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Saturday, June 2, 2007

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

I want to thank you all that stopped by to read this blog.Thank you!YOU are the reason why this blog exists.I'm still working in some more features.Hopefully next time you stop you can read my updated profile among other things.
My prayer is that you can be blessed by visiting and reading the many articles we have already.
I want to tell you that whoever you are,wherever you are in your life now,God cares for you.Every little thing that worries you is His concern too.
If you have already repented from your sins and are born again,if you are not interested in "religion",if you are walking far from God now,if you are running away from God,if you are "seeking God" now,if you consider yourself a "good person",if you consider yourself a "religious person",if you are a "wiccan",if you are in the occult and want to get out,if you have absolutely nobody in the world,I want you all to know that THERE IS HOPE and LIFE in the Name of JESUS,the Name above ALL NAME.
Call on HIM now and He will make himself present wherever you are right now and if you open the door of your heart,He will come and give you a New Life.If you repent from your sins,He will forgive you and never remember them again.
This is a high time to think about the eternity of your soul.This life is not all that there is.
Jesus paid a price for you and me that we couldn't pay.He is the way the truth and the life,and He is the mediator before the Father.He loves you and is calling you Home...Come today to Him...do not tarry...Tomorrow can be too late....!!!!!!
God bless you
As in the days of Noah.........


Please watch this powerful video by Lou Engle: "Abortion Reverse Decree"
Hi-speed Dial up


As in the days of Noah....


Thirty years ago, Gianna Jessen's mother had an abortion when seven-and-a-half months pregnant.
The abortion failed and, 18 hours later, Gianna (pictured) was born alive.
She suffered cerebral palsy as a result of the botched abortion, yet has defied doctors' predictions that she would never walk.
In fact she has run a marathon, is an accomplished singer and writer and travels the world to campaign against abortion.
Her mother was 17 when she decided to have the abortion. Weighing 2lbs when she was born, she spent several months in hospital fighting for her life, before being placed in a foster home.
Her cerebral palsy, which was caused by her brain being starved of oxygen during the abortion, was diagnosed at 17 months old. Doctors said she would never be able to crawl or even sit-up unaided, much less stand or walk. Now, after several operations and years of physiotherapy she has proved them wrong. Gianna does not know why her natural mother chose to abort her.
She said: "If abortion is about women's rights, then what were my rights?
"No decision is solely yours to make. All decisions affect another human being - whether it is for good or for ill. "If people are going to talk about abortion, then it's important for them to know that these babies can be born alive and survive."
To read the rest of the article go to:
As in the days of Noah...
3o anos atras la madre de Gianna Jessen,tuvo un aborto cuando estaba embarazada de 7 meses y medio.El aborto fallo y 18 horas despues,Gianna(foto)nacio viva.Sufrio paralisis cerebral,como resultado de un fallido aborto,pero ha desafiado a las predicciones de sus medicos de que nunca caminaria.De hecho ha corrido una maraton,es una cantante y escritora exitosa y viaja por todo el mundo haciendo campanas en contra del aborto.
Su madre tenia 17 anos cuando decidio tener un aborto.Pesando solo 2 libras cuando nacio,debio pasar muchos meses en el hospital peleando por su vida,hasta que fue colocada en un hogar adoptivo.
Su paralisis cerebral,que fue causada por la falta de oxigeno a su cerebro durante el aborto,fue diagnosticado a los 17 meses de edad.Los medicos dijeron que nunca podria gatear o sentarse sin ayuda,menos caminar o correr.Ahora luego de varias operaciones y anos de fisioterapia,ha probado que estaban equivocados.Gianna no sabe por que su madre natural decidio abortarla.
Ella dice:"Si el aborto es acerca de los derechos de la madre,que hay entonces de mis derechos?"
"Ninguna decision es solo tuya.Todas las decisiones afectan a otros seres humanos,sea para bien o para mal"."Si la gente va a hablar acerca del aborto,entonces es importante que ellos sepan que esos bebes pueden nacer vivos y sobrevivir"
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Como en los dias de Noe.......

Little Boy Who Lost Leg in Lawn Mower Accident Relates How Jesus Came and Stayed With Him Until Doctors Took Over

Braden remembers "his Grandma calling 911, the ambulance coming to his home and the presence of Jesus."
Kay Quinn/TN (May 19th, 2007)

Six-year old Braden Sims of Harrisburg, Ill., related to KSDK News how he lost his leg when it slipped under a riding lawn mower that his mother was on last summer. (Photo: KSKD)
According to the report, Braden remembers "his Grandma calling 911, the ambulance coming to his home and the presence of Jesus."
"When I was in the ambulance, I still was crying, and Jesus was doing that (holding the leg), and then when I got in the hospital He let it go and let them handle it," said Braden. "I'm really lucky I'm alive," he added.
Since that day, Braden has had several surgeries and will need new prosthetics as his leg grows, a situation that KSDK made known to their viewing public.
To read the rest of the article go to:
PS:"IF you would have faith as little children.....!!!!!!"
As in the day of Noah....
"Nino que perdiera una pierna en accidente de cortadora de cesped,cuenta como JESUS vino y estuvo con el hasta que los doctores se hicieron cargo de el"
Braden recuerda"su abuela llamando 911,la ambulancia llegando a su casa y la presencia de Jesus"

Braden Sims de 6 anos de edad de Harrisburg,Illinois,conto al noticiero de KSDK,como perdio su pierna cuando se resbalo y cayo debajo de una cortadora de cesped que su madre estaba manejando el verano pasado.
Braden recuerda:"Cuando estaba en la ambulancia estaba llorando todavia,y Jesus estaba sosteniendo mi pierna y despues cuando llegue al hospital,la solto y dejo que los medicos se hicieran cargo de mi",dijo Braden"soy muy afortunado de estar vivo"agrego.
Desde ese dia,braden ha tenido muchas cirugias y necesitara nuevas piernas prosteticas mientras siga creciendo.
Para leer el resto de la historia hacer click en el vinculo de arriba.....
"Si tuviereis fe como un nino....!!!!!!!!"
Como en los dias de Noe....


