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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kim Jong-il ethnic 'cult'

"North Korean regime obsessed with purity,belief in master race, deification of leader"
A growing body of testimony is vindicating President Bush's charge that North Korea is a member of the "axis of evil" refugees are reporting the killing of disabled infants and forced abortions of babies believed fathered by Chinese men in an obsessive program based on mystical notions of Korean racial superiority.At a forum in Seoul, South Korea, several refugees from the north described a policy of state eugenics carried out with extreme repression."There are no people with physical defects in North Korea," said Ri Kwang-chol, a North Korean doctor who escaped last year. Babies with defects are killed by medical staff and quickly buried, he told the London Times.Among the "physical defects" that will get a baby killed-even one in the womb-is being half-Chinese. Han Myong-suk, a 30-year-old woman who escaped twice and who was helped to find sanctuary in a third country by Helping Hands Korea, an American Christian group, had her baby forcibly aborted following her return to North Korea after being sold by traffickers to a Chinese farmer. Five months pregnant when the Beijing government deported her, Han was interned in a detention camp for women."I defied the order to abort the fetus the prison authorities contemptuously called a 'Chinese Chink' and was badly beaten and kicked in my belly by a guard," Han said. She still remembers the guard's name.
After a week of resistance, Han said she was taken to the prison clinic and "in a most blunt manner they extracted the dead child from my body."Other witnesses described pregnant women being returned from China and taken to a clinic where labor was induced and the infant suffocated or left to die in a box with other infants in front of their mothers."Guards would say the mothers had to see and hear their babies die because they were Chinese," a report by the U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea said, noting that the murdered infants were known as "children of betrayers."These most recent reports confirm findings of the Korean Bar Association which reports that 58 percent of defectors its lawyers have interviewed claim knowledge of forced abortions in Kim's prisons.Experts caution against seeing the North Korean regime's cruelty as merely a relict of its proclaimed Marxist ideology while missing its cultish dimensions. "It's vital to recognize that 'juche' – the dogma of self-reliance – is not a theory but a cult and that Kim is worshipped as the leader of a religion," a veteran western diplomat who negotiated with the North Koreans on 19 visits told the Times. "These Koreans genuinely believe they are a master race and that the peninsula will be united under the rule of the Kim dynasty."
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NASA Chief Questions Whether Global Warming Is a Problem

NASA initiated damage control Thursday as it tried to clarify remarks made earlier in the day by the space agency's administrator, who told a national radio audience that he doubted whether global warming was really a problem.
Administrator Michael D. Griffin's comments came just hours before President Bush called on 15 nations to set greenhouse-gas emission standards, an effort that Griffin's comments implied might be useless."I have no doubt that global-that a trend of global warming exists," Griffin told National Public Radio's Morning Edition in an interview aired early Thursday. "I am not sure that it is fair to say that it is a problem we must wrestle with."To assume that it is a problem is to assume that the state of Earth's climate today is the optimal climate, the best climate that we could have or ever have had, and that we need to take steps to make sure that it doesn't change," Griffin said.But Griffin, who heads an agency with a $16.5 billion budget, wondered whether global warming was an issue that needed to be grappled with at all."First of all, I don't think it's within the power of human beings to assure that the climate does not change, as millions of years of history have shown," he continued. "And second of all, I guess I would ask which human beings-where and when-are to be accorded the privilege of deciding that this particular climate that we have right here today, right now is the best climate for all other human beings. I think that's a rather arrogant position for people to take."
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CHINA'S Military gets bigger....

China's military has been expanding non stop these last years.Here's an interesting report about that.Watch this video:
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Indiana stages massive simulated nuclear explosion drill

An eight-day military training exercise in which the state coordinates with local emergency response officials will begin Thursday and use Terre Haute International Airport-Hulman Field as a forward operating base.That means the airport will initially harbor about 1,500 personnel out of an estimated 3,000 people who will participate in one of the nation’s largest training exercises for a simulated nuclear explosion. In this simulation, a 10-kiloton nuclear device explodes in Indianapolis.The training exercise is called “Vigilant Guard,” one part of a nationwide exercise called Ardent Sentry that will test the national response plan, said Lt. Col. John R. Newman of the 181st Fighter Wing.The airport will be the first destination for about 2.6 million pounds of cargo, Newman said.“That is the equivalent of 32 C-17 [military cargo airplane] missions, but that could include some C-130 or even a C-5 aircraft. This is a big deal and we are glad they are picking us to make the nation safer. While we are at the crossroads of America, we are also literally the crossroads for air space as well,” Newman said.Dr. Dorene Hojnicki, director of the Vigo County Emergency Management Agency, said the task force itself would have medical needs of its own if the nuclear explosion were real.“If you have an area that has already been hit, just like tornadoes that recently hit Kansas, there is no hospital or anything,” Hojnicki said. “We will bring medical support for our members so if they have minor medical needs, we can care for them onsite and not add to the burden of the people we are trying to assist,” she said.
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SIGN of the TIMES:When patients take surgery into their own hands

"Extreme body modification divides physicians along ethical lines..."
At the intersection of medicine and mutilation sits, rather precariously, body modification. Body modification is, at its essence, surgery for non-medical reasons. But a strict definition is elusive: it includes surgeries ranging from the kinds of procedures that the public and the medical community have come to accept-like body piercing, facelifts and breast enlargements-to those that limn the borders of what's socially acceptable and even, in some cases, brazenly and proudly transgress such barriers, like having horns implanted in one's head, or metal objects placed beneath the skin of one's chest.For the physicians who encounter these patients, several important questions must be answered. First, is the patient sane? Body modification can, in some cases, fit the diagnostic criteria for body dysmorphic disorder, in which a patient is obsessed with changing an aspect of his or her appearance.Second, even if the patient is sane, do you feel comfortable doing the procedure? Many doctors already perform cosmetic surgeries, so it becomes a question of where you draw the line between what's acceptable and what's not.Another consideration for some physicians may be whether patients will try to do it themselves if you refuse."If they want them enough they're going to get them, so they might as well get them safely," says Wired Magazine journalist Quinn Norton, who's spent the last year studying body modification culture, responding to questions (fittingly enough for a tech journalist) via Instant Messenger chat."There are a lot of mods I'd like to see doctors take over doing, or collaborating with the modding community to get them doing them safely."Many of the people who attempt body modification are likely in need of psychiatric evaluation: a survey of regular users of the body modification website bmezine.com was conducted by a team of three American psychologists and published in the journal Death Studies in 2006. They found a strong correlation between body modification and suicidal ideation: 66% of the 4,700 people surveyed had considered suicide; 27% had made at least one attempt
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'Renew animal sacrifices on Mount' says radical rabbi

Member of Sanhedrin says sacrifices 'were not possible when the people of Israel were in the Diaspora, but now they are.' Adds: Jerusalem Temple should be rebuilt, Israeli government standing in our way.Animal sacrifices should be renewed on the Temple Mount, a member of the radical Sanhedrin organization told Ynetnews.
In ancient Israel and Judea, the Sanhedrin served as the highest court in the land, and was made up of 71 top judges. Now, a group of fringe rabbis say they have reformed the group, although the organization has received no recognition from Israel's official religious authorities."In the Torah there are around 200 commandments dealing with animal sacrifices," said Rabbi Dov Stein, of the Sanhedrin organization."The Torah of Israel demands animal sacrifices. When the people of Israel were in the Diaspora, it couldn't be done. But now, there is the supreme institution, the Sanhedrin, made up of experts, and it can be done. The new Sanhedrin, like the old, will educate the people of Israel on how to keep and safeguard the Torah." Stein vowed that "we will try to carry out animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount this Passover, as commanded by the Torah."Asked if his organization sought to rebuild the third Temple, Stein's answer was unequivocal."We want to establish the Temple again.Unfortunately, standing in our way is a hostile regime, the Israeli government, and rabbis who for political interest don't want this to happen."Stein even suggested that Muslims would agree to the project, saying:"The Omar Mosque (the Dome of the Rock), built by Khalif Omar, was actually intended to safeguard the site for the Jews. Islam hasn't always been so hostile.Despite its hatred and massacres against us, Islam sees in Judaism a source and a guide.I think the moment will come that Muslims understand the need to build the Temple and go along with us." Stein outlined his plan for Israel, calling for a king to be appointed democratically."Democracy was not invented today, the king is elected from a list of candidates.A senior judge, as was done during the days of the judges, can also be appointed," he added.However, such practices ended 2000 years ago, Rabbi Doniel Hartman was quoted by the Associated Press as saying."Around that time, animal sacrifice, as a mode of religious worship, stopped for Jews, Christians and Muslims," said the rabbi from the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, according to AP. "Moving back in that direction is not progress," he added.According to mainstream Jewish thought, animal sacrifices must not be carried out outside of Temple, which itself cannot be rebuilt by human endeavor, but will be rebuilt upon the arrival of the messiah.
PS:Friends...all signs are here....The Lord is at hand!!!!
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Christian belief a 'hate crime' under plan

