot-And-Mouth Disease Outbreak

LONDON-British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Saturday that authorities were doing "everything in our power" to track the source of a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak and wipe out the animal illness before it wreaked economic devastation.Meanwhile, Britain imposed a voluntary ban on exports of livestock and livestock products,the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said.The ministry said the ban applied to animals with cloven hooves such as cows,sheep and pigs.It covers live animals,carcasses,meat and milk and is effective immediately.Speaking at his 10 Downing St. office,Brown said experts would work "night and day" to discover the origin of the outbreak on a farm in southern England as fast as possible."Our first priority has been to act quickly and decisively,"said Brown,who cut short a summer holiday to deal with the crisis,which prompted a EU ban livestock imports from Britain.Japan said earlier that it had banned British pork imports.Beef imports from Britain have been banned in Japan since the outbreak of mad cow disease in the 1990s.The EU also banned livestock imports from Britain in reaction to the outbreak.The outbreak is the first known case of the disease in Britain since 2001,when a foot-and-mouth epidemic started with a pig herd in northern England,spread to cows and sheep and eventually led to the slaughter of 7 million livestock,infected more than 2,000 farms and shut Britain out of the world's livestock export markets.The government was accused of reacting too slowly, allowing the highly infectious disease to spread...
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China tells living Buddhas to obtain permission before they reincarnate

Tibet’s living Buddhas have been banned from reincarnation without permission from China’s atheist leaders.The ban is included in new rules intended to assert Beijing’s authority over Tibet’s restive and deeply Buddhist people.“The so-called reincarnated living Buddha without government approval is illegal and invalid,”according to the order,which comes into effect on September 1.The 14-part regulation issued by the State Administration for Religious Affairs is aimed at limiting the influence of Tibet’s exiled god-king,the Dalai Lama,and at preventing the re-incarnation of the 72-year-old monk without approval from Beijing.It is the latest in a series of measures by the Communist authorities to tighten their grip over Tibet.Reincarnate lamas,known as tulkus,often lead religious communities and oversee the training of monks,giving them enormous influence over religious life in the Himalayan region.Anyone outside China is banned from taking part in the process of seeking and recognising a living Buddha,
effectively excluding the Dalai Lama,who traditionally can play an important role in giving recognition to candidate reincarnates.For the first time China has given the Government the power to ensure that no new living Buddha can be identified, sounding a possible death knell to a mystical system that dates back at least as far as the 12th century.
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India's Hindu nationalists slam U.S. nuclear deal

NEW DELHI-India's opposition Hindu nationalists rejected a landmark nuclear cooperation agreement between New Delhi and Washington on Saturday,saying it was an assault on the country's nuclear sovereignty.They demanded Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government set up a parliamentary panel to examine the pact and secure parliament's approval before signing it,even though it is not required by law.The agreement,when finally approved by U.S. Congress,will end India's global nuclear isolation and allow it to buy nuclear fuel and equipment from the US and eventually other nations to help meet its soaring energy needs.Details of a bilateral pact that governs the deal were disclosed on Friday after it was finalized last month following several rounds of tortuous negotiations over New Delhi's objections to what it said were new conditions.Critics in both countries have consistently accused their governments of giving away too much to clinch a deal that has been hailed by Washington and New Delhi as a benchmark of their new strategic friendship.The Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP),among the chief critics of the deal in India along with the communists who shore up the ruling coalition,said Singh's government had failed to take into account its concerns."No effort was ever made by it to evolve a national consensus on this vital issue of national concern before making commitments to the U.S.,"a statement from the party said."The BJP is of the clear view that this agreement is an assault on our nuclear sovereignty and our foreign policy options.We are,therefore,unable to accept this agreement as finalized."Ever since the deal was agreed in principle two years ago,its opponents in India have charged the government of compromising on its nuclear weapons program,mortgaging its right to conduct nuclear tests,and accepting stringent American conditions on civilian nuclear cooperation.However,after the pact was finalized last month,top government officials said all Indian concerns had been addressed satisfactorily and nuclear scientists and analysts largely seemed to agree after the text was made public on Friday.
Although the agreement did not explicitly mention India being penalized if it conducted a nuclear test,American laws governing it mandate punitive action and this meant India could not test once it signed the agreement,the BJP said."In other words,we are being forced to accept a bilateral CTBT with more stringent provisions than the multilateral CTBT,"it said,referring to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty which India has refused to sign, saying it is discriminatory.
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JIHAD WATCH:Power supply hit as fighting rages at Lebanon camp

Lebanese artillery blasted Islamist positions inside a Palestinian refugee camp on Saturday as ongoing fighting prevented repair teams from reaching a nearby power plant knocked out by Katyusha rocket fire.A woman in the village of Deir Ammar where the power station is located,4 kms(two and a half miles)from the Nahr al-Bared camp,was wounded by another rocket fired by the militants on Saturday, police said.
Heavy shelling ignited fires within Nahr al-Bared, north of Tripoli,after earlier exchanges of small arms fire,an AFP correspondent said.An army spokesman said troops were advancing on the positions of the Fatah al-Islam fighters,who have been holed up in Nahr al-Bared for more than 11 weeks."The army continued its advance inside the camp and seized three buildings and a tunnel dug by Fatah al-Islam,"he said.
Lebanon's electricity authorities said repair teams had been unable to reach the power plant at Deir Ammar,closed since Thursday after being struck by Katyusha rockets fired by the
militants,"for security reasons.""Repair teams fled on Friday after another rocket hit the fence of the power station,"Deir Ammar municipality chief administrator Ahmad Eid told AFP.Loss of production at the 400-megawatt facility,one of the main power stations in northern Lebanon, has exacerbated shortages in the country,where six-hour power cuts are being experienced everywhere except in Beirut's administrative zone.Production at Deir Ammar had already been reduced because the fighting at Nahr al-Bared has prevented ships from delivering oil to the facility.Most of the camp's 31,000 residents have fled since the May 20 eruption of the fighting which has killed at least 200 people,including 128 soldiers.The only civilians remaining are around 60 women and children related to the Fatah al-Islam fighters.The army has accused the Islamists of using them as human shields,but other sources have said they are staying willingly.
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