A Pakistani Christian has been sentenced to death for blasphemy by the sessions court in Lahore.
According to sources in Pakistan, following the sentencing Wednesday, a large mob led by Islamic clerics responded by shouting slogans against Younis Masih and threatening anyone involved in providing security or legal assistance to "blasphemers."
Christian Solidarity Worldwide says Masih, a Christian from Chungi Amar Sadu in Lahore, was charged Sept. 10, 2005, under Section 295C of the Pakistan Penal Code. Section 295C relates to blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad and carries the death penalty
To read the rest of this story go to:
PS:Remember Younis and his family in your prayers....
As in the days of Noah......
Un cristiano pakistani ha sido sentenciado a muerte por blasfemia por la corte de Lahore.
De acuerdo a fuentes en Pakistan.siguiendo a la sentencia el miercoles,una muchedumbre dirigida por lideres religiosos islamicos,respondio gritando eslogans en contra de Younis Masih y amenzando a cualquiera involucrado en proveer seguridad o asistencia legal a "blasfemos".Solidaridad Cristiana Internacional,dice que Masih,un cristiano de Chungi Amar Sadu en Lahore,fue sentenciado el 10 de septiembre de 2005,bajo la seccion 295C del Codigo Penal de Pakistan.La seccion 295C se relaciona a blasfemia en contra del profeta Muhamad e implica pena de muerte.
Para leer la historia entera en ingles,hacer click en el vinculo arriba
PS:Recuerda a Younis y su familia en oracion......
Como en los dias de Noe.....


'Armed' boys in camouflage, ski masks, declare devotion to jihad...

In a kindergarten graduation ceremony featured yesterday on Palestinian television, boys outfitted with toy machine guns, camouflage fatigues and ski masks marched to a military beat and declared their "most lofty aspiration" to be "death for the sake of Allah."
Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV reported the ceremony of kindergarteners of the Islamic Association in Gaza.
The video, with translation, was made available by the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI, in Washington, D.C.
The host of the show urges viewers, "Stay with us to watch this performance by the children of Palestine." The boys chant:
"Allah akbar. Praise be to allah. allah akbar. Praise be to allah. allah akbar. Praise be to allah. allah akbar. Praise be to allah. Who is your role model? The Prophet. Who is your role model? The Prophet. What is your path? Jihad. What is your path? Jihad. What is your most lofty aspiration? Death for the sake of allah. What is your most lofty aspiration? Death for the sake of allah...."
To read the rest of the article you can go to:
PS:Aren't we talking her of child abuse????This explains clearly the indoctrination of children in a systematic way which will produce very hateful individuals against"the rest of the world"....
As in the days of Noah....
Ninos armados en ropa de fajina,mascaras de ski,declaran devocion al Islam...
En una ceremonia de graduacion de Jardin de Infantes que aparecio ayer en la television Palestina,ninos sosteniendo ametralladoras de juguete,ropa camuflada y mascaras de ski marcharon al ritmo militar y declararon que su "Mas alta aspiracion"es"morir por la causa de allah".La estacion de television de Hamas-Al Aqsa-reporto la ceremonia de jardin de infantes de la Asociacion Islamica en Gaza.El video con traduccion fue hecho disponible por el Instituto de Investigacion Mediatica de Medio Oriente,o MEMRI en Washington DC.
El conductor del programa urge a los televidentes a"Permanezca con nosotros y mire la actuacion de los ninos de Palestina".Los ninos cantaron:
"Allah akbar,gloria sea a allah...quien es tu ejemplo?el profeta...cual es tu camino?Jihad...Cual es tu mas grande aspiracion?Morir por allah........"
Para leer el resto del articulo en ingles y ver fotos y videos hacer click en el vinculo arriba.

PS:Los canticos son repetitivos,por eso omiti las repeticiones....Ademas en este blog solo se dara Gloria y honra al nombre de Jesus.Por eso el dios de los musulmanes va en letra minuscula...
Hablando de abuso infantil......Esto es terrible....pero explica el por que vemos el odio de palestinos y musulmanes en gral contra "el resto del mundo"....
Como en los dias de Noe....