"Backup proposal would mandate jail time for dissing a 'gay'..."!
Americans worried about new "hate crime" legislation that could be used to make criminals of those whose religious faith doesn't endorse homosexuality could be facing a two-pronged attack, according to groups that monitor those developments.The newest threat is being prepared by U.S. Rep. John Conyers, the head of the House Judiciary Committee, whose work is being called "The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007," according to the Rev. Ted Pike, of the National Prayer Network.He said a letter to other members of the House was intercepted by Focus on the Family and indicated that it "gives the federal government even more power to create a bias motivation justice system, turning America into a police state."Michael Marcavage, director of Repent America and Pike both had alerted their constituencies earlier to H.R. 254, or the David Ray Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which could create "anti-hate" restrictions and penalties.Marcavage told WND that plan would invert American justice, and instead of requiring evidence it would leave it to someone who claims to be offended to determine whether a "crime" has been committed.
"Truth is not allowed as evidence in hate crimes trials. … A homosexual can claim emotional damage from hearing Scripture that describes his lifestyle as an abomination. He can press charges against the pastor or broadcaster who merely reads the Bible in public. The 'hater' can be fined thousands of dollars and even imprisoned!" Marcavage said.So there immediately was a flood of calls to Congress with opposition to H.R. 254 and it appeared that the plan might not make it out of committee. In fact, records show it still is pending in the House Judiciary Committee.But Pike is says the danger is far from over."I think H.R. 254 may be a decoy, designed to absorb the bulk of protest from Christians and conservatives. Because of massive protest, it may be voted down or set aside in Judiciary soon. But Conyers will then substitute the bill that's really wanted by the Anti-Defamation league of B'nai B'rith, architect of this legislation," Pike saidPike said the same plan passed the House in 2005, but not the Senate. This year, "buttressed by a host of co-sponsors and virtually untainted by criticism, it could be sped forward," he said.But he said mainstream media has remained virtually silent, and "the vast majority of Americans remain oblivious to the existence of the hate bill in Congress, or how it dangles like the blade of a guillotine over our precious and vulnerable liberty," Pike said.
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More and more Germans become Muslims

SOEST,Germany-More and more Germans are converting to Islam. Last year approximately 4,000 persons became Muslims. According to the Central Islam-Institute in Soest, the numbers have been rising since the turn of the century. Up to the year 2000 the annual number of conversions stagnated at 300, but it has been rising ever since.The institute’s director, Salim Abdullah, has no plausible explanation for this trend, as he told the evangelical news agency "idea."In the past, converts were chiefly women, who married Muslims, or academics with an "affection for the Orient." Today people from all walks of life are among the converts, according to Abdullah, who is a German born Muslim himself.The Islamic Fellowship of Germany attracts especially high numbers of converts – about 500 per year. According to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Baden-Wuerttemberg (one of the 16 federal states) the fellowship is associated with the radical Muslim Brotherhoods.According to Abdullah there are 3.2 million Muslims in Germany. Most of them are Turkish immigrants. Their religious life is flourishing. Abdullah expects the number of mosques to double within the coming years.Currently there are 143 full-fledged mosques, with 128 more in the planning or building stages. In addition Muslims gather in 2,600 prayer and meeting places.Approximately two-thirds of the 82 million inhabitants are church members.The Protestant Churches have 25.6 million members and the Roman Catholic Church 25.8 million. Approximately 500,000 Germans belong to smaller, often evangelical churches such as Baptists or Pentecostals.It has been noted by the churches that interest in religion is rising in Germany, but it is not focused on Christianity.Today, the citizens in Martin Luther’ home country are equally fascinated by esoteric practices,Buddhism and Islam.
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Babies not as innocent as they pretend

Whether lying about raiding the biscuit tin or denying they broke a toy, all children try to mislead their parents at some time. Yet it now appears that babies learn to deceive from a far younger age than anyone previously suspected.Behavioural experts have found that infants begin to lie from as young as six months. Simple fibs help to train them for more complex deceptions in later life.Until now, psychologists had thought the developing brains were not capable of the difficult art of lying until four years old.Following studies of more than 50 children and interviews with parents, Dr Vasudevi Reddy, of the University of Portsmouth's psychology department, says she has identified seven categories of deception used between six months and three-years-old.Infants quickly learnt that using tactics such as fake crying and pretend laughing could win them attention. By eight months, more difficult deceptions became apparent, such as concealing forbidden activities or trying to distract parents' attention.By the age of two, toddlers could use far more devious techniques, such as bluffing when threatened with a punishment....
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Why does a sinner sin....?
Because he/she IS A SINNER....
We are born in sin.
But there are good news.....!:
"But God commendeth His love towards us,in that,while we were yet sinners,Christ died for us"(Romans 5:8)
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Floods are judgment on society, say bishops

The summer floods are God's judgment on the immorality and greed of modern society, claim senior Church of England bishops.One, the Bishop of Carlisle, even said that the introduction of pro-gay laws had provoked God to send the storms that have left thousands homeless.The bishops argued that while those affected are innocent victims, the flooding was a result of western civilisation's decision to ignore biblical teaching. The Rt Rev Graham Dow, said that the floods were not only a result of a lack of respect for the planet, but also a judgment for decadence."This is a strong and definite judgment because the world has been arrogant in going its own way," he said. "We are reaping the consequences of our moral degradation, as well as the environmental damage that we have caused."
The Bishop of Liverpool, the Rt Rev James Jones, previously seen as a future Archbishop of Canterbury or York, said: "People no longer see natural disasters as an act of God. However, we are now reaping what we have sown. If we live in a profligate way then there are going to be consequences." God is exposing us to the truth of what we have done."
The Bishops spoke as flood-hit communities were warned to expect up to two inches of rain - this weekend.
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Iran curses Ahmadinejad over petrol rationing

The petitions kiosk outside President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's home in Teheran, set up as a hotline to Iran's self-described "humblest servant", receives all kinds of requests. Yet amid the pleas for help with debts and joblessness, and tussles with Iran's byzantine bureaucracy, there is one letter that the men at the counter particularly remember. "A woman asked if Mr Ahmadinejad could find her a good husband," said one proudly. "It shows how popular he is - you would only request something like that if you really felt he'd become part of your family."In this particular case, the president's office replied that it was beyond his powers - a rare admission of defeat from a leader whose personality cult rivals that of Iran's "supreme leader", Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.Yet last week, two years after his election to power on a promise to help Iran's downtrodden masses, Mr Ahmadinejad, 49, finally learnt the downside of the demagogic approach - namely, that running a country of 69 million inhabitants as a one-man band involves taking blame as well as credit.
The issue was not over his notorious threats to "wipe Israel off the map", his defiance on Iran's nuclear programme, nor his puritanical desire to return to the early days of the Islamic revolution. Instead, the man who considers himself on a divine mission was floundering because of his inability to minister to one of his flock's most basic needs: petrol.On Tuesday, a proclamation from his palace suddenly imposed a fuel ration of three litres (0.6 gallons) a day, a move designed to stockpile supplies because of fears of United Nations sanctions.Within hours his name was being cursed, as motorists clashed with riot police at fuel stations and set garage forecourts ablaze."Without fuel I cannot earn," said the driver of a battered saloon car who had finally reached the head of a long queue for petrol. He was a shopkeeper who, like many residents of Teheran, supplements a meagre income by moonlighting as a cabbie. "Ahmadinejad is an ass. This is not what he promised the ordinary man."
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BIG BROTHER WATCH:China Plans to Have Over 100 Eyes in the Sky by 2020