Hundreds urge authorities to classify Good Book as 'indecent' material....
Hundreds of citizens are urging a media watchdog to classify the Bible as "indecent" due to the high amount of sex and violence throughout the Scriptures, and could force the Good Book to be sealed in plastic with a warning label.
The Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority of Hong Kong said it received 1,406 complaints about biblical indecency by this afternoon.
The sudden surge of complaints comes in the wake of the launch of an anonymous website, TruthBible.net, which claims the Bible "made one tremble" due to its graphic content, including rape, incest and bestiality.
If authorities classify the book as "indecent," only people over 18 could purchase it, and the Scriptures would need to be sealed in a wrapper with a mandatory warning on the outside.
To read the rest of the article go to:
As in the days of Noah.....
Cientos han urgido a las autoridades a clasificar a la Biblia como"material indecente"....
Cientos de ciudadanos han urgido a un vigilante mediatico a clasificar la Biblia como"indecente"debido a la gran cantidad de sexo y violencia a traves de las Escrituras,y podria forzar al "Buen Libro" a ser sellado en plastico con una etiqueta de advertencia.
La Autoridad de Licencias de Television y Entretenimiento de Hong Kong dicen haber recibido 1406 quejas de indecencia biblica,esta tarde.
El repentino aumento de quejas aparece ante el surgimiento de una pagina web anonima:TruthBible.net(Verdad biblica),que dice que la Biblia"haria a uno temblar"debido a su contenido grafico,incluyendo violacion,incesto y bestialidad.
Si las autoridades clasifican a este libro de "indecente",solo las personas mayores de 18 anos podrian comprarlo,y las Escrituras tendrian que estar selladas en un envase plastico con una etiqueta de advertencia obligatoria en el exterior.
Para leer el resto del articulo en ingles ir al vinculo mas arriba.
Como en los dias de Noe.....


Devices hailed as the next generation of mobile phones have been put on display at the University of Dundee.
Students from the College of Art, Science and Engineering's product design course have created six phones to support "intimacy and sensuality".
They include the Aware, which sends a tingle down your back if a friend is nearby and the Boom Tube, which allows people to make music together.
The phones have all been developed by second-year students.
Sarah McMichael, one of the students who designed the Aware, said: "This exhibition has a phone for everyone.
To read the rest of the article go to :
As in the days of Noah........
Aparatos llamados "celulares de ultima generacion"han sido puestos en exposicion en la Universidad de Dundee.
Estudiantes de la clase "diseno de produccion" de las facultades de Arte,Ciencia e Ingenieria,han creado 6 celulares que apoyan la "intimidad y sensualidad".
Incluyen el modelo"Aware" que envia una senal que hace cosquillas en la espalda y avisa si tu amigo esta cerca y el modelo "Boom Tube",que permite a las personas hacer musica juntos.Todos los celulares han sido desarrollados por estudiantes de segundo ano.
Sarah McMichael,una de las estudiantes que diseno el modelo"Aware" dijo que esta exhibicion tiene un celular para cada uno.
Para leer el resto del articulo ,hacer click en el vinculo mas arriba
Como en los dias de Noe............


People Claim To Lose 100-Plus Pounds On Weigh Down Diet........!!!!!!
Millions of dollars are spent every year in the U.S. on diets. But there's actually a national program that claims people are losing weight without ever going on a diet and without ever giving up a thing.
Cleveland television station WEWS reported that dieters are replacing thoughts of cheeseburgers and ice cream with God. Gwen Shamblin, the creator of the Weigh Down Diet, said it is actually no diet at all. She believes eating excessively is an attempt to fill a deeper hunger that only God can fill.
To read the rest of the article go to:
What do you think about this?????I'm waiting for commentssss..:):):):(
As in the days of Noah....
Millones de dolares son gastados cada ano en los Estados Unidos en dietas.Pero hay un programa nacional,que dice que la gente esta perdiendo peso sin hacer dieta y sin abandonar lo que les gusta.La estacion de television de Cleveland WEWS reporto que aquellos que estan a "dieta" reemplazan pensamientos de "hamburguesas y helado con Dios".
Gwen Shamblin,el creador de la Dieta Weigh Down,dijo que en realidad no es una dieta.Cree que comer excesivamente es una forma de llenar un hambre que solo Dios puede llenar.
Para leer el resto del articulo,hacer click en el vinculo mas arriba.
Que piensas de esto????Espero comentarios......:):):):(
Como en los Dias de Noe...........


A new draft bill before a committee of Pakistan's National Assembly would require men who leave Islam to be put to death. Women convicted of "apostasy" would be sentenced to life in prison.Under the Apostasy Act 2006, the testimony of two adults that another person has left the Muslim religion –- or a confession by the accused -– is all that would be needed for conviction if the bill is adopted into law. The accused would be given up to 30 days to renounce the decision and return to Islam, yet even then still could be punished by up to two years in prison. All property belonging to an offender would be forfeited to Muslim relatives as well as custody of their children.The legislation was adopted in its first reading before the parliament but tabled by the six-party Islamic alliance, the Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal, according to Joseph K. Grieboski, president of the Institute on Religion and Public Policy."This legislation is a clear demonstration that fundamental freedoms are of no importance to the National Assembly of Pakistan," Grieboski said. "Passage of this bill would usher in a new age of religious bigotry in a country that prides itself on being a strong and committed ally in combating global terrorism. Laws such as this would only serve to engender further extremist behavior."
PS:PRAY FOR PAKISTAN......!!!!!!!!
As in the days of Noah....
El proyecto de ley delante de un comite de la Asamblea Nacional de Pakistan,requeriria que los hombres que abandonan el islam sean ejecutados.Las mujeres convictas de "apostasia"serian sentenciadas a cadena perpetua.
Bajo la ley de Apostasia del 2006,el testimonio de dos adultos,de que otra persona ha dejado la religion musulmana-o una confesion por el acusado-es todo lo que seria necesario para la conviccion,si este proyecto de ley se transformara en ley.Se le daria al acusado 30 dias para renunciar la decision y volver al Islam,pero aun entonces podria ser sometido a dos anos de prision.Todas las posesiones y propiedades del acusado serian entregadas a familiares musulmanes incluyendo la custodia de sus hijos.
La legislacion fue adoptada en su primera lectura delante del parlamento,pero fue aplazada la discusion de una mocion,por parte de una alianza islamica de 6 lideres,el Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal,de acuerdo a Joseph K. Grieboski, presidente del Instituto de Religion y Politica Publica.
"La legislacion es una clara demostracion que las libertades fundamentales son de ninguna importancia para la Asamblea Nacional de Pakistan,dijo Grieboski."Si pasa esta ley,va a abrir el camino a una nueva era de fanatismo religioso en un pais que se jacta de ser un aliado fuerte y comprometido en combatir el terrorismo global.Leyes como esta solo servirian para engrendar mas comportamiento extremista"
Como en los dias de Noe.........


If you marked "organ donation" on your driver's license,in the state of Washington, you may have given consent for something you can't imagine....
Over the past year, KIRO Team 7 Investigators have repeatedly exposed how the King County Medical Examiner’s Office traded hundreds of human brains to a research lab, collecting $1.5 million along the way. Dozens of families say King County failed to get proper consent. Four sued.
Now, Investigative Reporter Chris Halsne discovers a resulting court ruling might make everyone's donated body parts up for grabs.
2.6 million other drivers in Washington, have a heart stamped in the corner of the license. it signifies organ donation.
A King County judge has just ruled that "heart-mark" allows your organs not just to be transplanted into a living person, but also your corpse donated to science. your family can't do anything to stop it.
To read the rest of the article go to:
PS:This is depicable....but sad as it is it's true...Love is surely waxing cold.....!!!!
As in the days of Noah....
Si tu has marcado,"Donacion de organos" en tu licencia de conducir en el estado de Washington,puedes haber dado consentimiento para algo que no imaginas...
Durante el ano pasado el grupo de investigacion 7 de KIRO ha repetidamente expuesto,como la Oficina de la Morgue del Condado King,ha traficado cientos de cerebros humanos con un laboratorio de investigacion,recolectando U$S1,5 millones de dolares en el camino.Docenas de familias dicen que el Condado de King ha fallado en obtener el consentimiento adecuado.Cuatro familias los llevaron a juicio.Ahora,el reportero investigativo Chris Halsne descubre que el resultado de una decision en la corte podria exponer todas las partes del cuerpo de los donantes,para ser "arrebatadas".(Horripilante...)
2.6 millones de otros conductores en el estado de Washignton tienen estampado un pequeno corazon en una esquina de la licencia.Significa,donacion de organos.
Un juez en el Condado de King,ha decidido que la "marca del corazon"que tus organos no solo sean transplantados en una persona viva,sino que tambien tu cuerpo puede ser donado a la ciencia y tu familia no puede hacer nada para detenerlo....(Espantoso....)
Para leer el resto del aticulo en ingles hacer click en el vinculo mas arriba.
PS:Realmente como dice la Palabra de Dios:"El amor de muchos se enfriara!!!!!"
Como en los dias de Noe......


'If Jesus was alive today, he would understand that his ancestors ... were beasts'

A new, lavishly illustrated book – described by its marketer as a "postmodern" edition of the Bible – takes Darwin's theory of evolution as gospel and presents Jesus as being born, "not to a virgin, but to a gorilla."
According to Ruth Rimm, Bronx school teacher and book artist, her version of the Scriptures – titled "Lost Spiritual World" – "explores the emergence of a new global spirituality that mixes the best of each wisdom tradition with the latest findings in psychology, quantum physics, neuroscience, and linguistics."
It is a "Bible for skeptics, seekers, and people of different faiths."
To read the entire article go to:
As in the days of Noah...
"Si Jesus estuviera vivo hoy,entenderia que sus ancestros....fueron bestias...."

Un libro nuevo,elaboradamente ilustrado-descripto por su especialista en marketing,como una edicion"postmoderna" de la Biblia-toma la Teoria de la Evolucion de Darwin como el evangelio y presenta a Jesus,como "nacido de un gorila y no de una virgen".
De acuerdo a Ruth Rimm,una maestra de escuela del Bronx y artista de libros,su version de las Escrituras-titulado"El Mundo Espiritual Perdido"-"explora la emergencia de una nueva espiritualidad global que mezcla lo mejor de cada tradicion de sabiduria,con los ultimos descubrimientos en psicologia,fisica cuantica,neurociencia y linguistica".
Es una "Biblia para escepticos,aquellos que estan en la busqueda,y gentes de distintas fes"
Para leer el articulo entero en ingles,hacer click en el vinculo arriba.
Como en los dias de Noe........


6.5 billion people inhabit planet Earth. An estimate of 107 people die every minute. By the time you've finished watching this movie 130 people will have faced the other side of eternity, be it for better of for worse. The only way out of eternal destruction is through Christ. Thats why we must take him to the nations. The great commission applies to everyone who has breath in their mouth. It's time to take a stand! Countless millions eternities are at steak.
As in the days of Noah...
6.5 billones de personas habitan el planeta Tierra.Se estima que 107 personas mueren por minuto.Para cuando hayas terminado de ver este video,130 personas habran enfrentado el otro lado de la eternidad,sea para bien o para mal.El unico camino fuera de la destruccion eterna es a traves de CRISTO.Es por eso que debemos llevarlo a las naciones.La Gran Comision se aplica para todo aquel que tenga aliento de vida en si.Es tiempo de actuar!Innumerables millones de eternidades estan en juego!!!!!Para mirar el video haz click en el vinculo arriba.
Como en los dias de Noe....