BEIJING-China plans to launch more than 100 satellites before 2020 to watch every corner of the country, state-run China Central Television quoted a government official as saying Tuesday.A "large surveying network" would be set up to monitor water reserves, forests, farmland, city construction and "various activities of society," a government official said without elaborating."The aim is that, at any time and any place, we can obtain necessary data on any event through watching the Earth from space," said Shao Liqin, an official with the Ministry of Science and Technology.China regularly sends research satellites into orbit and in October last year became the third nation successfully to put a man in space when a single astronaut orbited Earth 14 times.Last month, the retrievable chamber of China's 20th recoverable satellite returned to Earth with a bang, crashing through the roof of a house.
In August, China launched a satellite that carried out land and mapping surveys for several days before returning to Earth.It was not clear from where the 100 satellites would be launched, but many of China's rockets blast off at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the western province of Gansu.
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CRAZY:Chimera embryos have right to life,say bishops

Human-animal hybrid embryos conceived in the laboratory-so-called “chimeras”-should be regarded as human and their mothers should be allowed to give birth to them,the Roman Catholic Church said yesterday.Under draft Government legislation to be debated by Parliament later this year, scientists will be given permission for the first time to create such embryos for research as long as they destroy them within two weeks. But the Catholic bishops of England and Wales, in a submission to the Parliamentary joint committee scrutinising the draft legislation, said that the genetic mothers of “chimeras” should be able to raise them as their own children if they wished.The bishops said that they did not see why these “interspecies” embryos should be treated any differently than others.The wide-ranging draft Human Tissue and Embryo Bill, which aims to overhaul the laws on fertility treatment, will include sections on test tube babies, embryo research and abortion. Ministers say that the creation of animal-human embryos-created by injecting animal cells or DNA into human embryos or human cells into animal eggs-will be heavily regulated.They insist that it will be against the law to implant “chimeras”-named after the mythical creature that was half man and half animal-into a woman’s womb.The bishops, who believe that life begins at conception, said that they opposed the creation of any embryo solely for research, but they were also anxious to limit the destruction of such life once it had been brought into existence.In their submission to the committee, they said: “At the very least, embryos with a preponderance of human genes should be assumed to be embryonic human beings, and should be treated accordingly.“In particular, it should not be a crime to transfer them, or other human embryos, to the body of the woman providing the ovum, in cases where a human ovum has been used to create them.
“Such a woman is the genetic mother, or partial mother, of the embryo; should she have a change of heart and wish to carry her child to term, she should not be prevented from doing so.” The draft Bill will also allow the screening of embryos for genetic or chromosomal abnormalities that might lead to serious medical conditions, disabilities, or miscarriage.It will permit doctors to check whether an embryo could provide a suitable tissue match for a sibling suffering from a life-threatening illness.The Bill would abolish the requirement for fertility clinics to consider the need for a father when deciding on treatment. This means clinics will no longer be able to deny treatment to lesbians and single mothers.The Catholic bishops said that most of the procedures covered by the Bill “should not be licensed under any circumstances”, principally on the grounds that they violate human rights.
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Gays 'send minister hate mail'

Kampala-An anti-gay Ugandan cabinet minister vowed on Friday to continue to fight homosexuality in his country despite his claim that he receives daily hate mail from gays around the world."The mail is from outside not from Uganda and I receive these mails everyday," Ethics and Integrity Minister James Nsaba Buturo told dpa."I would not tell what is in those mails because the language used is rotten. The gays claim that they are oppressed, denied rights, undermined and fought."As cabinet minister, Buturo has hotly opposed homosexuality and lesbianism in the country where the practice is illegal and punishable by a maximum sentence of life in prison."The practice (of homosexuality) is nonsensical. With men and men having relationships and women and women doing the same, we are destroying a generation. We should take care of our future," he said.Gays in Uganda rarely speak openly or go to press but an independent newspaper, The Daily Monitor in its Friday edition quoted one of their leaders as saying that Buturo was a stumbling block in their quest for gay rights."Despite fighting us, we shall not be intimidated. We will fight for our rights and we will win," the paper quoted Juliet Victor Mukasa, the head of Sexual Minorities in Uganda, as saying.There are no official or independent statistics as to the number of gays in Uganda.
As in the days of Noah....

Pope OKs opening of St. Paul's tomb

Eighteen months after the sarcophagus believed to have once contained the remains of St. Paul the apostle was positively identified by Vatican archaeologists, Pope Benedict XVI has given his approval to plans by investigators to examine the interior of the ancient stone coffin with an optical probe, according to a German Catholic paper. The sarcophagus was discovered during excavations in 2002 and 2003 around the basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls in south Rome."The tomb that we discovered is the one that the popes and the Emperor Theodosius [A.D. 379-395] saved and presented to the whole world as being the tomb of the apostle," said Giorgio Filippi, a specialist with the Vatican Museums.The excavation was conducted after the administrator of St. Paul's basilica, Archbishop Francesco Gioia, received inquiries about the location of the apostle's tomb from thousands of pilgrims visiting during the Jubilee Year of 2000.
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FBI WARNING: Don't Open DOJ Emails

According to an advisory issue this week by the FBI, the Department of Justice has recently become aware of fraudulent spam e-mail messages claiming to be from the Department of Justice, or DOJ. Based upon complaints from the public, it is believed that the fraudulent messages are addressed "Dear Citizen," says the agency.The messages are believed to assert that the recipients or their businesses have been the subject of complaints filed with DOJ and also forwarded to the Internal Revenue Service.In addition, such email messages may provide a case number, and state that the complaint was "filled [sic] by Mr. Henry Stewart." A DOJ logo may appear at the top of the email message or in an attached file, warned the FBI.Finally, the message may include an attachment that supposedly contains a copy of the complaint and contact information for Mr. Stewart.The Department of Justice did not send these unsolicited email messages-and would not send such messages to the public via email.Similar hoaxes have been recently perpetrated in the names of various governmental entities, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Internal Revenue Service.
Email users should be especially wary of unsolicited warning messages that purport to come from U.S. governmental agencies directing them to click on file attachments or to provide sensitive personal information.These spam email messages are bogus and should be immediately deleted. Computers may be put at risk simply by an attempt to examine these messages for signs of fraud.It is possible that by "double-clicking" on attachments to these messages, recipients will cause malicious software-e.g., viruses, keystroke loggers, or other Trojan horse programs-to be launched on their computers, concluded the warning.
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TERROR WATCH:Terminal Evacuated At Sac International

Reports of a suspicious bag in Terminal B1 of Sacramento International Airport prompted the evacuation of 400 people from the terminal Saturday afternoon. A security screener came across the bag around 1:45 p.m. The screener reportedly went to get help and when he returned the bag was gone. Those inside the terminal are being re-screened before they are let back in. Planes were held for 45 minutes while security officials tried to track down the bag.
As in the days of Noah...

WITCHCRAFT WATCH:Potter Reaches Cult Phenomenon Status

Potter the wizard's fate will be known July 21 with the release of "Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows," Book 7 of J.K. Rowling's fantasy epic. Worldwide sales of the first six books already top 325 million copies and the first printing for "Deathly Hallows" is 12 million in the United States alone."Every phenomenon is a kind of myth unto itself, a myth about how a phenomenon becomes a phenomenon. The story of how the public embraced Potter only gives more momentum to Potter in our culture," says Neal Gabler, an author and cultural critic whose books include "Walt Disney" and "Life the Movie: How Entertainment Conquered Reality.""Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," the fifth Potter film, is a guaranteed blockbuster. The first four Potter movies have grossed more than $3 billion worldwide, and sales for the soundtracks top 1 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan, which tracks the retail market. Potter is the rare literary series to inspire a video game and is expected to have a theme park, in Orlando, Fla., by 2010."When something has staying power, it's because it strikes some kind of fundamental chord," Gabler, the cultural critic, says. "Kids identify with Harry Potter and his adventures; they identify with his empowerment. It's all very circular. We feel empowered by making a phenomenon out of something like Potter and Potter itself addresses the very idea of empowerment."
PS:The "staying power that strikes some kind of fundamental chord"is power alright,but the kind of power that will enslave you now and take over your entire life in the future.Instructing children in the occult like these books do will undoubtly open a door for fascination with control and power that will only be saciated with more and more of the occult.I know I was there.I was 5 when that door was opened in my life and generated only more thirst for darkness.Harry Potter is very well thought witchcraft with a twist and a hook for young and old minds.Sad part is that even some so called"pastors" and "christians" have bought into this and not only endorse the books they even have Harry Potter Bible Studies....Not kidding folks....!A sad sign of the times we are living in and the deception among christians....!!!!
As in the days of Noah....

ISLAMIC CRAZE:Hamas' Mickey Mouse lookalike 'martyred'

Children's program has character killed by 'Israeli'....
Palestinian children who have been entertained and indoctrinated on television by a Mickey Mouse-knockoff who teaches them to fight for Israel's destruction and Islam's domination over the entire world will have to seek a new leader: the character has been martyred.Al-Aqsa TV, run by the Palestinian Territories ruling party Hamas, has featured a squeaky-voiced Mickey Mouse look-alike named Farfur in the weekly children's program "Tomorrow's Pioneers."However, the show's final episode had the character being beaten to death."Farfur was martyred while defending his land," said a teen hostess of the program. The mouse character had called the Israeli a "terrorist" and the hostess said he died at the hands of the "killers of children."Station officials said plans are for other programming to replace the Farfur show.Farfur and his co-host, a young girl named Saraa', had taken every opportunity to indoctrinate young viewers with teachings of Islamic supremacy, hatred of Israel and the U.S. and support of "resistance"-the Palestinian euphemism for terrorism, reported the Israel-based Palestinian Media Watch.
Farfur told children they must pray in the mosque five times a day until there is "world leadership under Islamic leadership.""We, tomorrow's pioneers, will restore to this nation its glory, and we will liberate Al-Aqsa, with Allah's will, and we will liberate Iraq, with Allah's will, and we will liberate the Muslim countries, invaded by murderers," the mouse character said. Saraa' explained the nucleus of world Islamic leadership will be from "all of Palestine," meaning elimination of the entire state of Israel.Farfur urged the children to "resist" Israel, "the oppressive invading Zionist occupation."In one segment, Farfur said, "We will win, Bush! We will win, Condoleezza! We will win, Sharon!" Then, he quipped, "Ah, Sharon is dead" (sic), reinforcing his message that the plan for world domination is progressing.Saraa' warned the children they must give an account to Allah after they die for what they did or did not do for Palestinians imprisoned by the Israelis and for the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, disputed territory Palestinians consider sacred to Islam."I remind you that Al-Aqsa and the prisoners are a responsibility on our shoulders, and Allah will ask us on Resurrection Day what we gave for their sake."Child viewers phone in to the show and recite poems with images of hate and violence, according to PMW.One child said, "We will destroy the chair of the despots, so they will taste the flame of death," and another, "Rafah sings 'Oh, oh.' Its answer is an AK-47. We who do not know fear, we are the predators of the forest."Hamas, which won a majority in parliament in January 2006 elections, officially is considered a terrorist organization by the U.S. government.As WND reported in March, an online forum tied to the website of Hamas posted a photo of a little girl in a combat vest and the head band of the terrorist Al-Qassam Brigades....
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PS:"Well...I hope people begin to understand that Islam IS NOT a religion of peace...What they are doing to their children in simply"child abuse".Period.
By the way...if you would see the photo of the little girl pretty much looks like Rosie's daughter Viv's pic.Rosie....another nut!!I don't hear much of an uproar on that,and so far nobody has called Child Protective Services to investigate;hopefully this would push gay adoption a million years back...!
As in the days of Noah....

Christians, Parents Concerned Over Group's Search for Gay Youth

An art and entertainment production group in Portland, Maine, has been distributing fliers in search of gay and lesbian youth as young as twelve years old.Add Verb Productions-whose goal is to “awaken community-based action and understanding of social issues through theatre, creative expression and dialogue”-is searching for individuals aging from 12-24 to be in their Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Allied (GLBTQ & A) Youth Writing Project.
The fliers are worrying Christians in the area who do not want agencies encouraging youth to be a part of the homosexual lifestyle.“Want to have your writing or music be performed?”ask fliers. “Make a difference in the world? Can you help people to understand how they might help? Change things for the better for GLBTQ youth?”The performance group was created to deal with complex issues that many youth are presented with as they grow up, and do so through issue-based touring plays. One of the key subjects, according to their website, is to address is “sexuality.”The group appears to support the GLBTQ community as the mission of the group is to help those that are “persecuted.”According to the Add Verb Productions website, the managing director, Brandi Mathis, has even worked for the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.Parents have become worried, however, since the agency has begun targeting fairly young youth, who are still going the process of creating their own identities.Christian groups are also upset that the group is also partially subsidized by taxpayers since one of the staff members, Tess Van Horn, is also a volunteer for the federally-funded Americorps VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) program.The goal of Americorps VISTA is to “provide full-time members to nonprofit, faith-based and other community organizations, and public agencies to create and expand programs that ultimately bring low-income individuals and communities out of poverty.” Promoting gay and alternative lifestyles does not fulfill this goal, some argue.
Van Horn has also been reported by The Civil Christian League Record to have been a part of the Dyke March Portland which invites“all women, biological or otherwise”to walk in support of gay rights.People are accusing Add Verb Productions of improperly using the government’s money to aid the homosexual agenda.
As in the days of Noah...

CULTURE of DEATH:Homicides soar in some East Coast cities

PHILADELPHIA-Baltimore,Philadelphia and other cities in a bloodstained corridor along the East Coast are seeing a surge in killings, and one of the most provocative explanations offered by criminal-justice experts is this: not enough new immigrants.The theory holds that waves of hardworking, ambitious immigrants reinvigorate desperately poor black and Hispanic neighborhoods and help keep crime down.It is a theory that runs counter to the widely held notion that immigrants are a source of crime and disorder."New York, Los Angeles, they're seeing massive immigration-the transformation, really,of their cities from populations around the world," said Harvard sociologist Robert J. Sampson."These are people selecting to go into a country to get ahead, so they're likely to be working hard and stay out of trouble."It is only a partial explanation for the bloodshed over the past few years in a corridor that also includes Newark, N.J., and Boston, but not New York City.In interviews with The Associated Press, homicide detectives, criminal justice experts and community activists point to a confluence of other possible factors.Among them: a failure to adopt some of the innovative practices that have reduced violence in bigger cities; the availability of powerful guns; and a shift in emphasis toward preventing terrorism instead of ordinary street crime.Philadelphia is losing one resident a day to violence, recording 196 homicides through the third week of June. That is slightly ahead of the total at this point in 2006, a year that ended with 406 homicides, the most in almost a decade. On the first day of summer alone, six people were killed in Philadelphia in three street shootings.In Newark, the homicide toll has soared 50 percent in four years, from 68 in 2002 to 106 in 2006. Baltimore had 140 slayings as of June 10, up from 122 the same time last year. Boston had 75 homicides in 2005, a 10-year high, and 75 in 2006. So far this year, there have been at least 30 slayings.Some cities "never bothered to institute the reforms, policies and programs that impacted violent crime because they felt immune from what they saw as big-city issues," said Jack Levin, director of the Brudnick Center on Violence at Northeastern University in Boston. "Now they're paying the price."These efforts include limiting gun purchases, suing rogue dealers and deploying officers more strategically, based on crime data analysis.Others blame a resigned acceptance of "quality-of-life"crimes, such as running red lights and vandalism. Some law enforcement authorities argue that ignoring such crimes breeds disrespect and cynicism and leads to more serious offenses.The vast majority of U.S. homicides-nearly 90 percent in Newark last year-involve guns. And they are more powerful than ever. The weapons of choice are semiautomatics that can spray dozens of bullets within seconds."We're seeing 40, 45 shots," said Richard Ross, Philadelphia's deputy police commissioner. In one recent killing, "I think they fired 20 shots into him. That's remarkable." He added: "For some of these young people, it's the glamour of it. They want to carry on their block."Some cite a drop in federal aid for ordinary law enforcement in favor of homeland security spending. According to Ross, federal grants used mostly for police overtime in Philadelphia fell from more than $4 million in 2002 to about $1 million last year.The number of police officers per capita has fallen 10 percent since 2000 in cities of more than 225,000, according to Northeastern University criminologist James Alan Fox. Yet post-Sept. 11 fears, especially in Boston, have forced police to monitor government buildings and transportation hubs while also watching for street crime, he said.
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Noah's Ark Exhibit Shows Importance of Working Together