Wi-fi and RFID used for tracking

Wireless tracking systems could be used to protect patients in hospitals and students on campuses, backers of the technology said.
The combination of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and wi-fi allows real-time tracking of objects or people inside a wireless network.
Angelo Lamme, from Motorola, said tracking students on a campus could help during a fire or an emergency.
"You would know where your people are at any given moment," he said.
To read more go to :
PS:BIG BROTHER here folks again...Remember ...the "only one" who would want to know where "his" people(his sealed ones) are at "any given moment" is the antichrist....and will come as it is written...
As in the days of Noah....
Wi-Fi e Identificacion de Radio Frecuencia utilizadas para el rastreo de personas
Sistemas de rastreo inhalambricos,podrian ser usados para proteger pacientes en hospitales y estudiantes en univerdidades,dijeron aquellos que apoyan el uso de esta tecnologia.La combinacion de tarjetas de Identificacion de Radio Frecuencia(RFID)y wi-fi,permitiran el rastreo en tiempo real de objetos o gente dentro de la red inhalambrica.Angelo Lamme de Motorola dijo que el rastrear estudiantes en una universidad,podria ser util en caso de incendios o una emergencia.
"Podrias saber en donde esta tu gente en cualquier momento",dijo.
Para leer el resto del articulo hacer click en el vinculo arriba.
PS:Hermano Mayor aqui otra vez.....Recuerden que el "unico" a quien le gustaria saber donde esta "su gente"(sus sellados) en "todo momento es el anticristo...y vendra como esta escrito...
Como en los dias de Noe....

Hurricane Forecast for 2007: 17 Major Storms, 9 Hurricanes, 5 of Them Intense

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — With the official start of the 2007 hurricane season only hours away, the bad news is that researchers backed up their prediction Thursday that nine hurricanes will form in Atlantic this season, and that five of them could be major.

To read more:
As in the days of Noah...
PRONOSTICO DE HURACANES PARA EL 2007:17 tormentas mayores,9 huracanes,5 de ellos intensos.
Fort Collins,Colorado.-Con el comienzo oficial de la temporada de Huracanes del 2007,solo a unas horas de comenzar,las malas noticias son que los investigadores han avalado su prediccion el jueves de que 9 huracanes se formaran en el Atlantico esta temporada,y que 5 de ellos seran mayores.
Pra leer mas en ingles,ir al vinculo mas arriba
Como en los dias de Noe....

Secretive Bilderberg meeting set for Turkey

Kissinger, Rockefeller, media moguls among those scheduled to attend...
The super-secret Bilderberg Group, an organization of powerful international elites, is set to meet this week somewhere in Turkey - but even the precise location is a mystery.
The meeting begins Thursday and continues through Sunday.
Those expected to attend include Donald Graham, chairman and chief executive officer of the Washington Post, Richard N. Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, John Vinocur, senior correspondent of the International Herald Tribune, Paul Gigot, editor of the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal, Nicholas Beytout, editor-in-chief of Le Figaro, George David, chairman of Coca-Cola, Martin Feldstein, president and chief executive officer of the National Bureau of Economic Research, Timothy F. Geithner, president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Vernon Jordan, senior managing director of Lazard Freres & Co., Anatole Kaletsky, editor at large of the Times of London and General William Luti, the new "war czar."
According to reports from Turkey, Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions and global energy issues will be on the agenda - but only invitees know for sure.
Welcome to the mysterious world of secret societies....
To read the rest of the article:
As in the days of Noah....
Kissinger, Rockefeller,importantes duenos de medios de difusion,estan entre los que asistiran...
El Super secreto grupo Bilderberg,una organizacion de elites internacionales poderosas,se reunira esta semana en algun lugar de Turquia-aunque el lugar preciso es un misterio.La reunion comienza el jueves y sigue hasta el domingo.Entre aquellos que se espera asistan se encuentra Donald Graham,presidente y oficial en jefe ejecutivo del Washington Post,Richard N.Haass,Presidente del Consejo de Relaciones Exteriores,Henry Kissinger,David Rockefeller,David Vinocur,corresponsal del International Herald Tribune,
Paul Gigot, editor de la pagina editorial del Wall Street Journal, Nicholas Beytout, editor en jefe de Le Figaro, George David, gerente de Coca-Cola, Martin Feldstein, presidente y oficial ejecutivo en jefe del Departamento Nacional de Investigacion Economica, Timothy F. Geithner, presidente y oficial ejecutivo en jefe del Banco de Reserva Federal de New York, Vernon Jordan,director de Lazard Freres & Co., Anatole Kaletsky, editor free lance de el Times de Londres y el Gen. William Luti,asistente especial del presidente y director para politica de defensa y estrategia del Consejo Nacional de Seguridad.
De acuerdo a reportes desde Turquia,las ambiciones nucleares de Iran y temas de energia global estaran en la agenda–pero solo los invitados lo saben de seguro.
Bienvenidos al misterioso mundo de las sociedades secretas!!!
Para leer el resto del articulo en ingles haga click en el vinculo arriba
Como en los dias de Noe.....

Friday, June 1, 2007

Emergency detention plan:'This way to the camps!'