An ambitious $5 million exhibit in Los Angeles uses the story of Noah's Ark to teach the importance of working together.The exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center is lighthearted and whimsical.Visitors see shapes that suggest the animals saved by Noah from the flood, but on closer examination, the creatures are seen to be composites of discarded items.A leather glove,two parts of a violin case,a violin neck and part of a vehicle tire are assembled to resemble a crocodile. A rounded metal skeleton suggests an elephant, its hooves consisting of bronze rain-drums from Thailand.Designer and puppeteer Chris Green created some of the animals, including movable puppets, which greet the visitors."When they first come in, they are in this room, saturated with images of animals,"he said."And then they hear sounds."Such recycled items as bicycle parts,bottle caps and rear-view mirrors from automobiles all contribute to the illusion of 186 animal species assembled to take refuge in a giant wooden ark.The Skirball Cultural Center is devoted to exploring links between Jewish culture and American democratic traditions.This exhibit has a special message for Los Angeles, says the center's Robert Kirschner."We wanted something that could bring people together in a community that is so often so centrifugal and has people rushing off in every direction, or confined to their automobiles," he noted."And Noah's Ark kind of brought that all together, because it's a story that's based in the Jewish heritage, but a story with a universal message."
Source:VOA News(by Mike O'Sullivan)
Listen to O'Sullivan report
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Pope rallies split Chinese flock

Pope Benedict has addressed a message of reconciliation to millions of his faithful in China, whose loyalties are divided between Rome and Beijing."No-one in the Church is a foreigner," the Pope says in his message.He is trying to put order among a small but growing community of often confused Christians in a vast country with its own ancient religious traditions.He is up against a state political ideology of atheism and half a century of sporadic persecution of Catholics.Chinese Catholics are at present split between the so-called Patriotic Church, tolerated by Beijing, and an underground Church which remains loyal to Rome.In an effort to bring order to this chaotic situation, and to improve the prospects of a return to normal diplomatic relations with Beijing which were broken off in 1951, the Pope goes out of his way in his message to praise the recent social and economic achievements of the Chinese people.He offers sincere dialogue with the civil authorities, in a spirit of friendship and peace.It remains to be seen, however, just how his message is going to be received in Beijing.
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Greek forest fire close to Athens

Greek firefighters are battling a major forest fire which has threatened the suburbs of the capital, Athens.The blaze, on the slopes of Mount Parnitha, is being contained, officials say, but a huge plume of black smoke is towering over the city.Electricity pylons, exploding after a record heatwave, have sparked some of the fires, but arson is also suspected.The fire near Athens is one of more than 100 blazes which have broken out across Greece in the last few days.Overnight, residents of Athens could see the heavily-forested slopes of Mount Parnitha burning on the horizon. On Friday morning, Public Order Minister Vyron Polydoras said: "We have successfully handled a difficult task."But he said the fight to extinguish the flames continued, and water-bombing aircraft and helicopters have resumed dousing the flames.The strong winds fuelling the fire have dropped and firefighters have so far prevented the blaze from reaching the suburbs of Athens.
An air force radar station, a casino and a summer holiday camp on the mountain, 25km (16 miles) from Athens, have been evacuated."My area was spared, but unfortunately the forest is no longer there," the mayor of Thramakedones told Greek radio. His village was one of the most at risk from the fire.The forests of Mount Parnitha are popular with Athenians wanting to escape the heat of the city. They are considered the lungs of heavily-polluted Athens, reports the BBC's Malcolm Brabant.More than 120 fires have broken out across the country in the last two days, but most of the them have been extinguished, officials say.Eleven people have died in the nine-day heatwave, one of the longest recorded in Greece.Most have died from heat stroke or heart attacks. On Thursday, two volunteer firefighters were trapped by flames and died of smoke inhalation in the centre of the country.Temperatures have now dropped below 40C, after peaking at 46C earlier in the week, but forecasters say another heatwave is expected next week.
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Supercomputer steps up the pace

The world's fastest commercial supercomputer has been launched by computer giant IBM.Blue Gene/P is three times more potent than the current fastest machine, BlueGene/L, also built by IBM.
The latest number cruncher is capable of operating at so called "petaflop" speeds - the equivalent of 1,000 trillion calculations per second.Approximately 100,000 times more powerful than a PC, the first machine has been bought by the US government.
It will be installed at the Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois later this year.Two further machines are planned for US laboratories and a fourth has been bought by the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council for its Daresbury Laboratory Cheshire.The ultra powerful machines will be used for complex simulations to study everything from particle physics to nanotechnology.
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PS:"...and knowledge shall be increased"....!!!!
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Dear friends:
As terror events unfold in the UK and other parts of the world,as we see the climate patterns changing into some times violent climatic events,as we see a rise in suicide in many nations as cause of death among youth,countries like Japan;as we know that the first cause of death for a pregnant woman in the US is not preeclampsia,toxemia,diabetes,but MURDER at the hands of her companion or spouse-mostly-;as we see a pedophilia sting busted with 700 into custody;as we see war unfold in Iraq with daily ever increasing casualties on both sides,as we see pestilences sweeping over poor nations,as we see earthquakes changing the geography of places,as we see coupes and violence to the hands of the military and police shootings with people in slums,in South America and Africa,as we see lunatic dictators oppress their people in many ways while they treat to lavishes life styles remaining oblivious to the cry of the poor,as we see a flood of lewdness and inmorality rise everywhere putting pressure on people to accept pervert life styles as normal,as we see our children being predated by their own teachers at public schools,as we see churches taking a turn to eastern practices,that are in no way according to God's Word,as we see an increase of hatred against each other,higher rates of divorce,child abuse,elderly abuse and abandonment,as we see antisemitism increasing,as we see a wave of persecution of christians worldwide unprecedented,as we see justice systems fail in many ways and many nations having corruption so encrusted into the circles of power and authority,as we see a rise of witchcraft and paganism,as we see preachers that no longer preach the truth unfeigned from the pulpits in the fear that people would leave their congregations and therefore they would loose their financial support,and their lavish life style would suffer,as we see music that has not been inspired by the Holy Ghost used everywhere to so call "worship" a Holy God,as we see love waxing cold and believers loosing their precious faith,as we see an increase in tribulation and trials in many all over the world,and as we see that the signs the Lord spoke in His Word are already here,I ask you:Where Are You With God....???Do you think about your life?Do you think about eternity?Do you think that just with being a good person and going to church from time to time you are fine?Are you sure of what would be of your soul if today is your day to exit this world?...Hell is full of good people with good intentions,people that thought like you do now,that everything was fine and you would make it somehow.If you are not sure of where you stand with God today,today is a HIGH TIME to sit down and meditate about your life and future...your ETERNAL FUTURE.You know we all make plans,we want to go here and there,marry this or that other,buy this or that,etc,etc....

What IF TODAY....SOMETHING DRASTIC WOULD HAPPEN THAT WOULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER?What if TODAY,DEATH would knock at your door?What if TODAY,UNEXPECTED TRAGEDY would visit your family?What if TODAY everything that you know WOULD CHANGE FOR EVER???


"For God so loved the World,that He gave His only begotten Son,that whosoever believethin Him should not perish,but have everlasting life.For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world;but that the world through Him might be saved.He that believeth in Him is not condemned;but He that believeth not is condemned already,because he hath not believed in name of the only begotten Son of God.And this is the condemnation that light is come into the world,and men loved darkness rather than light,because their deeds were evil.For everyone that doeth evil hateth the light..."(John 3:16-20)

Please friend think about your eternity today...!The END is near...Jesus is Coming...God loves you and He WILL FORGIVE WHATEVER you've done.And He will give you a NEW LIFE TODAY!
God bless you

As in the days of Noah...

TERROR IN GLASGOW:Two Held As Burning Jeep Strikes Airport

Two people have been arrested after a burning Jeep smashed through the terminal building at Glasgow airport.Holidaymakers reported hearing a series of loud "bangs" and saw two men - one of whom was on fire - emerge from the vehicle.The man on fire was knocked down by a member of the public before he was arrested by police.
There are reports of several injuries. The man on fire was taken to Royal Alexandra Hospital in Glasgow. His accomplice is at a police station in the area.Downing Street said Prime Minister Gordon Brown was "being kept aware" of the incident, which came a day after two car bombs were found in London.A Home Office spokesman said that the official security alert level remains at "severe", as it has been for some time.
The Cherokee 4x4 smashed into a glass door at Terminal One of the airport, the busiest in Scotland, which has now been closed.Hundreds of holidaymakers were in the area at the time, and witnesses said some of them removed gas cylinders from the jeep before it caught fire.
But there are reports the occupants - described as Asian males - were trying to pour petrol on the flames.Scott Gleeson said he saw the jeep speed up and swerve towards the terminal at an angle to hit the door."They were obviously trying to get through to cause as much damage as possible," he said.Holidaymaker Stephen Clarkson said he knocked one of the men to the floor before police intervened.He said: "There was an Asian male. He was lying on the floor and he was on fire, the Jeep was on fire as well."The fellow got up and started fighting with police. I managed to knock the Asian fellow to the ground and four police officers got on top of him."
He added: "His whole body was on fire. He was quite a big fellow and was disorientated otherwise I wouldn't have been able to knock him down."James Edgar told Sky News: "People were running past like they has missed their flight.They told us all to get out of the airport.
"Everyone was in a panic and police and security were scuffling with an Asian gentleman."
He added: "There was a lot of anger-if the crowds had got hold of this gentleman it would have been the end of him."
PS:FOLKS....This is just the beginning...There is a new breed of home grown terrorists,of brand new "converts"from Asia,Africa,etc IN England ,IN the UK.The police reported there had 1600 of them in surveillance...!!!!They say these elements are highly VIOLENT.OF course the police and MI5 are outnumbered I think for obvious reasons.It is high time to wake up and realize that we no longer live in the world we once knew.As we are headed to the end of this age,more and more violence will sprout everywhere as an indication that evil plans to take over the entire world.It is a high time also to get straight with God,to quit playing games with God and to really get serious with God.The Bible says that without holiness no one will see Him.So It's a high time for personal cleansing-spiritual cleansing-.Sadly,we need to live everyday like if it was our last day on earth,ready to meet the Lord.Are you ready?...
As in the days of Noah...

Friday, June 29, 2007

HORROR:Death of 12-Year-Old Circumcised Girl Shocks Egypt, Prompts Ban on Rite

CAIRO, Egypt-The death of a 12-year-old Egyptian girl at the hands of a doctor performing female circumcision in the country's south has sparked a public outcry and prompted health and religious authorities this week to ban the practice.The girl, Badour Shaker, died earlier in June while being circumcised in an illegal clinic in the southern town of Maghagh. Her mother, Zeniab Abdel Ghani, told the Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper that she had paid $9 dollars to a female physician to perform the procedure.The mother also told the paper that the doctor later tried to bribe her to withdraw a lawsuit accusing the physician of murder, in return for $3,000, but she refused.A forensic investigation into the case showed the girl's death was caused by an anesthesia overdose during the procedure.The case sparked widespread condemnation and was closely followed in Egyptian papers, which also reported that Shaker had passed out sweets to pupils in her class earlier on the day of her death, to celebrate her good grades.On Thursday, the Egyptian Health Ministry issued a decree on female circumcision, stating that it is "prohibited for any doctors, nurses, or any other person to carry out any cut of, flattening or modification of any natural part of the female reproductive system, either in government hospitals, non government or any other places."It warned that violators of the ban would be punished, but did not specify the penalty. The ban is not as enforceable as a law, which requires passage in the national legislature.A 2003 survey by the United Nation's children's agency, UNICEF, said that 97 percent of married women in Egypt have undergone genital mutilation.But the Egyptian government considers the 97 percent inaccurate. A recent study among schoolgirls by Egypt's Ministry of Health and Population found that 50.3 percent of girls between the age of 10-18 years have been circumcised.There are signs that Shaker death could move the parliament to pass a new bill banning female circumcision, especially after Egypt's First Lady Suzanne Mubarak asked a Cairo conference on violence against children to mark a moment of silence in Shaker's memory, just days after the girl's death.Shaker was a victim of "the most vicious practice committed against women," Mubarak said at the time. "Badour's death is the beginning of the end for female circumcision in Egypt."...
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PS:Do you realize how many barbaric practices are out there against women?FGM is just one of them...what about stoning,honour killing,or just simply murder if it fits in the hands of male family members?What about a woman's own child dousing her with gas and litting the match?We are really in the days of Noah....!
As in the days of Noah...

Satellite snaps first images of mysterious glowing clouds

A new satellite has captured its first views of enigmatic glowing clouds whose proliferation may be linked to climate change.NASA launched the Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere (AIM) satellite on 25 April on a mission to investigate "night-shining" or noctilucent clouds. These clouds float 80 kilometres above the ground and are made of tiny ice crystals. Because they are so high up, the Sun still reaches them and makes them glow after sunset and before sunrise, when the ground is in darkness.The clouds have been observed since the 1800s, but in recent years they have brightened and grown more numerous. They were first observed above Earth's polar regions, but have now spread to latitudes as low as 40°. Some scientists suspect their proliferation is related to increasing greenhouse gases, which can actually cause the upper reaches of the atmosphere to cool.Now, the AIM satellite has inaugurated a new era in noctilucent cloud research, obtaining its first views of these ghostly structures.The satellite spotted its first noctilucent clouds on 25 May. Since then, the clouds have become more numerous and have spread to lower latitudes .The northern hemisphere's noctilucent cloud season ends towards the end of August. When northern summer is over, the satellite will study the appearance of the clouds in the southern hemisphere, where they are prevalent between mid-November and mid-March.The satellite's Cloud Imaging and Particle Size instrument produces panoramic images of the noctilucent cloud distribution. The Solar Occultation for Ice Experiment (SOFIE) provides measures the chemical makeup of the clouds and their altitude, and the Cosmic Dust Experiment measures space dust entering Earth's atmosphere.Mission scientists are trying to determine whether this dust provides the "seeds" for ice particle formation for noctilucent clouds or if this role is instead played by dust particles blown upward from Earth.
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Church Regroups After Fire

The Bethany Christian Church in Arapahoe, N.C., was destroyed by fire on Monday and an extensive recovery of the church grounds has begun. The church’s members stood across the street from the church Tuesday watching Fire Marshall Ben Barnett and the State Bureau of Investigation sort through the smoking remains.Everything’s leading to the electrical outlet on the south wall of the church,” Barnett said. Arson is not suspected, he said, and the SBI was asked to help out “just to be on the safe side.”According to Garland Cahoon, a member of the church board, the building still had its original 1913 wiring. The church had discussed having the wiring replaced but had deemed it too expensive at the time.“When Stephanie and I came home from our trip to Alabama where I performed a wedding we could hardly believe our eyes as we came around the curve in Arapahoe,” said Gary Edge the church’s minister. “It really breaks your heart to come to the crossroads at Arapahoe and see what’s left of Bethany Christian Church.”The congregation gathered for the first time since the fire on Tuesday for a special meeting. Edge reminded parishioners that the last Sunday in the sanctuary, the youth choir, One Voice, led the worship. He said the congregation would move forward now with one voice, one heart, and one faith. He then said, “Let us pray the Lord’s Prayer with one voice.”
The congregation gathered also to discuss where to have Sunday services. “We’ve had an outpouring of offers from other churches,” said church member Terry Cannan.A more long-term concern is where, when and how to rebuild. The church owns the land, so plans are to build again on the site, said church secretary Renee Midyette.
Source:The Church Report Online
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Servant Evangelism Eases Pain at the Pump

An Oklahoma church is taking a unique approach to servant evangelism. The members of Friendship Baptist Church decided to pay 20 cents of every gallon for everyone that came to a local pump in a one hour period.“We just thought for an hour we would do this and try to impact the community and see how God blessed it,” said Linzy Slayden of Friendship Baptist Church. Church members directed long lines traffic and helped people get their gas. That wasn’t the end of the ministry. The church members also handed out water, washed windows, and prayed with people at the pump.“We just felt like this is a way to give back to the community because the gas prices are high and this is a way our church can minister,” said Cheryl Hasting of the Friendship Baptist Church.“I think it’s a wonderful outreach to the community and a good outreach for the church,” said driver Julie Crow.
As in the days of Noah....