Halliburton's former engineering and construction subsidiary has a contingency contract with the Department of Homeland Security to construct detention facilities in the event of a national emergency, according to WND columnist Jerome Corsi.
As Corsi reported last week, President Bush recently signed a little-reported National Security and Homeland Security Directive granting extraordinary powers to the president in the event of a declared national emergency, apparently without congressional approval or oversight.
Houston-based KBR was awarded an initial $385 million contract in January 2006 for one year, with four one-year options extended into 2007. KBR held a previous emergency detention contract with ICE from 2000 to 2005.
ICE spokeswoman Jamie Zuieback told Corsi the primary intent of the contract was to build temporary detention facilities that could be used in the event of a mass migration crisis, but she confirmed the facilities could be employed in national emergencies, including natural disasters.
To read the rest of the article go to:
PS:I smell Tribulation in this....
As in the days of Noah...
PLAN DE DETENCION DE EMERGENCIA:"Pasen por aqui por favor a los campos de concentracion...."
El subsidiario de construccion e ingenieria anterior de Halliburton,tiene un contrato de contingencia con el Departamento de Seguridad Nacional,para construir lugares de detencion en el evento de una emergencia nacional,de acuerdo al columnista de WND Jerome Corsi.Como Corsi reportara la semana pasada,el Presidente Bush,recientemente firmo una Directiva de Seguridad Nacional y Territorial poco difundida garantizando poderes extraordinarios al presidente en el evento de una declaracion de emergencia nacional,aparentemente sin aprobacion del congreso o revision del mismo.La compania KBR ,basada en Houston,recibio un contrato inicial de U$S385 millones de dolares,en enero del 2006 por un ano,con la opcion de extenderlo por 4 anos en el 2007.KBR tuvo un contrato previo de Centros de detencion de emergencia con ICE desde el 2000 al 2005.El vocero para ICE,Jamie Zuieback,le dijo a Corsi que la intencion primaria del contrato,era construir lugares de detencion temporarios,que podrian ser usados en el evento de una crisis migratoria masiva,pero confirmo que las facilidades serian empleadas en emergencias nacionales incluyendo desastres naturales.Para leer el resto del articulo en ingles hacer click en el vinculo arriba.
PS:Huelo a Tribulacion en esto....
Como en los dias de Noe....


Bible college raided in India; Ministry leader claims 'bogus charges'The executive director of Alpha International Ministries, which trains missionaries to plant churches in India, says a Bible college operated by the ministry has been attacked in Northern India. The school is fighting charges of forced conversion by authorities.
As in the days of Noah...
ESCUELA BIBLICA ATACADA EN INDIA:el lider del ministerio dice que los cargos son "falsos".El Director ejecutivo del Ministerio Internacional Alpha,que entrena misioneros para plantar iglesias en India,dice que la Escuela Biblica dirigida por el ministerio,ha sido atacada en el Norte de India.La Escuela esta litigando cargos de conversion forzada por las autoridades.
Para leer el resto del articulo en ingles,hacer click en el titulo en azul arriba.
Como en los dias de Noe....


Evangelicals engage in hot debate over global warmingThe Family Research Council hosted a debate on Thursday that highlighted the divide in the evangelical community over the issue of global warming. During the debate, a panel of evangelicals sparred over how Christians should respond to global warming.Source:
As in the days of Noah...
El Consejo de Investigacion de la Familia,llevo a cabo el jueves un debate que marco la division en la comunidad evangelica acerca del tema del calentamiento global.Durante el debate un panel de evangelicos,debatio sobre como los cristianos deberian responder al calentamiento global.
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Como en los dias de Noe...

Keyboard Confessional: Clicking Your Way to Forgiveness

Online Confession Sites Take the Traditional Out of Church......
Admission of guilt before a member of the clergy is considered by most churches an integral part of being a Christian(*), but as online confessions become increasingly popular as a means of anonymous admission, could the Internet superhighway be the new road to salvation?
People that fears to be judged by clergy has turned to the Internet as a way to "clean" their conciusness.To read more,click below:
(*)As born again christians we know that we can boldly come before His Throne that we can obtain mercy,without human intervention for the forgiving of sins.It is written in the Word of God.
As in the days of Noah....
CONFESIONES EN UN TECLADO:Haciendo click para obtener perdon...
Las paginas web de confesiones en linea quitan lo tradicional de las iglesias...
EL admitir culpabiblidad delante de un miembro del clero,es considerada por la mayor parte de las iglesias,una parte integral de ser cristiano(*)pero mientras las confesiones en linea se han vuelto mas populares como un medio de admision anonimo,puede el internet ser la nueva carretera para la salvacion?La gente que "teme a confesarse ante el clero se ha vuelto al internet para "limpiar" su conciencia.Para leer mas en ingles,hacer click en el vinculo mas arriba.
(*)Como cristianos nacidos de nuevo sabemos que podemos entrar confiadamente al trono de la gracia para hallar oportuno socorro,sin la mediacion humana para obtener perdon de nuestros pecados.Esta en la Palabra de Dios....
Como en los dias de Noe....