Making Ready for The Mark

In the prophetic future, after a seven-year covenant of peace has been confirmed in the Middle East by a leader of Roman descent (Daniel 9:26-27), Scripture tells us that this leader will become the most powerful man on earth. Subsequently, at some point, allegiance to this leader will be signified by what is referred to as a 'mark' in the right hand or forehead. This identifying 'mark', whatever it may ultimately be, is commonly referred to as 'the mark of the beast.' Its description, requirement to be accepted and usefulness is described in Revelation 13:16-17:
"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."
Simply put, you either take the mark of allegiance to this leader, the prophesied Antichrist, or you can't buy or sell. Period. Not only that, if you fail to take his mark - a symbol of allegiance to him as your god - you may very well lose your life as we see in Revelation 20:4:
"And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years."
Lastly, it should be noted that anyone who willingly takes the mark of the beast is doomed to suffer an eternity in hell, as we see in Revelation 14:9-11:
"And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name."
Now that we've established what is to come as well as the consequences of same, potentially in the not-too-distant future, let's look at yet another example of MANY I have shared on this site of how our world today is being covertly conditioned to find something not unlike the mark of the beast to be acceptable in preparation of the time when the actual mark of the beast will be implemented.An AFP article indicates that many doctors are backing a plan to put medical information under the skin of their patients. And this idea, folks? It isn't coming from a small, quirky group of doctors but the American Medical Association.The AFP article opens as follows:
Doctors could soon be storing essential medical information under the skin of their patients, the American Medical Association says.Devices the size of a grain of rice that are implanted with a needle could give emergency room doctors quick access to the records of chronically ill patients, the nation's largest doctors group said in a report.The association adopted a policy Monday stating that the devices can improve the "safety and efficiency of patient care" by helping to identify patients and enabling secure access to clinical information.These radio frequency identification tags (RFIDs) are already used by Wal-Mart and other businesses to speed up their shipping systems by sending out small signals that can be scanned more easily than bar codes.(AFP story continues... )
Did you catch that the AMA has "adopted a policy" concerning this technology? That, from my perspective, indicates that mankind, in order to improve the "safety and efficiency of patient care", may soon be marked like a box of hair dye presently sitting on the shelf of your local Wal-Mart! If that should come to pass, you and I will be just as easily tracked going in and out of a Wal-Mart as a box of hair dye! Most people in our world today are oblivious to how very dangerous that could be in the wrong hands, as Bible prophecy points out with an exclamation point!As this dramatic step toward the day when the mark of the beast will be implemented takes place, most people have no idea whatsoever what is coming. Sadly, the majority of those who regularly attend church and don't know what this is all about already aren't going to be warned from this point forward as the study of Bible prophecy is considered too controversial for today's tender-footed saints. Those who are lost in their sins have an even smaller chance of getting the big picture laid out for them. Thus the need for those of us who understand where this seemingly innocent technology is headed to speak out on the topic now!As everyone knows who reads this website with any frequency, I am thoroughly convinced that all those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will be raptured prior to the mark of the beast coming into existence in the form prophesied but I don't doubt for a second that the Church is going to see (and perhaps is seeing now) the birth pains of the mark of the beast.Sure, we're being told that RFID technology is going to make the world a better place, but will it? Personally, I don't think so.Whatever mankind comes up with for good, someone typically figures out how to use for bad. My fear is that we, as in mankind, are making ready for the mark of the beast --- and we don't even know it.Something to think about - and warn others about considering what Bible prophecy tells us is on its way to becoming a reality.GOT JESUS???? If not, today is the day of salvation. Tomorrow may be too late as the end of the world, as we presently know it, is assuredly drawing near.
(By Michael G. Mickey)
As in the days of Noah....

Encouraging news boosts radio ministry in Benin

Benin-Bariba language partner SIM requests prayer for three technicians preparing messages and programming for Words Of Hope's radio broadcasts in Benin.The Bariba tribe mostly occupies the central and the northern part of Benin. According to ethnologues, they form the largest group in the north. The Bariba group constitutes one twelfth of the nation's population, and there are approximately a half million speakers in the region.Religion is important in Bariba tribes.The people are mostly Muslim, with a history of Islam dating back to the Dendi traders. With those two elements, the region is a ripe mission field waiting for cultivation.Words Of Hope partnered with SIM to begin work there. Recently, the missionary team requested prayer for three technicians at the Parakou UEEB Radio Studio as they prepared for their work.But with little outside feedback, discouragement is a real threat to the work. However, a pastor traveling in the north found a cluster of previously-unknown Bariba villages and reported that there were people listening to the Gospel broadcasts in each of them. This provided much-needed motivation. Pray for the continuation of this vital Gospel radio ministry.
Source:Mission Network News
As in the days of Noah...

GFA reports dramatic increase in Christian persecution

Another missionary with Gospel for Asia (GFA) faces death threats as persecution continues in increase for Christians throughout India.GFA missionary Daruka Abhi, who is the pastor of a church in Maharashtra, has begun receiving a series of death threats from anti-Christian extremists. Abhi says he and his family will be killed unless he turns back to Hinduism. And last week, a group of about 20 people drove onto the site of a new GFA Bible College in Maharashtra, attempting to stop a building project. These are the latest incidents in a growing string of violence, threats, and intimidation against Christian missionaries throughout India and Asia.Gospel for Asia founder K.P. Yohannan says Christians throughout America should pray specifically for persecuted believers."Maybe people should think about taking a day or more to fast and pray for the suffering believers around the world, especially in nations such as India," he suggests. Specifically he urges prayers that "God would give mercy and grace and ... strength to the people of God and the missionaries to continue to serve Him with boldness."The founder of the Texas-based ministry also believes persecution could soon spread to the United States. "Well, I think if the Lord's coming is getting close, persecution will increase everywhere, and I will not doubt in ways in which we can't even imagine it happening in this country," he says."Therefore, my recommendation is get to know the Lord Jesus intimately," Yohannan continues, "that if and when that happens, they will not deny the faith, and walk away from Him. Because loving Him will help you to stand firm in the time of trial."An increase in persecution, adds Yohannan, draws more people to Christ.
As in the days of Noah...

CULTURE of DEATH:Abortion Causes Mental Disorders: New Zealand Study May Require Doctors To Do Fewer Abortions

A study in New Zealand that tracked approximately 500 women from birth to 25 years of age has confirmed that young women who have abortions subsequently experience elevated rates of suicidal behaviors, depression, substance abuse, anxiety, and other mental problems.
Most significantly, the researchers--led by Professor David M. Fergusson, who is the director of the longitudinal Christchurch Health and Development Study--found that the higher rate of subsequent mental problems could not be explained by any pre-pregnancy differences in mental health, which had been regularly evaluated over the course of the 25- year study.According to Fergusson, the researchers had undertaken the study anticipating that they would be able to confirm the view that any problems found after abortion would be traceable to mental health problems that had existed before the abortion. At first glance, it appeared that their data would confirm this hypothesis. The data showed that women who became pregnant before age 25 were more likely to have experienced family dysfunction and adjustment problems, were more likely to have left home at a young age, and were more likely to have entered a cohabiting relationship....
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As in the days of Noah...

GLOBAL WARMING WATCH:Al Gore challenged to 'climate change' wager

A University of Pennsylvania professor is betting former Vice President Al Gore $10,000 that his dire predictions about global warming are based on flawed climate models.Wharton School marketing professor Scott Armstrong is challenging Al Gore to a ten-year bet on how many degrees the global temperature will increase over that period.Armstrong says he and Gore would both put $10,000 into a charitable trust in December, and ten years later the money would go to the winner's charity of choice.
Armstrong says his annual forecasts would be based on a no-change model while Gore could select any available climate model to make his predictions."It's not just Al Gore, I guess; it's the people who are developing these climate forecasts that don't seem to know much about forecasting," he contends. "Now they know a lot about climate, and I know hardly anything about climate-I'm just a layman there-but I do know a lot about forecasting. And when we went through and looked at how they're making their forecasts, we realized they know nothing about how to forecast."Armstrong says he has a pretty safe bet because he claims he has been unable to find a single scientifically derived forecast.
"The major purpose of this bet is not to win; it's to get people to start using scientific methods of forecasting in the field," he admits. "So even if there's that outside chance that I lose, I think if we can have people coming and saying 'Gee, there are better ways to forecast and there are better ways to evaluate forecasts, and we're going to do that'-that would be a big advance."
As in the days of Noah...

Exodus Freedom Speaker Warns of 'The Gay Gospel'

Hundreds of men and women will be hearing from former homosexuals who found freedom through Jesus Christ when Exodus International opens its 32nd annual Freedom Conference Tuesday in Irvine, Calif.The conference theme is "Revolution: Radically Change Your World," but Alan Chambers, head of Exodus International – the nation's largest evangelical referral ministry on homosexual issues, clarifies that the theme does not imply belief in change from homosexuality that is sudden or complete. Rather, the theme is about calling for change within the evangelical church and how it has typically dealt with the issue of homosexuality.
While the conference expects to draw some 1,000 people to show that change is possible, gay activists and those opposed to the ex-gay movement plan to draw their own crowd nearby at “The Ex-Gay Survivor Conference: Undoing the Damage and Affirming Our Lives Together,” sponsored by www.BeyondExGay.com, Soulforce and the LBGT Resource Center at University of California, Irvine. The conference will feature workshop leaders who will unpack the ex-gay experience and consider both the good and the harm that came out of those experiences. Among the conference participants is Michael Bussee, one of the original founders of the Exodus movement who failed in leaving the homosexual lifestyle and says he is still a practicing Christian.There is a growing movement today to legitimize homosexuality not only in the eyes of the culture but also in the eyes of the church, according to Joe Dallas, a featured speaker at Exodus' Freedom Conference this week.
Seeing a pro-gay theology or "the gay gospel" growing in prominence, Dallas released a book titled The Gay Gospel: How Pro-Gay Advocates Misread the Bible earlier this year to equip the average believer to be able to answer the claims of those who say they are gay and a Christian and believe that's fine with God."There is, in essence, a new gospel being preached which teaches that homosexuality not only is legitimate but is even God-ordained, and that the church which believes homosexuality is wrong needs to change its position," Dallas said in a recent interview with Concerned Women for America.Just as many are struggling with today, Dallas had conflicting desires and values as a Christian and being sexually attracted to men 30 years ago."I wanted to believe that somehow God would condone my homosexuality," he said.While he heard pro-gay interpretations of the Bible, he didn't find them very convincing."I believe that the pro-gay theology ... is a symptom of the problem of people wanting to believe something and then imposing that desire on the Bible. Rather than reading the Bible for what it says, they interpret it for what they want it to mean," Dallas explained in the interview...
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Crossless Christianity

About 300 B.C. a Greek king named Pyrrhus fought a battle with the Romans at Heraclea. Pyrrhus won the battle but in doing so he suffered such appalling losses as to more than offset his gains. Thus a victory that costs too much is often called a Pyrrhic victory.For years I have watched misled Christians in their unholy effort to make friends with the enemy and to render the cross socially acceptable. A few prophets have written and preached against this outrageous sellout, but their words have gone unheeded. The leadership of the popular Christian movements has been and still is in the hands of persons who are blind to the meaning of the cross. That darkness and light cannot mingle never so much as occurs to them. They are busily engaged copying the world and trying to be like it as far as they dare. To be a Christian one need only "accept" Christ. That brings "peace of mind" and assurance of heaven. After that the cross has no meaning and Christ no authority. Compromise and collaboration are now the distinguishing marks of religion. To be relaxed and well adjusted to society is more important than to keep the commandments of Christ. The fawning, ingratiating spirit is the modern badge of saintliness. Between the world and the Christian there is no longer any great difference. And that not by accident. They planned it that way.Yes, we have won a victory over the atheists. They no longer cause us any trouble. But subsequent developments will show that our triumph has cost us too much. It is a Pyrrhic victory.The cross is mounted on church steeples. We have overlaid it with gold to wear around our neck or on our lapel. In doing so, have we forgotten that the cross is an instrument of death! It was for Christ and it is for us-death to self. Are we bearing our cross daily?
"And He said to them all,if any man will come after me,let him deny himself,and take up his cross daily and follow me"(Luke 9:23)

As in the days of Noah...

"America's Rabbi" Warns: "Enormous, Humanic and Historic Upheaval" Rapidly Approaching

WASHINGTON, DC, June 25, 2007-The recent death of Mrs. Ruth Graham, the beloved wife of preacher Billy Graham, has caused renewed reflection on her oft quoted comment: "If God does not judge America soon, he'll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah." Indeed, with the culture war raging on abortion and same-sex 'marriage', many a Christian has wondered about a coming purgation - a cleansing as in the time of Noah and the flood.It may come as a surprise to some, but Orthodox Jews too have a belief in a coming purgation. As the man popularly known as "America's Rabbi" told LifeSiteNews.com, we are "moving towards some kind of enormous, humanic and historic upheaval."Nationally acclaimed speaker and best-selling author, Rabbi Daniel Lapin spoke with LifeSiteNews.com about his newly released audio series "The Gathering Storm: Decoding the Secrets of Noah", in which he looks at the similarities between the time of Noah and our present day.Rabbi Lapin is the founder and leader of Toward Tradition - a ground-breaking coalition of Jews, Christians and other Americans united in fighting secular fundamentalism and promoting traditional, faith-based American principles of constitutional and limited government, the rule of law, representative democracy, free markets, a strong military, and a moral public culture.Key to interpreting the Bible (the Old Testament) suggests the Rabbi, is the Hebrew language. In that language, he notes, the Bible tells that in the time just before the flood there were aborted babies. "Everyone is familiar with that section just before the flood, of giants," said Rabbi Lapin. "The King James translation refers to these people as giants - one thing, in the Hebrew, it becomes immediately very clear is that what we really are talking about is aborted people, aborted fetuses." "In Hebrew," explained the Rabbi there is "one word for giants (and) aborted fetuses." Comparing the time of Noah to the current day, the Rabbi said, "Babies that are aborted eventually bring about a culture of death that destroys society."Asked if Jews, like some Christians, feel a time of purgation is coming, Rabbi Lapin replied bluntly, "Yes, it is extremely intense." The Rabbi stressed however that a Judeo-Christian view of the end of time is a hopeful one, in contrast to the secular view of the end of time which sees only doom and gloom. "There is a dichotomy here between a secular world view in which the end of time is hopeless," Rabbi Lapin told LifeSiteNews.com. "It is doomed. It ends in oblivion . . . Right now it is global warming, a few years ago it was nuclear winter. Before that it was that we were all going to starve and die naked and cold when Thomas Malthus at the end of the 18th century made his predictions.""The secular world view will generate an end of time picture of hopelessness and doom and by contrast a Biblical world view of both Jews and Christians shows an end of time picture that, while it may have its turbulent threshold, is a time of some kind of unimaginable solution to all human problems."Asked, if it would be "a time of renewal of goodness on earth?," the Rabbi replied, "Exactly right. Yes." As for God having to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah for not acting on America for its sins, Rabbi Lapin suggests God is in fact acting on America. "God doesn't necessarily act towards every culture in the same way," he said. "Every culture that adopts abortion and homosexuality as normal is a culture that begins to decline and eventually vanish off the stage of world history - that is God acting.""That is precisely the point. It is not that hard to see in many ways the fortunes of the US of A are simply not where they were before these twin scourges became prevalent. Yes, He is acting - He is not going to have to apologize to Sodom at all. He is being very consistent. He may not be burying us in thunderbolts and mountains of salt but the damage that the US of A is enduring is no less fatal."Rabbi Lapin sees another striking similarity between our day and the time of the Biblical flood. Noting the political situation in the United States, where the major argumentation seems focused on abortion and same-sex 'marriage, Rabbi Lapin observes: "Undoubtedly, it was very significant, that never before in a presidential election has there been this much focus on the faith and beliefs of the candidates which again brings us back to this Noah like period in which divisions between people are lining up very clearly on a spiritual level."While Rabbi Lapin rejects any attempt to fix a date on the coming upheaval, he does say that it is rapidly approaching. "What is unquestionably crystal clear is that time and history is accelerating. Things happen more quickly now than ever before so it is moving rapidly towards this event, whatever it will look like.".
(Interview with Rabbi Daniel Lapin on How Today's World Compares to the Days of Noah- By John-Henry Westen;Life Site News)
As in the days of Noah....