Santa Clara County To Fly Gay Pride Flag For First Time

As part of a month-long San Jose Pride Celebration, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors will for the first time fly the rainbow flag for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride over the county
government center Tuesday.
"Celebrating LGBT Pride Month reminds us that Santa Clara County is a place where all people are accepted without prejudice or discrimination," said Ken Yeager, the county's first openly gay supervisor.
{The rainbow flag has been used by various cultures to represent peace, inclusiveness and gay pride.}

Well now...can you believe that in America we are having a "month long homosexual celebration"?
What does really diferentiate us from Sodom or Gomorrah?...I don't think much at all...
I wrote those brackets cause it's interesting that it says here that this "flag" has been used to represent peace "inclusiveness and gay pride"(?)
Well.It's funny that they have "hijacked" the colors of the rainbow,created by God as a sign that He wouldn't destroy the world "by water" no more,after He sent the FLOOD,seeing that "in the days of Noah the land was filled with violence and the thoughts of men were evil continually"(Genesis 6:5-7;11-13).The same God that they hate and reject.The same God that sent His only begotten Son to die for their sins!!!(John 3:16)
As in the days of Noah....
Condado de Santa Clara izara Bandera Gay por primera vez
Como parte de un mes entero de celebracion del orgullo gay en San Jose,California,la Junta de Supervisores del Condado de Santa Clara,por primera vez izara la bandera multicolor por las lesbianas,gays,bisexuales y transexuales,sobre el Centro de gobierno del Condado.
"El celebrar el mes del orgullo gay nos recuerda que el Condado de Santa Clara es un lugar donde toda la gente es aceptada sin peligro de discriminacion",dijo Ken Yeager,el primer supervisor del condado abiertamente gay.
{La bandera multicolor ha sido usada por varias culturas para representar paz,inclusion y orgullo gay.}

Bueno,veamos....puedes creer que en America tengamos un mes de celebracion homosexual?Que nos diferencia realmente de Sodoma y Gomorra?...no creo que mucho...Marque esa frase entre parentesis,porque es interesante lo que dice acerca de la "bandera homosexual".Es digno de notar que hayan "secuestrado"los colores del arco iris,creado por Dios,como senal de que EL no destruiria jamas al mundo "por agua"luego que EL enviara el diluvio,viendo que en los "Dias de Noe la tierra estaba llena de violencia y los pensamientos de los hombres eran perversos todo el tiempo"(Genesis 6:5-7;11-13)El mismo Dios que ellos odian y rechazanEl mismo Dios envio a Su Hijo Unigenito para morir en su lugar por sus pecados!!!
Como en los dias de Noe....

Harry Potter Theme Park Plans Conjured Up

Fans of Harry Potter will soon be able to experience the world the boy wizard lives in.
Universal Orlando Resort said it is opening a Harry Potter theme park in Florida, complete with the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade village.
Author JK Rowling, who has been working with a creative team on the park, said the plans "look incredibly exciting."
Officials said the Potter park will allow visitors to view locations like Dumbledore's office in Hogwarts and the shops in Hogsmeade.
The park is scheduled to open in late of 2009 in Orlando.
Again as I said so many times now we have a step further on the DESENSITATION of children and young readers to the occult,What am I saying...?Havent you heard of "christian summer camps with Harry Potter themes"?Or about this one "pastor" that wrote a book supporting the saga,and also having "sunday school programs"with Harry???
We are surely living in end times,where I think we haven't seen it all...
As in the days of Noah...
Fans de Harry Potter,pronto podran experimentar el mundo en que el "nino mago" vive.
Los estudios Universal en Orlando dijeron que abriran un parque tematico de Harry Potter en la FLorida,completo con la Escuela de Hechiceria de Hogwarts,el Bosque Prohibido y la Aldea de Hogsmeade.La autora JKRowling,quien ha estado trabajando con un equipo creativo en el parque,dijo que los planos "se ven increiblemente excitantes".
Autoridades del Parque de Potter dijeron que los visitantes podran ver lugares como la oficina de Dumbledore en Hogwarts y los negocios en Hogsmeade.
El Parque abrira sus puertas en los ultimos meses del 2009 en Orlando.
Una vez mas como dijera tantas veces anteriormente,este es un paso mas a la DESENSIBILIZACION de ninos y lectores jovenes a lo oculto.Que estoy diciendo?No has escuchado de "campamentos de verano cristianos con el tema de Harry Potter"?O acerca de este "pastor"que escribiera un libro apoyando estos libros y que tambien tuviera "escuelita dominical con Harry Potter en su iglesia??"
De seguro estamos viviendo en los ultimos tiempos donde no hemos visto todo todavia....
Como en los dias de Noe....

HE CAME TO SAVE THE LOST:Powerful Testimony

There is nothing that inspires me the most in this life than to hear the testimony of how somebody got saved.Truly there is rejoicing in heaven when a sinner repents ...!
Listen to this amazing testimony of salvation of an exotic dancer.Praise God!!He is still "today"saving the lost!!!
"For the Son of Man is come to save that which was lost!!!"(Matthew 18:11)
ARE YOU SAVED???Please watch!!!!!:
Former Exotic Dancer Hears Jesus' Call
ACTS 2:38
As in the days of Noah....
No hay nada que me inspire mas en esta vida que el escuchar el testimonio de como una persona fue salva.Realmente hay regocijo en los cielos cuando un pecador se arrepiente!!!
Escuche este tremendo testimonio de salvacion de una bailarina exotica!!!!Gloria a DIOS!!!EL esta todavia"hoy"salvando a los perdidos!!
"Porque el Hijo del Hombre vino a salvar lo que se habia perdido!(Mateo 18:11)
ERES SALVO/A????Por favor mira en el link arriba.Esta en ingles
Hechos 2:38
Como en los dias de Noe.....

Monday, May 28, 2007


Scotland's University of Edinburgh, after proposing a ban on Bibles and denying a Christian campus group the right to hold a conference on the immorality of homosexuality, has extended the welcome mat to the school's Pagan Society to hold its annual meeting on campus next month.
The pagan conference will feature presentations on a variety of topics, including Magic and Witchcraft in the 21st Century, Pagan Parenting, Pagan Marriage, Pagan Symbolism and Practice and Ancient Greek magic. A workshop in tribal dance will be held at the university Student's Association.
"It will be an opportunity for people to listen to talks on various aspects of modern paganism and socialize with like-minded people in a relaxed, tolerant atmosphere," said John Macintyre, presiding officer of Pagan Federation Scotland. "Most people now recognize that the old stereotypes about witches and witchcraft are way off the mark and there is nothing remotely sinister about it."
To read the full article go to:
As in the days of Noah........
La Universidad de Edinburgh en Escocia,luego de proponer una prohibicion de Biblias y negar el derecho a tener una conferencia sobre la inmoralidad en la homosexualidad,a un grupo Cristiano Universitario,ha extendido la bienvenida a la Sociedad Pagana de la Universidad,para que lleve a cabo su reunion anual dentro de la universidad el mes proximo.La Conferencia Pagana tendra presentaciones en una variedad de temas,incluyendo Magia y Hechiceria en el siglo 21,Ser padres paganos,matrimonio pagano,simbolismo y practica pagano y magia griega antigua.Un taller en danza tribal se llevara a cabo en la Asociacion de Estudiantes de la Universidad.
Sera una oportunidad para la gente de escuchar charlas en varios aspectos de paganismo moderno y socializar con gente que piensa lo mismo en una atmosfera tolerante y relajada",dijo John Macintyre,el presidente oficial de la Federacion Pagana de Escocia."La mayoria de la gente reconoce ahora que los estereotipos antiguos acerca de las brujas y hechiceria estan fuera de lugar y no hay nada remotamente siniestro acerca de ellos"
Para leer el resto del articulo en espanol,hacer click en el vinculo citado mas arriba:
Como en los dias de Noe.....


Whether you agree or not with the war on terror,whether you have somebody you know deployed right now somewhere in the world,you can still identify with the pain of the loss of many families across the nation right now,that either lost a close member of their families at war,or they are still missing in action or are wounded warriors that are trying to rehabilitate at home or at some hospital.
If it wasn't for the bravery of these men and women in uniform many of us wouldn't be enjoying the freedom we have today.
Many despise our country and complain about almost everything.I think mostly they speak out of ignorance of not knowing what it is like to live under a dictatorship or in a zone war,or under brutal regimes where there is no liberties at all.
This morning when I woke up,I decided to go up and have some breakfast in the yard,where I can also read my Bible and pray.
I played with my dogs who where so happy to see me,and as I walked thru it I could hear the sound of sprinklers and birds of all kinds.Everything was beautiful and peaceful.I enjoyed my time under the trees petting my sweet doggie at my feet.I thought :"Thank you Lord!!!!!for Your peace and for the peace around!!!!!"
Would be nice you'd make some time today to pray for the soldiers and families that are suffering the separation either temporal or for a long time from their loved ones.
Remember the widows,the children,the husbands,the wives,the mothers,fathers and siblings that long today to hug their soldier and he or she are far away.
If you know a soldier or a veteran pay them a visit,give them a call,thank them....!
It is a good thing to remember.Memory is a good thing...
May the bless you in this Memorial Day
As in the days of Noah....

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Memorial Day Parade in Our Nation's Capitol to be Led by Actor Gary Sinise

The Grand Marshals are a contingent of wounded heroes from Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Christian Newswire/TN (May 27th, 2007)

The annual National Memorial Day Parade in our nation's capitol this year will feature Honorary Marshal actor Gary Sinise, (best known for his role as Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump and current star of TV's CSI New York). According to a Christian Newswire report, the Grand Marshals are a contingent of wounded heroes from Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Other reported highlights of the parade include:
•The parade commemorates the 60th Anniversary of the United States Air Force with an Air Force flyover in the "Missing Man Formation" during a National Moment of Remembrance at 3 p.m. when the parade will halt for one minute.
•Veterans of the "Band of Brothers", E. Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry, 101st Airborne Division of World War II, made famous by the HBO miniseries by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg.
•Tuskegee Airmen, pioneers who formed the first unit of black fighter pilots during World War II. The Tuskegee Airmen were recently awarded Congressional Gold Medals by President George W. Bush for their heroic service.
•Singer Pat Boone performs his tribute song to the National Guard called "For My Country" prior to the start of the parade.
•Parade announcer is Adrian Cronauer, the famed Vietnam disc jockey portrayed by Robin Williams in the movie, Good Morning, Vietnam!
•Several of the "Doolittle Raiders." 65 years ago, sixteen American B-25s, led by Jimmy Doolittle, undertook a daring bombing mission against Japan.
Source: Christian Newswire

As in the days of Noah.....


Remember this little girl in prayer today.
Her parents don't know where she is at,the police don't know where she is at...but God knows exactly her whereabouts.
Little Maddie has just turned 4...If this was YOUR lil' Maddie you'be frantic looking for her...Let's make Maddie "our Maddie" for today and let's pray for this little one,her parents and siblings.
May the Lord brings her back home safe soon....!
As in the days of Noah......
Recuerda a esta ninita en oracion hoy.
Sus padres no saben donde esta,la policia no sabe donde esta...pero Dios si sabe exactamente su paradero.
Pequena Maddie recien cumplio 4 anitos...SI esta fuera TU pequena Maddie estarias frenetico/a buscandola...Hagamos a Maddie,"nuestra Maddie"por hoy y oremos por esta pequenita,sus padres y hermanitos.
Que el Senor la traiga de regreso a casa ilesa pronto...!
Como en los dias de Noe.....